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Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

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Home Atlanta Schola Cantorum is a 30-voice chorus specializing in the performance of sacred choral music of the Renaissance, notably the works of Josquin, Palestrina, Victoria, Tallis, and Byrd. This focus on Renaissance polyphony sets Schola apart from other Atlanta choirs. During the European Renaissance, “the world was an extremely wretched and dangerous place,” according to music critic Pierre Ruhe (December 2009, Atlanta Journal Constitution). Yet, he notes, “perhaps as a call to an otherworldly paradise, sacred church music was an escape of extraordinary, timeless beauty.” ‘Being Authentic’ is More Than Just Being Honest Of all the things the millennial generation wants out of church, authenticity may be the most important. As a twentysomething pastor who lives in Silver Lake—a very creative, diverse, and subversive neighborhood in LA—I see the need for authenticity in the hearts of my neighbors, as well as in my own heart. It's the battle cry of our generation, often expressed publicly with ironic clothing and accessories, or more privately with heart-to-heart conversations over coffee and other things we love. I think the cry for authenticity stems out of the reality that we're a generation let down by previous ones. Past ideals don't work for us.

Campuses Where Movies Were Filmed Want to go to the college that inspired Animal House? True, that could be any college. But you can find where it was filmed on this list. The year given is the year of the film's release or first season of the series. For each institution, films are listed by release date, starting with the most recent. Media's Effects on Teen Girl's Body Image & Self Esteem Before research: In order for our research question to be answered, we will print out pictures of models that the media considers to be “perfect” and show them to different girls. We will then give them a survey on how the images make them feel about their own bodies. We will survey girls ages fourteen to eighteen with all different body types to make sure we get an accurate perception of how all women think. The survey will have questions like do the images make you feel good about yourself, don’t change the way you view yourself, or bad about yourself. By tallying up the results, we will have accurate data on how the images make women feel. After research: We used the research method of survey to research our question of “Does exposure to media images of thin models effect women's self-esteem and body image?”.

The great screen taboo: people who aren't having sex Swear words: check. Sex scenes: check. Inter-racial relationships, gay relationships, unedited childbirth: check, check, check. and Professor Loses Job Who is to blame when students fail? If many students fail -- a majority even -- does that demonstrate faculty incompetence, or could it point to a problem with standards? These are the questions at the center of a dispute that cost Steven D. Aird his job teaching biology at Norfolk State University. Today is his last day of work, but on his way out, he has started to tell his story -- one that he suggests points to large educational problems at the university and in society. The university isn't talking publicly about his case, but because Aird has released numerous documents prepared by the university about his performance -- including the key negative tenure decisions by administrators -- it is clear that he was denied tenure for one reason: failing too many students.

Be Beautiful Manchester Based British Beauty Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Jewellery Blog, DIY Beauty Blog: DIY: Eye Make Up Remover - the best trick I've discovered! So a looong time ago I did a post about taking your eye make up off with olive oil. I've been doing this for about 6 months now and have noticed the skin around my eyes seems a lot more moisturised and supple. Recently however, I've added another natural ingredient to my olive oil and it seems to be working ever better. Olive oil on its own was great but I felt it tended to 'drag' the eye area a little bit, especially when I wore quite a lot of heavy make up for a night out. Removing false eye lash glue was a particular pain. So I'd done some research on what to add to olive oil so that its still as effective at removing tough, stubborn make up but with less drag and came across witch hazel.

Young Entrepreneur Interview: How This High School Student Launched His Wearable Tech-Startup With No Funding The amazing thing about being an entrepreneur is that neither age nor experience are required to be successful. Sure they come in handy, but this high school student and successful tech-startup founder proves that creating a company while balancing high school homework before he can legally drive is absolutely possible. So if you think creating a startup is too hard, you should read what this brilliant kid has to say. Eddy Zhong is a 16-year-old high school junior at the Bromfield School in Harvard, Massachusetts. Resources — Body Image Health Invite the author to provide training or speak at your school, clinic, organization, business wellness function or community-wide event.Promotional flyer for the Healthy Bodies curriculumTen Tips for Building Healthy Body Esteem Toxic Cultural Myths underlie most body image, eating, fitness, and weight concernsAntidotes for toxic cultural myths “As an educator who has taught thousands of university undergraduate students the basics of personal health, fitness, and nutrition, I find the Healthy Bodies curriculum to be comprehensive and compelling. The perspectives and information provided offer a holistic, person-centered approach to helping young people understand the complexities that characterize body size, shape, and image.

Wake up to the cold, hard facts of rising worldwide misogyny Carol Hunt – Published 09 March 2014 02:30 AM Last week an EU survey (by the Agency for Fundamental Rights) found that a quarter of Irish women have been victims of physical violence, a third have been victims of psychological violence, and that nearly half of those who had experienced sexual violence from a non-partner refused to report the crime. (This is an appalling indictment of our society as well as our justice system.) Finding A Jury Of Your Peers Actually Is Pretty Complicated The jury sits in the jury box as foreman Michael Gregory, left, issues a statement in June 2009 after announcing a kidnapping conviction in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston. CJ Gunther/AP hide caption itoggle caption CJ Gunther/AP The jury sits in the jury box as foreman Michael Gregory, left, issues a statement in June 2009 after announcing a kidnapping conviction in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston. CJ Gunther/AP Over the past few weeks, thousands of people have protested after grand juries failed to indict police officers in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

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