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E-mail gratuit, Actualité, Météo, Sport et Culture sur AOL

E-mail gratuit, Actualité, Météo, Sport et Culture sur AOL

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25 maps that explain the English language by Libby Nelson on March 3, 2015 English is the language of Shakespeare and the language of Chaucer. It's spoken in dozens of countries around the world, from the United States to a tiny island named Tristan da Cunha. It reflects the influences of centuries of international exchange, including conquest and colonization, from the Vikings through the 21st century. Here are 25 maps and charts that explain how English got started and evolved into the differently accented languages spoken today. The origins of English

How Cats Show Affection - 10 Pictures - Animal's Look Cats are irresistibly sweet but sometimes their behavior irritates us completely. However, it turns out that their sometimes annoying behavior is one way of showing us their genuine affection. Here are the ten ways in which your cat says: "I love you!". 1. Index of /OUTILSDEFORMATION Index of /OUTILSDEFORMATION Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory - Camera Catches Rare Moment When Mama Bear Rushes To Save Baby Trapped On Highway There is a reason that protective people often call themselves “mama bears” when explaining a scary situation. Everyone knows not to mess with a mama bear, and they certainly know that she would do just about anything for her young. In this video, a mama bear did just that when she realized her small cub had managed to get himself into a sticky situation!

Inventory of ICT tools and OERs Welcome to the inventory of freely available online tools and open educational resources for language teaching and learning developed by the ICT-REV project! The inventory contains a list of tools that have been evaluated with sound pedagogical criteria in mind. read more These criteria have been developed by teachers for teachers and provide essential information so that you can select appropriate applications and use them with your learners. You can search the inventory through the use of filters or keywords. All evaluated tools are freeware or have a free version, and many of them are presented with concrete examples, suggested and tested by teachers, on how you could use them in your classroom.

Rare Rhino Baby Is Only The Second Of Her Kind Born In 128 Years Back in May, one endangered rhino’s life changed forever. The International Rhino Foundation announced that one of its Sumatran rhinos, Ratu, birthed a beautiful female calf — the second new calf born into this species, in Indonesia and in captivity, in over 128 years! Ratu, an Indonesia-based rhino, lives at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, and was also responsible for the first calf born in captivity after this period that was more than a century long. Her son, Andatu, was born back in 2012.

Download the latest Internet browser free Stay in sync Easily pick up browsing where you left off, across your devices. Just sign in to your Opera account to sync browsing data, including bookmarks, open tabs and typed history. Remember to get the Opera browser for your phone and tablet, too! Speed through the web Spitalfields Nippers Let me introduce you to the Spitalfields Nippers of 1912 as photographed by Horace Warner. Although the origin of these pictures is an enigma, these frisky nippers of a century ago require no introduction or explanation, because they assert themselves as the mettlesome inhabitants of their territory. Geographically, they are creatures of the secret byways, alleys and yards that lace the neighbourhood.

Watch How Much Fun This Guy Has Playing With Lions In The Zoo Whether we’re talking about humans or animals, it’s fair to say that we all enjoy a little playfulness and fun in our lives. And if someone has the ability to make you chuckle or give you a smile then, heck, they’re alright in my books. Which is why the Internet has given major props to this guy who has perfected the art of playing with lions at the zoo. Every Noise at Once deep symphonic black metal progressive uplifting trance vintage french electronic deep indie singer-songwriter underground latin hip hop

metaspoon I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love pandas. I mean, how can you not? They’re big and fuzzy, and they also typically have a very docile temperament. They’ve even been known to lower their heads and cover their faces to hide their appearance when they come across a person for the first time! Heck, pandas are so cute that the New York Times even explored this subject and interviewed New York University psychologist Edgar E. Coons. Beginner's Guide to Understanding Google Plus Are you new to Google Plus and need help getting started with the network? This page was made with you in mind! This intro course is provided FREE to everyone to show the quality of work that has been put into organizing our course material.

metaspoon Meet Nigrita, an 80-year-old Galapagos tortoise that laid her first eggs this year! While 80 years might seem quite a bit late in life for us to be having babies, Galapagos tortoises can live to be over 150 years old. In other words, Nigrita is in her prime for reproducing. Sadly, Galapagos tortoises are on the list of endangered species and that’s why Nigrita lives at Zoo Zürich on Switzerland. Jonathan Jackson performs 'Unchained Melody' at the Grand Ole Opry Jonathan Jackson doesn't just play a country singer on the television show, "Nashville." He holds his own in real life inside one of country music's most celebrated venues. This video of Jackson performing the classic "Unchained Melody" is one of many of Jackson's Grand Ole Opry performances, according to their site.

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