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To Hold A Moment: Alfred Stieglitz “There are many schools of painting. Why should there not be many schools of photographic art? There is hardly a right and a wrong in these matters, but there is truth, and that should form the basis of all works of art.” - Alfred Stieglitz When photography was first invented, it was not considered an art form. A camera was not just a new type of paintbrush, but rather a scientific instrument, a machine, merely to be used to show exact replications of what the human eye sees.

Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio FRANCE. 1957. Widow of Montmartre. Bruce Davidson USA. 1958. The Dwarf. Gasworks - Studio Artists - Tonico Lemos Auad Tonico Lemos Auad Tonico Lemos Auad was born in Nasceu em Belém, Brazil. In 2000 he completed an MA in Fine Arts and Associate Research at Goldsmith¹s College. Auad now lives and works in London, Nan Goldin Nancy "Nan" Goldin (born September 12, 1953) is an American photographer. She lives and works in New York City, Berlin, and Paris.[1] She is known for her work, which usually features LGBT-related themes, images or public figures.[2] Life and work[edit] The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1986).

Persons Unknown Woman Reading a Possession Order Woman Asleep Girl Writing an Affidavit The Art of Squatting BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY Papua is where we started our two-month trip in Oceania. As a region it’s a lot easier to travel through than New Guinea, because it’s part of Indonesia and therefore a lot safer. In total, we went to three different areas and out of all three, Papua has to be one of the only parts of the world where there’s so much variety. It’s an ethnographic goldmine, and we have only scratched the surface.

Corkin Gallery Mädler presents ‘without cynicism’ the appearance of things, not denouncing or lecturing, and his pictures arouse emotions without veering into pathos… He strives to concentrate on something ‘essential in his pictures … and produces an atmosphere that makes the world outside the camera’s frame appear irrelevant to the spectator.’ - Katharina Menzel Capturing monochromatic stretches of the natural world – vast tracts of ocean, sky or golden fields, Frank Mädler’s images are devoid of any locating markers. His experimentation with traditional technique conjures an ethereal, mirage-like quality to his work that is both alluring and haunting. Landscapes appear as flattened, almost two dimensional studies in colour and pattern. These ambiguous and abstract compositions play with concepts of distance, monumentality, and illusion.

Jay Mark Johnson (This section is not actively updated) “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through the narrow chinks of his cavern. - William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Chinese Architecture, Old and New - In Focus The growth of China's massive population has slowed in recent years, but migration to urban areas has increased, with almost half of China's 1.3 billion people living in or near cities. A booming economy, government housing initiatives, infrastructure programs, and private real estate speculation have all driven construction to record levels. New apartment, office, and government buildings regularly rise up over older neighborhoods, and thousands have relocated to modern housing complexes. The blend of old and new Chinese architecture is ever-present in cities and villages, as older buildings are torn down and newer ones built at ever faster rates. The images below show glimpses of Chinese architecture, both traditional and modern, as it appears today. [51 photos]

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