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Kollektivet: Music Video - ÆØÅ (Size Matters)

Kollektivet: Music Video - ÆØÅ (Size Matters)
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10 Ways to Escape An Awkward Situation Lonely Lights: l'exposition | Événements spéciaux | Activités | MNBAQ L'exposition Lancement: Mercredi 14 mai | 18 h à 21 h Exposition: Du 14 au 25 mai | En tout temps Gratuit Dans les cellules du pavillon Charles-Baillairgé Le magicien de la musique électronique de Québec Pascal Asselin, alias Millimetrik, poursuit son exploration foisonnante dans les méandres de la musique électronique depuis plus de 10 ans. Pour faire écho à l’univers musical de cet album conçu comme un circuit nocturne dans une ville inconnue que l’on explorerait lentement, Millimétrik a créé un parcours réel dans la ville de Québec pour découvrir, de station en station, des extraits de son album. Biographie Les bidouillages de Pascal Asselin (Millimetrik), ambassadeur de la ville de Québec, sont des paysages musicaux électroniques empreints d’images, de hip-hop et de rythmes à tempos lents nappés de bonne grosse basse. À lire: le billet de Millimetrik sur notre blogue. Photo: Carl Raymond.

Contagious Yawning: Why We Do It, What It Shows About Us Yawning is a mysterious thing. For starters, just reading that sentence may have caused you to yawn. The behavior, technically a reflex that involves opening the mouth and a simultaneous stretching of the eardrum, is contagious--and the video above sets out to explain why. The video was created by VSAUCE, a YouTube channel that offers "Amazing Facts & The Best of the Internet." It starts by debunking various myths about yawning. We don't do it for lack of oxygen, and it doesn't just help equalize the pressure in our heads—the real medical reason is less obvious, but you'll have to watch the video to learn what it is. We also learn about the function of pandiculation, or yawning and stretching simultaneously, and how animals that move in groups might have evolved such a mechanism. But not everyone can benefit. The video is full of interesting facts about yawning, including why other animals use it to look intimidating, attract mates, or just realign their jaws after a big meal.

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid Type in the form of the word that you would expect to find in a dictionary or a truncated form of the word (e.g., stem only). If you want help with the ending of a word, type the ending in the space provided. (If you prefer, you may leave this space blank). To see all the words in the dictionary that begin with "q", search for "q" as the stem. This dictionary defines about 15,600 words. William Whitaker's Macintosh version should work with OS X up to 10.7, though it might be necessary to install Rosetta, which used to come with OS X but was not always installed by default. In Windows, The Words program operates from the old DOS-like command line. William Whitaker's Words program also provides the translation mechanism for VulSearch, an excellent free Windows program for reading and searching the Vulgate and Glossa Ordinaria. Marco Waclawek has developed a Latin - German Dictionary based on William Whitaker's Words. Latin Wordlist and Grammar Aid ablative | accusative | dative | genitive *m

What It's Like Being The One Person At College Who Doesn't Drink Timber Timbre On pourrait vous dire, on vous l’a dit cent fois déjà, à quel point cette musique est bonne. On pourrait en tartiner des pages, sur la moiteur des morceaux de Timber Timbre, sur ce son qui occupe l’espace, alourdit l’air, vient lécher les murs. Mais on l’a déjà dit cent fois, donc. Sachez donc juste qu’ils étaient ce soir là, dans cet appartement, en pleine possession de leurs moyens. Mais regardez surtout cet homme, Taylor Kirk.

Mucca Pazza, Boss Taurus: Big Band, Itty-Bitty Stage : All Songs Considered Blog Take a humongous group of excitable jokers who have too much free time on their hands, mix in enough instruments to satisfy an entire marching band variety, toss a few gigantic pom poms and enormously-loud/elaborate outfits their way and you'll get Mucca Pazza. The Chicago-based band is a 30-piece (yes, 30 trombonists, trumpeters, guitarists, cheerleaders, and more) community of "circus punks" that makes music that sounds like the results of a rowdy weekend at band camp. Mucca Pazza's new song, "Boss Taurus," feels like a musical debate: the trumpets make a declaration; there's a response from the guitars; and the lone tuba tries to get a word in edgewise. The pieces constantly break apart and then get back to working together to get you bouncing in your chair. The video for "Boss Taurus" has a remarkably simple concept — the members of the band perform and goof off on a tiny stage for three minutes. For this video I wanted to keep things simple.

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