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Complete Introduction Course - Designing a Platform game in Scratch

Complete Introduction Course - Designing a Platform game in Scratch

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Creative Computing This guide was developed by members of the ScratchEd research team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education: Christan Balch, Michelle Chung, and Karen Brennan. We encourage you to use as much or as little of the guide as you like, to design new activities, and to remix the included activities. No matter your prior experience or expertise, we think of every educator as a co-designer of the Creative Computing experience. Risultati della ricerca Scratch tutorial 13: Club dei duellanti Con questo tutorial di Fabio Da Rolt due maghi si sfidano in un duello senza esclusione di magie! Aiutiamoli a lanciare i loro sortilegi in Scratch!

scratch – Shall We Learn You never know what will happen next in life. One lazy afternoon, when I was enjoying my afternoon tea, two funny yellow birds showed up at my door. They introduced themselves as Tweet and Mini Tweet. Programming in Scratch “Although many of the programs designed to teach kids to code are very simplistic, many of them, like Scratch, are suitable for all ages. It doesn't matter how old you are…Get started with the basics of programming!” -Lifehacker Want to learn computer programming, but unsure where to begin? Raspberry Pi Scratch Robot I found an application for the Raspberry in my classroom! With the endless possibilities of the Raspberry Pi in education, it is difficult to focus on one application. This is my attempt to document a focused application. I am sure this idea will branch out into other ideas or supplemental ideas will follow.

Using a camera with Scratch on the Raspberry Pi I needed camera control with Scratch on the Raspberry Pi for a primary school aerial photography project. I added a new python extension for Simon’s ScratchGPIO that allows either the Raspberry Pi camera or a regular USB webcam to be used with Scratch. Follow Simon’s instructions for installing over on his site. Building a Raspberry Pi Robot and Controlling it with Scratch Happy New Year everyone! Things have been a bit quiet on this blog due to the Christmas rush, and the fact that we’ve been spending time on product development (more on that in a future post). But here at last is the 3rd and final post in our series on the Raspberry Pi robot we […] Welcome to the second part of our series of posts, describing the workshop we ran at the recent Digimakers event at @Bristol. In the last post we described the outline of the workshop and looked at the hardware of the Raspberry Pi robot that we built for the event.

How To Teach Primary Programming Using Scratch This is the book I have been wanting to write for ages. Based on teaching computing science in six schools for the last three years, over 1300 hours of lessons. I have evolved my approach and philosophy based on what works for my pupils. Making Meaningful Connections in 2016 — Scratch Foundation Blog Making Meaningful Connections in 2016 Reflections from the Scratch Foundation: Q1 Millions of Scratchers Recently, Scratch became home to more than 10 million users worldwide.

Teach students to learn by doing with Google school coding clubs By Janice Mak April 23rd, 2015 Google’s CS First clubs open up new worlds for novice coders A few months ago, I was searching for resources to support computer science education for middle school students—girls in particular—when I came across Google CS First. Not really knowing what it was, I went ahead and registered my school, and then myself—as a teacher host, advocate, volunteer, and guru all at the same time. Barnhack 2016: Fyra kurser i Scratch Upload Loading... Working... Anyone Can Learn to Program with Scratch One of the most powerful things about the Leap Motion platform is its ability to tie into just about any creative platform. That’s why we’ve launched a Platform Integrations & Libraries showcase where you can discover the latest wrappers, plugins, and integrations. Whether you started programming at four years old, or yesterday afternoon, there’s nothing like that first time when something you coded springs to life and says “Hello World!” Scratch is a simple programming language that aims to bring that experience to more people than ever, with simple building blocks that make programming fun and accessible for beginners of all ages. ith the new Leap Motion ScratchX extension, students can bring hand data into ScratchX – an experimental space that lets you try extensions in the Scratch programming environment. ScratchX extensions make it easy to program physical devices like Arduino boards, or build simple web apps.

Free online Creative Computing workshop for teachers If you’ve always wanted to know more about Scratch, then why not sign up for a new free workshop? Creative Computing is a six-week online workshop for educators open to anyone who wants to learn more about using Scratch and supporting computational thinking in the classroom and other learning environments. No prior experience of Scratch or computer programming is needed. The workshop hosted by the Scratch Ed team at Harvard, is free and runs from Monday, June 3 to Friday, July 12. Scratchcraft Alpha 0.3 på Scratch --USE FLASH PLAYER AND SHIFT CLICK THE FLAG--sorry for the capital letters there :) --Performance tip--Right click the flash player and set Quality to Low. --Generic controls--Click to destroy blocks.Hold B and click to place blocks. --Other Controls--C to take a long distance photograph.0 and 1 to change view distance (might cause lag!)F to toggle Fly/Noclip mode --Fly/Noclip Mode--WASD to move horizontally, E to fly up, Q to fly down.