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Imprimer vos photos d'identité sans logiciel Ne ratez plus vos . IdPhotoLand est l'outil qu'il vous faut. Tout en étant totalement gratuit, vous allez apprécier son ergonomie et ses fonctionnalités. Il ne vous restera alors qu'a les sortir sur votre imprimante photo, sur n'importe quelle borne photo ou au travers de sites de développement photo. - Recadrage facilité à la norme ISO/IEC 19794-5 - Choix de la taille de la photo finale - Contrôle de la résolution - Correction de l'effet yeux rouges - Ajustements lumière, contraste et saturation - Nombre de photos par planche réglable - Possibilité de participer aux concours de la galerie - Fichier de sauvegarde de la planche au format jpeg - Utilisation Gratuite Passeport, carte nationale d'identité, permis de conduire, nouvelle carte vitale, visa, carte de résident, carte de séjour, titre de transport, document scolaire et universitaire, carte de membre, CV, etc...

Growly Draw Everyday drawing There are hundreds of painting and drawing apps on the App Store. This one is a bit different. It doesn’t want to grow up to be Photoshop, Illustrator, or Draw Anything the Next Generation. It’s not intended for professional artists. Shapes or pixels? Since the very first digital computer, there have been two basic types of images: vector graphics (you specify how a shape should be drawn but don’t worry about the details), and bitmaps, (also called rasters, you tweak any and every pixel). Shapes can be be rotated, reflected, and shadowed. Some of the interesting things you can do with shapes include changing the thickness and color of the outline, and adding a fill color or a fill gradient (like the circle in the illustration). A built-in shape library contains arrows, stars, clouds, and geometric shapes that you can resize and customize with your preferred colors. Pixel dust Growly Draw is not a photo editing app. Opens almost anything, writes the most common formats

Real-world learning vs. school grades & credits. No contest. Blogger Central, The Student Voice Jack Hostager is a high school sophomore enrolled in an Eastern Iowa High School. His blog, Straight from the Desk, seeks to add the seldom heard voice of the student. Jack prefers to keep the name of the school he attends private in order to keep the conversation focused on the larger system rather than assuming any of his comments are strictly about his school alone. At the beginning of March, I was lucky enough to spend five days with three friends in Washington, DC at the Coastal America Student Summit on the Oceans and Coasts. It took a lot to get this project off the ground. These all sound like skills that every student should have. After returning inspired and ready to change the world only to be thrust back into the invariable cycle of desks, worksheets, textbooks, and lockers, education’s expectation for me hit me painfully hard. Only it isn’t. The obtuse model of education leaves no room for learning beyond school.

Fotografix / l.madhavan What's New Try the new Fotografix Try the preview version of Fotografix 2 to see how image adjustments are easier with the new user interface and faster with the new graphics engine. Learn more and download Roozz brings Fotografix to the browser Roozz is a browser plugin that enables a number of applications, including Fotografix, to be run directly within your browser. Try it now Features Enhance photos by correcting exposure and colour Improve composition by cropping and rotating photos Use multiple layers for complex compositions Apply adjustments non-destructively using adjustment layers Add text using text layers that can be edited at any time Create special effects using a variety of filters Work with images in most popular file formats, including Photoshop (PSD) and GIMP (XCF) Language Files Fotografix is available in more than a dozen languages. Interested in translating Fotografix?

Growly Photo Take control of your photosiPhoto and its successor Photos are astonishing apps, but some people find them too controlling. They have their own ideas about where your files should go, and they seem to be just one scary step shy of artificial intelligence. If you’re looking for something simpler that won’t touch your files without your permission, Growly Photo is a humbler alternative. Growly Photo does not import your photo files, it just remembers where they are. Within Photo you can create a structure of groups and folders as simple or complex as you like, to make finding and viewing your photos absolutely easy. At the top level are groups, for example you could organize your photos by year as in the screenshot above. Importing photos is as simple as dragging them from the Finder or choosing them from an open dialog. Captions are labels that show up in the thumbnail list, like the selected photo in the screenshot above. PrintingRemember the days when photos were printed on paper?

Concocting a Cure for Kids With Issues You can do nothing — and watch your child flounder while teachers register their disapproval. Or you can get help, which generally means, first, an expensive and time-consuming evaluation, then more visits with more specialists, intensive tutoring, therapies, perhaps, or, as is often the case with attention issues, drugs. For many parents — particularly the sorts of parents who are skeptical of mainstream medicine and of the intentions of what one mother once described to me as “the learning-disability industrial complex” — this experience is an exercise in frustration and alienation. These parents often don’t trust the mental-health professionals who usually treat children with “issues,” as we euphemistically tend to refer to problems like learning disabilities, attention-deficit disorder, or other developmental difficulties. That’s why some of these parents end up seeking the services of people like Stanley A. To the uninitiated, vision therapy is a funny-looking endeavor.

La Boite à Couleurs » Telechargement La Boite à Couleurs permet de calculer les valeurs d'une couleur dans plusieurs modes : RVB, TLS, TSV, CMJ ou CMJN. Mais ce n'est pas tout puisque le logiciel indique également le code hexadécimal de la couleur sélectionnée (pour le web) et peut vous donner la couleur la plus proche dans différents nuanciers : Pantone, HTML (les fameuses couleurs web), ou Chroma. La boite à Couleurs "gratuiciel" (freeware) est simple d'emploi en vous permettant d'obtenir et de modifier très simplement les codes d'une couleur dans les modèles suivants: RVB (rouge / vert / bleu) TLS (teinte / luminosité / saturation) TSV (teinte / saturation / valeur) CMJ (cyan / magenta / jaune) CMJN (cyan / magenta / jaune / noir) Notre Avis sur La Boite à Couleurs : Pratique, très pratique, la fonction "pipette" de La boite à couleur ( qui enregistre les valeurs de couleur RVB, Html et autres ) séduira surement les graphistes / webmaster.