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22 Most Beautiful Houses Made from Shipping Containers

22 Most Beautiful Houses Made from Shipping Containers
Living in these days can mean a lot more that just having a shelter, food and clothing. People have evolved a lot in the last 50 years and the trend is of an exponential growth. The differences between generations will be more significant than there are now. As a proof that people have already started to change their minds and philosophy are the random bursts of nonconformism, meaning that some people no longer feel represented by the masses, and their image can’t be associated with an institution of a large group of people. Part of the nonconformism I was talking about is the residential component. People live in more and more diverse houses that suit best their needs.

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Shipping Container Homes: Modern, Simple & Sleek Design Many shipping container buildings look precisely like that which they are constructed from: old cargo containers used for shipping things around the world. That aesthetic is fine for some but others prefer something that looks at least somewhat more conventional and blends in with their surroundings – but that also recycles these structurally sound elements in a new design. The cargo container home showed above is a great blend of sustainability and style, fitting the desired appearance sought by the new owners while still successfully using shipping containers for most of the sturctural elements. Building shipping container home is a great way to be stylistically expressive with your house but also an excellent way to go eco-friendly without excessive cost.

How a talented architect makes an RV look like a charming cabin in the woods The tiny house movement has become a big thing as more and more people try to live with a smaller financial, environmental and physical footprint. As Alek Lisefski noted in his Tiny Project, it's about less house and more life. It's also about laws, that regulate what can go down a road, what can go on a property under zoning bylaws, what code it gets built under. That's why so many of the tiny houses are under 8'-6" wide and weigh less than 10,000 pounds, so that they can go down the road towed by a private car and be classed as an Recreational Vehicle, or RV. Historically, people would take their little RVs and go to RV parks, where they remain on their chassis but get hooked up to water and sewer.

Make A Cheap & Easy Solar USB Charger With An Altoids Tin Photos by Joshua Zimmerman The craftster behind the very popular $3 solar-powered emergency radio is back with a new awesome project: a cheap solar battery charger with a USB plug. Zimmerman wrote, saying that he saw a lot of small solar powered chargers being talked about over Earth Day, but there was a big problem: Architecture Archives The Most Spectacular Metro Stations in the World Here are some of the most spectacular metro stations in the world. And North Korea made the list! (with the deepest subway in the world)… via [travellerpix] Inspirational Gallery 67 – Architecture In AIA’s Inspirational Gallery – Architecture, we have a pretty incredible collection of amazing & inspirational Architecture examples from outstanding Architects from all...

Converting Shipping Containers Into a Modern Home Debbie Glassberg is the owner of the Home Contained, a 2,600 square foot modern residence located in Kansas City, Missouri, that was built with five shipping containers. The final result is quite impressive: the home has comfortable living spaces, a green roof, geothermal heating, plant foam insulation and some passive solar. “We love it. It’s great space for living, great for entertaining,” Glassberg said. Super modern South African tiny house is bright and green I have often complained that a lot of tiny houses, being modelled on larger houses that get the shrink-ray, are designed for cuteness instead of practicality, with their tiny lofts that peak in the middle. Perhaps instead of using a traditional house as a model, designers should be looking more at learning from more modern designs like Airstream trailers or boats. That's why the INDAWO / lifePOD is so interesting. This design by the South African team of Collaborate000 architects, and product designers Dokter and Missses is super modern, and very much a product of its climate. © Brett Rubin The INDAWO / lifePOD is a lifestyle and design intervention that affords home owners a comfortable, functional experience inside a small space; to live in confluence with the needs of the planet now and in the future ....

10 Fun And Funky iPhone Docks If you're as tethered to your iPhone as we are, giving it a solid charge while not in use is important. But even the most functional products in the home should feature great design. Here, 10 alternatives to a traditional Apple docking station. (Bonus: all would look great enhanced with a friendship cord!) 1. Architecture and water Combine concrete structure with water are one of favorite tricks of many architects. Water Gardens and Fort Worth, United States Spillway of the reservoir in Armenia Aquarium in Berlin “Scientific barge” on the Hudson River in New York New Zealand

Best Shipping Container Homes Do you have an inordinate amount of shipping containers? Are you trying figure out what to do with all them? In the unlikely event that the answer to this question is “Yes,” you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re far more practical than you may have imagined. And if, as is more likely, the answer is “No,” then good news! You can grab yourself a decent size shipping container for just over $1,500.00. 5 Genius Gadgets From Japanese Bathrooms That Americans Should Borrow Turns out we've been using the bathroom all wrong. This adorable video from Life Where I'm From debuted earlier this year, but Digg recently resurfaced its greatness. In the video, we learn how Japanese bathrooms beat American ones in pretty much every way possible. Not only do they have a brilliant privacy setup and the most incredibly hygienic way of taking a bath, but they recycle water with an inspiring, sophisticated system. Check out some of a Japanese bathroom's best gadgets below, and brace yourself for a major renovation craving.

iTree iPhone & iPod dock are created out of a tree trunk If our mention on the title confuses you, we would like to tell you about the iTree docking station by KMKG, which has been made out of the log of a tree trunk! This docking station has the ports needed to charge your iPod or iPhone, as well as plays stored audio content at the same time. What makes this product rather abstract, is that it’s been created out of wood, which is hand selected by the customer and built according to the individual needs.

Modern Underground Modern Underground Homes "As an architect, I'm ashamed of what my fellow professionals and I have done during the last fifty years. What do we do? This Rusty Shipping Container Looks Abandoned. But Wait Until You Look Inside. Distractify | Shipping container homes are a genius way to repurpose something we’d otherwise throw away. These are the most amazing ones I’ve come across. Artist and designer Julio Garcia is known for his mixed media prints. When creating his own home and studio, he worked on a larger scale but still succeeded in joining disparate elements into a unified whole, working with industrial shipping containers, natural materials and the lush foliage of his lot in Savannah, Georgia. As a port city, Savannah has an abundance of shipping containers made obsolete by the largely one-way flow of consumer goods from China to America. Garcia repurposed two such containers to create the small budget-conscious home seen here.

Gorgeous solar-powered prefab can be picked up and moved almost anywhere PAD studio has unveiled a home that can literally be picked up by crane and moved almost anywhere you please. Constructed off-site in Yorkshire as a factory-built dwelling, the Forest Lodge is a gorgeous modern prefab that offers much more than mobility—the compact home can even be taken off the grid. The solar-powered home was built to PassiveHaus standards and minimizes energy use through smart, highly insulated design. While mobility may be one of the Forest Lodge’s coolest benefits, it’s a feature created out of necessity rather than desire.