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26 Learning Games for Change

26 Learning Games for Change
Note: Learning games have really taken off since I originally wrote this post a number of years ago (right before the 5th annual Games for Change Festival). As a result, this post is past due for an update. If you know of other learning games you feel should be added, or have updates/perspectives concerning any of the games listed here, please comment or contact me. I hope to do a full update in fall 2013. Fair warning, you could easily eat up a big chunk of your day following the links in this post. Buy hey, you’ll be helping out the world a bit in the process. Here’s a list of the learning games I found : Web-Based Learning Games Karma Tycoon Developed by “rocks the gaming world by offering you a thrilling ride through the world of social entrepreneurship as you earn Karma in virtual communities across the US.” Ayiti: The Cost of Life “What is it like to live in poverty, struggling every day to stay healthy, keep out of debt, and get educated? 3rd World Farmer Go Goat Go

Serious Games for Homeland Security - BreakAway, Ltd - Award-Winning Developer of Numerous Real-Time Strategy Games and Technologically Advanced Desktop Development Software Incident Commander™ NIMS-compliant training tool for Homeland Security Disaster strikes a community through a severe storm, a chemical spill, a terrorist bomb, or a hostage situation in a local school. The game puts you in the role of incident commander, challenging you to coordinate a multi-agency (fire, police, EMS, HAZMAT, public works, operations, planning, finance, and logistics units) response using the National Incident Management System (NIMS) protocol. Work in single player mode to control all units yourself, or assign specific unit command to up to 16 participants and tackle the impending catastrophe as a unified team before the situation spirals out of control. Launch video Client: Department of Justice – National Institute of Justice Objective: Teach NIMS-compliant incident management to public safety officers (e.g., fire, HAZMAT, law enforcement, EMS, public works, school officials, city managers) who protect the public before, during, and after natural and manmade disasters.

How Urban Gaming Works" As new technologies evolve and mature, they infiltrate our lives in ways we don't necessarily expect. Cell phones and Global Position Systems (GPS) have their obvious uses -- you can make and receive calls when away from home, and you can easily find places or people, including yourself if you get lost. People around the world have been putting these technologies to innovative use, creating "experiences" in public settings that are part game, part performance art, and part sociology experiment. Dubbed urban gaming, these activities can range from recreating the 80s video game "Pac-Man" on a human scale in New York City to hiding "treasures" in state parks for people to find via GPS. In this article, we'll see what urban gaming is all about, find out how it works, and explore the potential of games and technology. We'll also take a look at some recently-played urban games.

The Best Resources For Google Earth Beginners Like Me NOTE: Google Earth Will Be Available In Your Browser — No Download Required I’ve played around a little with Google Earth over the years, but haven’t really looked at it seriously. Since I may be teaching Geography to English Language Learners next year for the first time in awhile, though, I thought it was time for me to get more familiar with it. I thought readers might be interested in the sites I’m finding helpful. Here are my choices for The Best Resources For Google Earth Beginners Like Me: Google Earth Basics is from the Google Earth Blog. Beginner Tutorials come from Google Earth itself. Google Earth 6: Beginner’s Tutorial 1 is a useful YouTube video. Advanced features and tutorials: Google Earth tutorials is from Google Earth. Google Earth 101 for Educators comes from Teaching Hacks. Crafting Stories with Google Earth is from The National Writing Project. Google Lit Trips 26 Interesting Ways* to use Google Earth in the Classroom Google Earth Lessons Teaching With Google Earth

Moonbase Alpha Game Step into the role of an explorer in a futuristic lunar settlement... Your mission is to restore critical systems after a meteor strike cripples life support equipment. Explore NASA Lunar Resources to prepare for your mission. Moonbase Alpha is the first of two commercial-quality NASA games developed in partnership with commercial game developers.

Games Computergames, nuttig of niet voor het onderwijs? Computergames zijn er in allerlei soorten. Vechtspelletjes zijn populair bij de jongeren, zoals te zien bij de firma Monte Christo maar ook de digitale hangplekken, zoals het populaire Habbo-hotel en Second Life Wat spelen ze? Gothic 3Dit spel heeft ook een Duitse versie: Herzlich Willkommen auf der offiziellen Website zum PC-Rollenspiel Gothic 3 Viel Spaß beim Surfen The Guild 2 kan in het Frans Europe, 1400 – La dernière Croisade, qui a commencé il y a 6 ans, s'est terminée par une horrible défaite après l'échec des Croisés devant Nikopolis, lorsque les armées d'Osman et des Serbes les attaquèrent. Paraworld Paraworld is een interessant spel: te vinden op , maar lezen kan ook, in het Frans bijvoorbeeld. 15.09.2006 ParaWorld : c'est pour aujourd'hui !

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FloodSim - FloodSim The Challenge In the UK, some 2 million households and 140,000 commercial properties, equating to almost 5 million people, are at risk of severe flooding. An interactive and stimulating solution was required to create awareness of the increasing risk of flooding through highlighting preventative measures and policies to drive home important lessons from the flooding events in 2007 to form future thinking and priorities. What we did FloodSim is an accessible online policy simulation that helps raise public awareness of issues around flood policy and provides feedback to insurers and policy makers about public attitudes towards different flood protection options. FloodSim puts the player in control of flood policy in the UK for three years. Key Messages and Themes Our Approach The floods of 2007 show just how serious flooding can be, and I am glad to see that this project has been developed to enable people to have a greater understanding of the risk of flooding. The benefits Outcomes