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Terrific Treehouses: 10 Brilliant Topiary Masterpieces

Terrific Treehouses: 10 Brilliant Topiary Masterpieces It’s inescapable– the urge to walk away from our civilized lives and find peace in nature. For every cubicle and cookie cutter suburb, there’s a man or a woman who desires for an escape to our natural roots. 02 Sustainability Treehouse Looking to elevate your living a bit? 02 Sustainability Treehouse Gallery 4TREEHOUSE by Lukasz Kos The 4TREEHOUSE treetop dwelling by Lukasz Kos is as much modern as it is natural. 4TREEHOUSE by Lukasz Kos Gallery Peter Frazier’s Treetop Office If you really want to escape the rat race, here is the office for you. Peter Frazier’s Treetop Office Gallery Baumraum Treehouses When it comes to modern treehouses, there is no name more respected than Baumraum. Baumraum Treehouse Gallery Harad’s Reflective Tree Hotel Looking to take a relaxing vacation in the woods… and not be spotted by a soul? Harad’s Reflective Tree Hotel Gallery Growing Tree Architecture Growing Tree Architecture Gallery Alnwick Gardens Treehouse

The Treehouse That Your Dad Didn't Build For You My fascination for the tree house may have stemmed from the fact that like many other children I grew up with NO tree house, though I'm sure all the children who have grown up with a tree house have a fascination towards the tree house because they had grown up with one. There's just no escaping it! The tree house is cool. On my little pictorial web research for the most fantastic tree homes around the world this is what I found, by the end of this post you're going to want to build an actual tree house for yourself, I'm sure of it! A humble abode: On the main street: Building it up: A tree HOUSE: Modernizing it:

How To Can "Keep it hot, keep it cold, or don't keep it" is another saying in my family.This chart from the USDA shows why this is good advice. The microorganisms that cause food to spoil don't live well at high and low temperatures. Canning is a way to preserve food at room temperature. Properly canned food is safe. 20 Tree House Pictures: Play-Club Plans to Big-Kid Houses « Dornob Treehouses are more popular than ever, as play spaces for children but also as luxury hotel (and even house) designs for adults. Some of the most fantastic plans and ideas can be traced to specialist designers and builders – and pictures of their work can provide some of the best inspiration (as well as an informal visual guide) for do-it-yourself recreational, residential and commercial tree buildings. Blue Forest is one such company, but far from the only one. The trick is to find a balance between safe and fun – railings are a must, as are sturdy supports, but whimsy and asymmetry help make these places feel more organic and engaging for younger visitors in particular. Some take on the character of a playground, with ropes, ladders and low elevations – or are more like the traditional club-house spaces we associated with ‘tree houses’ from our childhood. Some are like mansions, fortresses or castles – just set up on stilts instead of sitting on the ground.

Invest $50,000 on Treehouse? Victoria Beckham Does! We have been reading that earlier nomads use to reside on trees with no house of their own. History Repeats! But this time with an exception as it is governed by ‘in’ factor and is neither accidental nor incidental. Posh was spotted picking this 9ft Treetent touted as world’s most expensive treehouse at America’s plush Neiman Marcus store. Some more facts that prove its worthiness. Via Luxist How To Make Your Own $35 Straw Mattress | The Year of Mud: Cob and natural building (This lovely DIY how-to is written by my partner April, who recently made a fantastic straw mattress for the cob bed. Not only is it entirely natural, it’s pretty super to sleep on, too. Read ahead!) Living in a hand-built home can often mean making unique and non-conventional furniture choices. Why not to buy a conventional mattress I looked at some conventional mattresses. Traditional mattress materials What about making my own mattress? Making a tick I needed to make a simple sack, traditionally called a tick, to serve as the mattress cover. My mattress would rest on a cob platform pressed against a curved wall along one side. Designing a template Next, I laid the paper template on my fabric and added an inch to each side (2 inches added to the total width, 2 inches to the total length). Pinning and sewing the fabric Next, I pinned and pinned and pinned. at this point will make sewing much easier later. The panel for the button closure was a little trickier. Stuffing the mattress

10 Stunning Kids' Bedrooms That Prove Great Design Isn't Just for Grownups Most parents know that children's tastes change as quickly as they grow, but that doesn't mean that you can't create a space that they are sure to love for many years to come and that you'll be happy to have grace your home. These stunning kids' rooms prove that kids' rooms can be both fun and chic. Pop of Color This bedroom was designed by Martenson Jones Interiors for one very lucky little girl. We love how the designers make an all white room so exciting by adding pops of color with turquoise and chartreuse in unexpected places such as behind the bookshelves as well as in a few standout pieces such as the headboard, throw blanket, and pouf/ottoman. The built-in cabinets and desk make it clear that this room was truly a custom design, but the pops of color against white make it a great inspiratation room for both those who have free reign over their homes and those who are renting and may not be able to change wall colors.

THE SLIFR MOVIE TREE HOUSE #1: INTRODUCTIONS Jim, Sheila, Jason: Welcome, all, to the inaugural edition of the SLIFR Movie Tree House, one which I hope will become an annual tradition in the style of a certain other yearly gathering of movie-oriented brains to both celebrate and perform an autopsy on the film year just past. But before I introduce this year’s participants, a word about the name of our enterprise would probably be, if nothing else, at least good form. The previous coy reference to that “certain other yearly gathering” was of course directed at the Slate Movie Club, and though we are here essentially lifting the e-mail exchange-critical roundtable format from the Movie Club wholesale, I didn’t exactly feel right about simply calling our version the SLIFR or any other kind of Movie Club. So, in thinking about what I wanted to brand our little undertaking, I imagined that if theSlate folks really were a club, then their exchanges would naturally be happening in a clubhouse. And what about True Grit, Jim? Dennis

Transparency - Walk This Way More Infographics on Good The Inspired Room - Decorating Blog, Homemaking, Decor blog, DIY Projects, DIY decor, Decorating Ideas Unusual BubbleTree Treehouse BubbleTree Treehouse A tree house is a romantic hideaway close to nature and it does bring out the child in you again. Enter BubbleTree, a company offering a trendy habitat that will appeal to both the nature lovers and those on the hunt for unusual creations. It’s a small wooden platform installed in a tree, which is covered with a canvas in sphere at night. With an area of 6 square meters, it can accommodate up to eight people. After the night falls, the bubble includes the platform to provide a cozy nest to its occupants. A range of materials and colors are available for the platform and the bubble. Via

How to Grow Raspberries Raised beds eliminate root rot The original 20 plants have grown into a full bed from which the author picks 2 gallons of raspberries a day during the summer months, roughly a pint per plant, though the amount tapers off as fall approaches. Raspberry plants hate wet feet, and they are gross feeders. We addressed these two critical points by building a 20-inch-high raised bed and filling it with a mixture of four-fifths good garden topsoil blended with about one-fifth sand, peat, and well-rotted manure. If you have rich, deep soil that drains well year-round, you can simply plant your raspberries in a permanent garden site. It is important that you do not establish your raspberry patch in an area where you have recently grown tomatoes, peppers, or potatoes, to avoid verticillium wilt, which these vegetables can carry, and raspberries can catch.