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13 Cloud IDEs For Web Developers - Hongkiat With so much of the traditional, desktop-based productivity software we know and love moving to the Cloud, it’s no surprise that Cloud-based IDEs are quickly gaining ground with developers. Nowadays, the browser is essentially a thin client that allows users to access a variety of Cloud-based applications and services. However, many are still hesitant to put their full faith in a remote Cloud IDE for development purposes. Tools like Github and Pastebin helped to ease the transition to Cloud-based development, and full-fledged Cloud IDEs are now commonly used by many developers.

Project Bloks - Research Algoblocks Algoblocks was one of the very first systems to allow children to program with blocks. Suzuki, H., & Kato, H. (1993, August). Braitenberg Creatures The Braitenberg Creatures introduced the idea of creatures that would have code embedded into them — sensors and actuators would be connected in sophisticated ways to generate complex behavior with the need to program using a computer. Hogg, D., Martin, F., Resnick, M. 1991

Search - ABC Splash Skip to content Search results 10 items for Search filters Choose your year(s) Dr. Dan Garcia : Full Frontal Nerdity Who am I? (short biography, curriculum vitæ) I'm a Teaching Professor (aka Senior Lecturer SOE) in the Computer Science division of the EECS department at the University of California, Berkeley. I graduated with a Ph.D. from the same department in May 2000, where I worked with the OPTICAL project doing Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization. On the personal side, I'm married to the beautiful and brilliant Tao Ye and have two wonderful young children. Teaching

Scratch (programming language) Scratch is a free desktop and online multimedia authoring tool that can be used by students, scholars, teachers, and parents to easily create games and provide a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming or even be used for a range of educational and entertainment constructivist purposes from math and science projects, including simulations and visualizations of experiments, recording lectures with animated presentations, to social sciences animated stories, and interactive art and music. Viewing the existing projects available on the Scratch website, or modifying and testing any modification without saving it requires no online registration. Scratch 2 is currently available online and as an application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.[1][2] The source code of Scratch 1.x is made available under GPLv2 license and Scratch Source Code License.[3] The Scratch programming language is also used in the game creation tool Stencyl.

JSbin, JSfiddle or Codepen, which one to use and why? There are lots of css – js playgrounds now in the market, and the most popular ones are JSbin (by Remy Sharp), JSfiddle (by Oskar Krawczyk), codepen (by Chris Coyier, Tim Sabat and Alex Vasquez). So sometimes it become a confusing question which one to use; and more importantly why and when? Let’s compare these three today and find out which one can be the most suitable one for you. So, first of all let’s compare the features of these three. Feature comparison table These are the main features provided by these three playgrounds.

ScratchDuino ScratchDuino is a highly customizable, simple and interactive open source robot construction kit with magnetic-mount sensors. WHAT IS THE ScratchDuino ScratchDuiono is a comprehensive and easy-to-use robot kit in all aspects: Modular and customizableEasy assembly using magnetic-mount partsScratchDuino collects information on multiple channels simultaneously allowing to build complex solutions for various tasksReliable / troubleproofOpen Source (Scratch+Arduino)ScratchDuino is ready out of the box to collect data and process it according to a piece of code you design with Scratch. ScratchDuino is an educational open source robot-designing kit.

Beginning Game Programming with C# About the Course The Beginning Game Programming with C# course is all about learning how to develop video games using the C# programming language. Why use C# instead of C++, Java, ActionScript, or some other programming language you may have heard of? Scratch Lesson Plan This lesson plan has been fully revised in September 2009 and is being used to help structure classes in several primary schools in Sussex in the south of England. Originally we devised written notes for teachers and parents but have now moved to providing video lessons for direct communication with the adult or child learning Scratch. Scratch is designed for 8-12 year olds to learn a particular style of programming suited to creating interactive applications with multimedia content.

Scratch - Forums (US) Join ScratchSign inForgot password?Sign in Scratch works best on newer browsers. We suggest you upgrade to a supported browser, download the offline editor, or read about common workarounds. x Discuss Scratch

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