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New ESPN Body Issue Showcases the Fittest Female Athletes Female athletes are having a major moment. First, the U.S. women's national soccer team took home the World Cup. Now: the annual ESPN The Magazine Body Issue. Not only are the photos absolutely jaw-dropping, but the athletes' quotes about loving their powerful and muscular bodies—and learning to live with their insecuries (because yes, they have them too!)—are words we can all learn from.

After terrifying school massacre, Peshawar teachers pack guns - In one of the desk's drawers, within easy reach of Abdul Saeed's right hand, lies a fully loaded pistol. A teacher for 15 years, Saeed argues that bringing a gun to school reassures his students, who are still terrified after a brazen attack on the Army Public School and Degree College in December, when Taliban militants stormed the building and massacred dozens of students during a six-hour siege. "They would look to the door every time they heard a sound. Australians play video games for 1.5 hours a day: survey Interactive entertainment ... a new study shows the average age of gamers is creeping higher. Picture: Thinkstock Source: News Limited AUSTRALIA might be a sunburnt country but it’s also a land of sweeping games, with six in 10 Aussies playing video games, and dedicating almost an hour and half every day to interactive entertainment. And while children are still most likely to play video games, the average age of gamers is creeping higher, and the fastest growing gaming crowd is old enough to retire.

Why Do Men Use The Word "Fag?" Why do so many young men use the word "fag?" Professor C.J. Pascoe of the University of Oregon has studied this question and wrote a book about it called "Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School." Doctors claim jab can regenerate damaged tissue after one injection Pioneering stem cell treatment could avoid thousands of hip replacements Five NHS hospitals will trial jabs which have potential to be 'life-changing'Doctors claim jab can regenerate damaged tissue after just one injection Patients often face years of pain before having a hip replacement By Katherine Keogh and Paul Dinsdale For The Mail On Sunday Published: 22:08 GMT, 31 January 2015 | Updated: 12:33 GMT, 1 February 2015 A pioneering stem cell treatment could avoid thousands of hip replacements – by helping patients 'regrow' damaged bone. Five NHS hospitals will trial the jabs, which doctors claim can regenerate damaged tissue after just one injection.

iiNet: New world of devices From smart clothes to augmented reality, next generation gadgets are going to change workplaces for the better. by: Joshua Gliddon It’s estimated the average smartphone user unlocks and glances at their device 200 times per day. Every interaction with a smartphone takes up a small piece of time – and a piece of attention. The next generation of devices aren’t things that we simply pick up and use. Real Beauty How Dove's 'Real Beauty Sketches' became one of the most viral video ads of all time Just one month after its release, Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" has garnered more than 114 million total views, making it the most viral video of all time. Read the article here. Parody VideoIn response, there’s already one spoof video that has a number of men in a curtained enclosure, like in the Dove ad. At the end, the portraits reveal that men see themselves as George Clooney or Brad Pitt while women see them as freakish.

Today’s Front Pages Anyone seeking permission to use or reproduce the front page of a newspaper featured in our Today’s Front Pages online gallery must contact the newspaper’s publisher directly. U.S. copyright laws apply. The Newseum DOES NOT provide access to front pages from previous dates. Possible cancer cure being tested in human medical trials in Sydney, Melbourne Man on a mission ... Professor Phillip Hogg is conducting cancer research. Picture: Melanie Russell Source: News Limited

What do teens really think about body image, beauty and bullying? 3 perspectives from around the world Body image, beauty and bullying. These three themes have been passionately presented by dozens of students participating in TED-Ed Clubs around the globe. When these students were asked to present an idea they felt most passionate about, many club members boldly chose to talk about how to combat negative body image, distorted images of beauty and the bullying that comes with these challenges. Watch — but more importantly, listen — to these three inspiring perspectives on body image, beauty and bullying from teenagers around the globe. Young people are setting up workers’ co-operatives to fight against inequality Rent and property prices are not the only thing stacked against young people. Low wages and insecurity in competitive job markets – be they creative or in the third sector – are extending further into graduates’ working lives. Rather than a youthful rite of passage, zero-hours contracts and low pay are now a regular feature of certain professions well into people’s 30s. Academia is the example par excellence. Once prestigious, secure and well paid; today, while the prestige remains, the pay and security of the next generation of academics has fallen off a cliff. Traditional understandings of what constitutes a middle-class job just don’t hold up in quite the same way.