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The Collective Shift

The Collective Shift

EVERYTHING YOU LOVE TO HATE™ Strobist Carrie Mae Weems Daniel Kukla Photoshop Training - Smooth Skin tutorial (part 2/2) Create in Photoshop a new layer on top of the Blemishes layer by clicking on the Create a New Layer icon . Rename this layer to Smooth Skin by double clicking on its name in the layers palette. Hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E (Command + Option + Shift + E on the Mac) to merge all visible layers on the active layer (Remember this Photoshop shortcut, it's a very useful one) or in other words; the layer Smooth Skin will contain the image that was visible in the document window when you used this shortcut, which includes all the corrections we did to remove blemishes. We're going going to use the Median filter to make the skin look smooth. Important: This tutorial was written at a time that the new Filter / Blur / Surface Blur wasn't availble in Photoshop. Notice that by using Gaussian Blur you're actually moving the blue that's in the background into the skin. Now go to the menu and select Filter / Noise / Median... , enter a radius of 10 pixels and click OK. The result: in the tool bar.

BRIAN FINKE : Photographic Licencing | This page provides information about obtaining permission to use any of Adam Dimech’s images. If you are interested in using any of Adam Dimech’s photographs, be it for a personal website, a publication, or a commercial project, you must obtain a licence first. Failure to do so is a breach of the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth of Australia) or equivalent legislation in most other countries, as per the Berne Convention. The management of all photographic licencing for this website is co-ordinated via Photologium. If you want to purchase a print of an image on this website for personal use, you can also go to If you are interested in purchasing an image licence for either commercial or non-commercial purposes, please refer to the Professional Licencing page on Thankyou for your interest in Adam Dimech’s photography. Further enquiries can be sent via email.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures: Angled Photography Ideas I really think this next party is going to be tons of fun. The party will be April 12th so you have plenty of time to snap those photos and create a post. Every time I take a photo I feel like I learn something. That’s what these parties are all about. Getting out your camera and capturing moments. For this post I am borrowing photos from other sites to show you examples of angled photos. I found this great website called DP Shots (Digital Photography Shots). In these examples the photographer tilted the camera up to create these fabulous shots. Classic by Nixonnusmaxus Eiffel by Scott Stulberg Reach by almiller Tranquil by mushed potato Then there is the ground level shot. Kangaroo court by Hotburrito2 Cows by DreamCa7cher Solny by tisbone You can also take some cool shots looking down. Forest Scene by GFXPUNK Sistene Stairs by photodan The side angled shot seems to be a favorite with bloggers. Recently I took a photo of my little car and tried to make it look artistic. And finally tilted shots.