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Emmanuelle Brisson - Photographe

Emmanuelle Brisson - Photographe
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Julien Fourcade. Website ∞ Facebook ∞ About ∞ Contact Photographies non libres de droits. Advertising Photography and Commercial Photography : CHRIS SISARICH PHOTOGRAPHER Lifestyle1 | Lifestyle2 | Cars | Landscapes | Projects | Motion Landscapes • Hello : Examples of contemporary architecture in the cities of Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin.Photography2013 Examples of contemporary architecture in the cities of Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Avilés, Bilbao. Photography2013 Kali Revisited - More pictures from potash dump Heringen - also known as 'Monte Kali'.Photography2013 Bonjour tristesse - Berlin and Potsdam in autumn / winterDigital Photography, Photography2013 Dubai and Abu Dhabi, 2013. Part 3 of Color Berlin - Last one!Photography2010

Grant Harder | Photography Todd Hido Olivier Metzger Photographer Dossiers d'artistes Until the World No Longer Exists "What we see is not made up of what we are seeing but rather from what we are. "Fernando Pessoa The night, the sex, the wandering… and the need to photograph it all, not so much the perceived act but more like a simple exposure to common and even extreme experiences… It is an inseparable part of photographic practice, in a certain sense, to grasp at existence or risk, desire, the unconsciousness and chance, all of which continue to be essential elements. No moral posturing, no judgement, simply the principle of affirmation, necessary to explore certain universes, to go deep inside, without any care. I try to establish a state of nomadic worlds, partial and personal, systematic and instinctual, of physical spaces and emotions where I am fully an actor. The brutality of the form, the intensity of the vision obligates us, still more than images that pretend to document, to involve ourselves with the reality of what we are seeing. Antoine d'Agata, 2004

Chris Allington - Smashing Picture  Photograhpy and storm chasing from the great plains, by . Help us reach 1 million fans on this FB page! Like this planet: Persons Unknown | Tom Hunter Woman Reading a Possession Order Woman Asleep Girl Writing an Affidavit The Art of Squatting The Anthropologist The Glass of Wine The Campaigner This is one of many possession orders which myself and my neighbours received addressed to Persons Unknown. Here, the eponymous ones are everyday folk. Often these subjects are pictured by a window.

Ce que nous faisons de notre Vie ... [Re diffusion] Ou ce que la Vie fait de nous ? Crées égaux (Created Equal) est un projet photo du photographe Mark Laita qui se penche sur les contrastes entre les personnes, les vies et les cultures à travers de magnifiques portraits en noir et blanc."Aux Usa, la différence entre riches et pauvres s'accentue, les disputes entre libéraux et conservateurs se renforcent, et même le bien et le mal semblent de plus en plus polarisés. Au coeur de cette série photo, il y avait mon désir de montrer que nous sommes tous égaux , jusqu'à ce que notre environnement , les circonstances et peut être le destin nous fasse devenir ce que nous sommes." Kim Høltermand Matthew Lee Beck Home Contact