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American Civil War

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UDM Libraries / Instructional Design Studio. From the 1820s to the Civil War, African Americans assumed prominent roles in the transatlantic struggle to abolish slavery.

UDM Libraries / Instructional Design Studio

In contrast to the popular belief that the abolitionist crusade was driven by wealthy whites, some 300 black abolitionists were regularly involved in the antislavery movement, heightening its credibility and broadening its agenda. The Black Abolitionist Digital Archive is a collection of over 800 speeches by antebellum blacks and approximately 1,000 editorials from the period. These important documents provide a portrait of black involvement in the anti-slavery movement; scans of these documents are provided as images and PDF files.

If you have questions or comments on the collection, please contact Pat Higo at: This site uses PDF for some documents and Flash to deliver media content. Questions or comments on this collection? Civil War Washington. Documents : Rice University The Papers of Jefferson Davis. The following documents have been reproduced from the published volumes of The Papers of Jefferson Davis.

Documents : Rice University The Papers of Jefferson Davis

They appear as they are printed, with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and abbreviations as written (editorial methodology appears in each volume). The extensive annotation that accompanies these documents is not included here. More material will be added over time. From Volume 1: Record of Delinquencies of the Corps of Cadets, June 5, 1828 --a listing of the demerits Davis received while a cadet at the U.S.Military Academy at West Point. From Volume 2: Slaves and the Courts, 1740-1860. Slavery & Abolition in the US. Introduction.

Slavery & Abolition in the US

Primary Sources Online - The Civil War: Women and the Homefront. Digitized Materials from Duke University Rose O'Neal Greenhow Papers, 1861-1864 Letters from Greenhow, a Confederate spy, to Jefferson Davis, Alexander Boteler, and others, regarding war activities.

Primary Sources Online - The Civil War: Women and the Homefront

Also several newspaper articles describing her imprisonment in 1861 and her death in 1864. Image of Greenhow at right from My Imprisonment and the First Year of Abolition Rule At Washington, by Rose Greenhow. London: Richard Bentley, 1863. Sarah E. Hannah Valentine, Lethe Jackson, and Vilet Lester Letters These letters provide a rare firsthand glimpse into the lives of enslaved African American women and the relationships they had with their owners. Alice Williamson Diary, 1864 Transcription and scanned image from diary of a 16 year old rebel girl living in Gallatin, Tennessee during Union occupation of the area.

Digitized Materials from Other Institutions. Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict, 1854-1865. Civil War Diaries and Letters Digital Collection - The University of Iowa Libraries. The Civil War Collection at Penn State. Penn State Collections Peoples Contest: A Civil War Era Digital Archiving Project - The project website features a growing number of digital collections from the Penn State special collections as well as state wide archives and regional historical societies.

The Civil War Collection at Penn State

The project aims to advance scholarship on the experiences of the northern homefront during the civil war era, beginning in 1851 with Pennsylvanians' resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act and ending in 1874 with the revision of the state constitution. Among the collections which are currently being featured are: The Emilie Davis Diaries, Philip C. Shaffner and Robert H.

Ward 1862 Civil War diary, and 1869 accounts, 1862-1869, Descriptive List of Deserters. James T. The American Civil War Exhibit. Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress. Civil War Photos. Select Audiovisual Records National Archives and Records AdministrationWashington, DC 20408 Engineers of the 8th N.Y.

Civil War Photos

State Militia, 1861. No. Ill-B-499. Cropped from Select List # 5.View larger image Contents: About this Collection - Civil War Maps. Brings together materials from three premier collections: the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, the Virginia Historical Society, and the Library of Virginia.

About this Collection - Civil War Maps

Among the reconnaissance, sketch, and theater-of-war maps are the detailed battle maps made by Major Jedediah Hotchkiss for Generals Lee and Jackson, General Sherman's Southern military campaigns, and maps taken from diaries, scrapbooks, and manuscripts all available for the first time in one place. Most of the items presented here are documented in Civil War Maps: An Annotated List of Maps and Atlases in the Library of Congress, compiled by Richard W. Stephenson in 1989. New selections from 2,240 maps and 76 atlases held by the Library will be added monthly. Civil War Glass Negatives and Related Prints - About this Collection - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

All images are digitized | All jpegs/tiffs display outside Library of Congress | View All This online collection provides access to about 7,000 different views and portraits made during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and its immediate aftermath.

Civil War Glass Negatives and Related Prints - About this Collection - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog

The images represent the original glass plate negatives made under the supervision of Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner as well as the photographic prints in the Civil War photographs file in the Prints & Photographs Reading Room. These negatives and prints are sometimes referred to as the Anthony-Taylor-Rand-Ordway-Eaton Collection to indicate the previous owners. Secession Era Editorials Project: Welcome!

Secession Era Editorials Project:

You may want to start with our hints and suggestions for using the collection. Users unfamiliar with the partisan newspaper press in the late antebellum period may want to read a short introduction to the partisan press which explains the circumstances under which these documents were first created. More advanced users may wish to look at our brief discussion of concepts of political vocabulary and political rhetoric. Daily Dispatch. Lost Friends Exhibition - The Historic New Orleans Collection. The American Civil War. The American Civil War. Civil War in the American South. Civil War Diaries and Letters Digital Collection - The University of Iowa Libraries. Civil War Glass Negatives and Related Prints - About this Collection - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. The photographic history of the Civil War. Cornell University Library Making of America Collection. The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Author: United States.

Cornell University Library Making of America Collection

From the Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Item Description: Diary entry, 15 April 1864, by Sarah Lois Wadley, describing the Union occupation of Monroe. Wadley was the daughter of William Morrill Wadley (1812? -1882) and Rebecca Barnard Everingham Wadley (fl. 1840-1884) and lived with her family in homes near Amite in Tangipahoa Parish, Monroe and Oakland in Ouachita Parish, La., and near Macon, Ga. [Item transcription available below images] The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War. Their Own Words - Front Page. Their Own Words is a digital collection of books, pamphlets, letters, and diaries, dating from the latter eighteenth through the early twentieth century, that reflects the history of the United States.

This collection currently contains more than 34,500 individual pages of text and corresponding transcriptions, covering a variety of topics, including: colonial American politics; U.S. politics, government, and foreign relations; historical biography and autobiography; slavery and abolition; the American Civil War; the temperance movement; foreign travel; economics; medicine; philosophy; and theology. This online resource is made freely available, and we believe that it will be of value to teachers, students, and researchers at all levels of instruction.

The Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana.