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A Shipping Container Costs About $2,000. What These 15 People Did With That Is Beyond Epic – This Wilderness Shipping Container Home Offers the Perfect Off-Grid Lifestyle. Posted Categories: Building Methods Residing in metal transport boxes has recently become a thing.

This Wilderness Shipping Container Home Offers the Perfect Off-Grid Lifestyle

So much so, in fact, that stories about it are already getting stale. Then along comes Jason Rioux to show us just how awesome it can be. via: Jason’s summer home is an Panopticon-style showcase of container chic living near Bobcaygeon, Ontario, a town otherwise known as a Tragically Hip song. It doesn’t seem confined to the standard monetary modesty of this particular lifestyle, but his design is indeed very economical. The 1,450-square foot Octopod comes at a cost of $130,000 (less than $100/square foot) and is incredibly efficient in its energy use. A Finnish sauna and hot buckets of water for bathing are heated by a wood stove, which also heats the entire space through a DIY method of $2 computer fans dispersing hot air into all eight rooms.

Some people have no patience. All photos courtesy of Jason Rioux, David Dodge via: Related articles in Building Methods. Freedom Shipping Container Tiny House. On September 21, 2016 This is the Freedom shipping container tiny house.

Freedom Shipping Container Tiny House

It’s built by Minimalist Homes in Michigan. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you! Tour a lovely garden container home with a surprisingly unique shower. Located in Saulkrasti, Latvia, this tiny container home is big on charm.

Tour a lovely garden container home with a surprisingly unique shower

The outside is so visually appealing that you can't stop looking at it! Covered with crisscrossed boards that create a trellis design, the home is a garden lover's dream. Plants and flowers loop artfully around perfectly placed planters, and the yard is lush with greenery. The scenery isn't lacking a bit, and the adorable house inside is pretty great, too! Only five minutes from the sea, this summer studio house has much to offer.

Overhead shelves hold plants and provide space for other items and decorations. The kitchen is thoughtfully arranged, with multiple shelves and storage overhead and underneath to save space. The kitchen offers a dorm-sized refrigerator, microwave, and other small appliances as well as cookware and dishes. The space may be small, but it's more than appealing. The shower is definitely interesting and has a glass exterior that looks outside! Adam, Jason and Pete build a home for less than $50,000. 320 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container Tiny House. On September 13, 2016 This is a 320 sq. ft. shipping container tiny house conversion.

320 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container Tiny House

It’s designed, converted, and built by Live Simply Homes in the Western United States. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you! Images © Live Simply Homes Please learn more using the resources below. Highlights Was for sale for $24,000320 sq. ft. container conversionBuilt by Live Simply Homes“Floating stucco” exterior finishFloor plan includes bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. INSIDER design - Journal. Freedom From Minimalist Homes (300 Sq Ft) - TINY HOUSE TOWN. This stunning, modern home is a new tiny house available from Michigan-based company, Minimalist Homes.

Freedom From Minimalist Homes (300 Sq Ft) - TINY HOUSE TOWN

This model, named "Freedom", measures 40 ft long, 8 ft wide and 9.5 ft high. Its interior size is about 300 sq ft. Boat Builder's 20' Shipping Container Tiny Home. On August 29, 2016 This is a boat builder’s 20′ shipping container tiny home.

Boat Builder's 20' Shipping Container Tiny Home

From the outside, you would never guess that there’s a home inside (until you open the doors). Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you! Container Hus, Fraktcontainrar och Containerbostäder. Galeria NR 18 – MB-Solution. Eco-Friendly Floating Prefab Homes. Thailand is famous for its beautiful surroundings visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Eco-Friendly Floating Prefab Homes

But it is also famous of its amazing floating houses that populate the River Kwai. These stunning eco-friendly units can be found in the province of Kanchanaburi and they are all prefabs that offer a unique comfort to visitors. Welcome to Brenda Kelly's IQ Container Home. Arquiteto dinamarquês cria vila estudantil feita em contêineres – CicloVivo. Casa contêiner é 70% feita com materiais reutilizados – CicloVivo. O projeto contou com quatro contêineres reaproveitados, que totalizam os 190 metros quadrados da construção. 23 de fevereiro de 2016 • Atualizado às 17 : 00.

Casa contêiner é 70% feita com materiais reutilizados – CicloVivo

The Tin Can Cabin: A Shipping Container Tiny Home. On December 18, 2013 I’m so thrilled to show you this tiny home that was built using three shipping containers.

The Tin Can Cabin: A Shipping Container Tiny Home

Steve, the owner/builder, has been collecting ideas for this project for years. He’s a computer programmer who loves designing and building. His website is awesome because he shows you how he did it, too. Images: Steve at Tin Can Cabin. Super Efficient Off-Grid Earthship Built with Recycled Tires (Video) In this video, we meet Connie and Craig from Wind Chasers.

Super Efficient Off-Grid Earthship Built with Recycled Tires (Video)

They're a retired couple who built themselves a 100% off-grid, passive solar earthship using plans they bought from Mike Reynolds (the man featured in the Garbage Warrior documentary - check it out if you haven't already!). The couple built the earth ship because they wanted to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, but they also wanted to live a financially sustainable lifestyle that would allow them to retire comfortably. Building this home using recycled tires and portland cement cost them a fraction of what a conventional house would have cost, and they got the 1200 recycled tires they needed for free!

In addition to the low construction cost, they don't pay any bills to maintain the home. They use solar power instead of being hooked up to hydro. The couple even grow a lot of their own food in their indoor planter, like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots - you name it! Via Youtube Recent articles. You See 3 Shipping Containers.... The Result is Amazing. 23 Surprisingly Gorgeous Homes Made From Shipping Containers. This ingenious lady built her new home out of shipping containers — and it looks fantastic. It’s well known that there are creative people out there who can build wonders out of the most unusual materials. But this woman’s idea really was breathtaking in its ingenuity. We’ve quite simply never heard of anything like it! But it just goes to show that you can create something beautiful out of the most ordinary, functional things.

Claudie Dubreuil, from the town of Mirabel, Quebec, Canada, decided to build a house out of a highly unorthodox building material. 15 Well-Designed Shipping Container Homes for Life Inside the Box. The hot trend of shipping container homes fulfills many design desires: living simply, lessening clutter, being environmentally conscious, building a home on a budget and the chance to do something totally modern and different that makes your neighbors’ jaws drop. But there are other practical aspects to living in a shipping container home. Your house is fireproof and low maintenance.

'You can stay in the guest house'! Discarded shipping container transformed into environmentally-friendly lodge lauded for its modern design. Owned by an artist who lives on a former industrial site in San Antonio, TexasCreated by reputed design firm Poteet ArchitectsBuilt with a sustainable strategy By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 16:19 GMT, 16 February 2014 | Updated: 14:55 GMT, 17 February 2014 Not only is the 'Container Guest House' funky and futuristic to look at and a novelty for friends of the owner to stay in - it was built with a sustainable strategy.

The lodge in San Antonio, Texas, was built by award-winning design firm Poteet Architects. 12 Homes Made From Shipping Containers. Photo by Braden Gunem Shipping containers meet a variety of requirements: Modern. Check. Low-cost. Sustainable Design Made of Shipping Containers. Designed by Copenhagen-based studio, this project called WFH House is developed in China by Arcgency and Teknologisk Institut for their client World FLEX Home. As we all know, recycling is one of the major issues nowadays.

Especially when it comes to architecture and sustainable design. Converting Shipping Containers Into a Modern Home. Debbie Glassberg is the owner of the Home Contained, a 2,600 square foot modern residence located in Kansas City, Missouri, that was built with five shipping containers. The final result is quite impressive: the home has comfortable living spaces, a green roof, geothermal heating, plant foam insulation and some passive solar. “We love it. It’s great space for living, great for entertaining,” Glassberg said. Sources: homedsgn. This Rusty Shipping Container Looks Abandoned. But Wait Until You Look Inside.

Shipping Container Homes: Modern, Simple & Sleek Design. Many shipping container buildings look precisely like that which they are constructed from: old cargo containers used for shipping things around the world. That aesthetic is fine for some but others prefer something that looks at least somewhat more conventional and blends in with their surroundings – but that also recycles these structurally sound elements in a new design. Best Shipping Container Homes. The New Tiny House Trend: Why Shipping Containers Are Having a Moment Right Now. Conversion of a 40ft Shipping Container into an Emergency Home Unit. Ceardean Architects where delighted to lead the Ripple Team to achieve the conversion of a 40ft Shipping Container into a Emergency Home Unit for SVDP in 3 days at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in November 2014.

The Ripple project is a container fully fitted out as a home with two bedrooms, bathroom, plumbing, kitchen and electrical appliances. The objective of the project was to provide an emergency housing unit for Saint Vincent de Paul, and the aim was to do this using an alternative building system. Every aspect of the project was designed to require minimal specialist input and to facilitate a selfbuilder that does not have a very high level of skill.

The project took one week to build and brought together over 60 contractors who donated their time, expertise and labour. Ireland’s First Shipping Container Home Built in 3 Days & Houses Homeless People. A Seattle Shipping Container Tiny House/Home... THX 1138 George Lucas inspired. Damien CHIVIALLE . ENSCI. La « ferme-container » est née de ces deux questions. Grâce aux nouvelles technologies de culture (hydroponie et aquaculture symbiotiques) de très bons rendements peuvent être obtenus sur une surface très réduite, et ce de manière écologique (production bio et économe en énergie). L’idée de Damien Chivialle est de disposer sur le toit d’un container, une serre de production pour la protéger du milieu urbain. Conçue comme un jardin partagé «hors sol», l’équipement peut stationner dans la rue en toute tranquillité.

Chaque ferme-container permet de produire localement une partie des besoins alimentaires des riverains. Elle veut compléter et dynamiser le tissu existant (jardins partagés, restaurants, récolteurs de matière organique, etc). Stunning Prefab Shipping Container Homes for $32k. Natto – Micro Shipping Container Home Design Concept. Natto is socially committed to less privileged people, perhaps with disabilities or are economically disadvantaged; providing them access to decently designed houses within which they may enjoy the benefits of technology.

Shipping Container Turned into a Urban Farm Unit. 22 Modern Shipping Container Homes Around the World. 40+ Shipping Container Applications. Port-A-Bach Container House. Maison Container Life Residence in France by Patrick Partouche. Man Builds Cozy Tin Can Cabin out of Shipping Containers in Northern Wisconsin. Top 10 Shipping Container Tiny Houses. Green Roof Container House. Kab'in: Living a Container. Converted Container. Savannah Container Home. Two Story Container Home. 12 Homes Made From Shipping Containers. Container Box Home. A House Built Out of Shipping Containers. Mobile Fold-Out Shipping Container Home. 22 Most Beautiful Houses Made from Shipping Containers.

Woman's 20' Off Grid Shipping Container Tiny House. 12 Homes Made From Shipping Containers.