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Scratch Help - About Scratch

Scratch Help - About Scratch
Who Uses Scratch? Scratch is designed especially for ages 8 to 16, but is used by people of all ages. Millions of people are creating Scratch projects in a wide variety of settings, including homes, schools, museums, libraries, and community centers. Around the World Scratch is used in more than 150 different countries and available in more than 40 languages. To change languages, click the menu at the bottom of the page. Quotes The Scratch Team has received many emails from youth, parents, and educators expressing thanks for Scratch. Learn More About Scratch Learn to Code, Code to Learn The ability to code computer programs is an important part of literacy in today’s society. Scratch in Schools Students are learning with Scratch at all levels (from elementary school to college) and across disciplines (such as math, computer science, language arts, social studies). Research Support and Funding

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Scratch The Scratch logo. Scratch is a free educational programming language that was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The current version, 2.0, can be downloaded here (the previous version, 1.4, can be downloaded here) or accessed with the online editor here. Scratch is designed to be fun, educational, and easy to learn. It has the tools for creating interactive stories, games, art, simulations, and more.

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Technology Innovative Technology for Innovative Campaigns The Oddcast suite of technologies represents the world's most powerful and scalable platform for the deployment, management, and tracking of multi-media, user-driven campaigns. Built on a light, Flash-based ASP model, our platform provides stutter-free experiences for even low bandwidth users, requires no special plug-ins, provides precise real-time reporting, and supports an unlimited number of concurrent users by way of our application server farm. Moreover, all of Oddcast's technologies are designed to work modularly, so even the most customized user experiences can be built with "out-of-the-box" ease. Illustrated Characters

The Finch Scratch is a tile-based visual programming language, which is an excellent first language for children to learn. We are providing a helper app that allows you to use Scratch 2.0 with Finch and Hummingbird. This is beta software and there are several bugs: please test it and let us know if there are bugs or if you'd like us to make changes to anything. User Guide Primo - Teaching programming logic to children age 4 to 7 by As Seen on Primo is a play-set that uses shapes, colours and spacial awareness to teach programming logic through a tactile, warm and magical learning experience. Primo makes an incredibly important, but otherwise uninteresting topic to children, enjoyable and fun. Primo is a play set composed by 3 main items that combined create the Primo play experience. 1 • Cubetto a friendly robot.

Go and Animate with Go!Animate by Joe Ganci “All in all, I’m kind of loving this product. I plan on using it quite often. While it does not take the place of full-motion videos, in many instances it does a fine job of replacing the need for such videos at a much lower cost and effort.” Last month, Learning Solutions Magazine published Tips for Using GoAnimate in eLearning, by Gary Lipkowitz, COO of GoAnimate. Now I’m here to give you a proper review of the product. I’ll confess that I misunderstood the product at first glance last year, thinking it was a video editor, so I was a little slow to try out GoAnimate.

Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch I’ve been teaching Scratch to my students lately, and it’s made me remember just how much I enjoy dabbling with programming. I’m really not much of a code monkey , but I do enjoy writing programs, telling the computer what I want it to do, and then having that feeling of mastery when it actually does what I tell it to do! I heard a lot about Scratch before I actually started using it myself… people kept telling me how good it was, but for some reason I never really got around to trying it myself. When I finally did take a look at it, I couldn’t believe I waited so long to check it out! Write Code You can see your code, run it, and see what it outputs all at the same time. This makes it a lot easier to learn. 100 Of The Best Twitter Tools For Teachers By Category In 2009, we shared our favorite tools for teachers on Twitter, with 100 resources for managing feeds, finding followers, and tackling classroom groups on the social media site. Since then, many tools have been revamped, replaced, or simply aren’t available anymore. Clearly, an update is in order, so we’re proud to present a new list for 2012, featuring the very best tools available to Twittering teachers today. Make in minutes, share online. Build a web booklet from your own content or convert an existing PDF. Our design tool is code free, drag and drop simple. One click publishing to multiple locations on the web and a curated classroom web booklet gallery. Scratch Gaming Scratch is a computer program that can be used to design and program games.It was made by MIT. It uses an interface like the one shown above. The characters are shown on the white screen on the right of the scratch interface. You can move, change the look or do anything else to the character or sprite on the interface. To program the sprite you must drag blocks from the left of the interface.

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