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Kala: the face of tigers in peril. In 1864, Walter Campbell was an officer in the British Army, stationed in India when he penned these words in his journal: "Never attack a tiger on foot—if you can help it.

Kala: the face of tigers in peril

There are cases in which you must do so. Then face him like a Briton, and kill him if you can; for if you fail to kill him, he will certainly kill you. " In a stroke of good fortune for the tiger, perceptions in India have changed drastically since Campbell's time. Tiger hunting is now banned and conservationists are usually able to rescue the big cats if they become stranded while navigating increasingly human-occupied areas. But is this enough to save the tiger? The tiger and Indian history The Viceroy of India, Lord Reading, hunts multiple tigers in one sitting. The British were not the first to hunt tigers for sport; that distinction rests with the Mughal emperors that ruled India from the 16th to 19th centuries. Where tigers roam Tiger in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in the state of Maharashtra. Kala's story. 32 Animals Being Total Jerks. Life Animals NEXT PAGE 32 Animals Being Total Jerks by julia.letts from TrendyJoe 32k Page 1 of 5 How could something so cute be so vindictive at the same time?

32 Animals Being Total Jerks

Here are 32 animals being total jerks: via amazng facts via pleated-jeans via failblog via imgur via Daily Picks and Flicks via imgur Did you remember to share this with your friends? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Never miss a post! See More by. 10 Birds Your Grandkids May Never See, Thanks to Climate Change. A new study by the Audubon Society suggests global warming threatens a vast number of North American bird species.

10 Birds Your Grandkids May Never See, Thanks to Climate Change

—Chris Mooney on Tue. September 9, 2014 4:26 PM PDT Burrowing Owls.travelwayoflife/Wikimedia Commons Long before modern times, human beings caused great extinctions of charismatic animals, including many species of birds. From the gigantic Moas of New Zealand (the Polynesians killed them off in about 100 years after arriving), to the Dodo and Passenger Pigeon, we made nature poorer, throwing away biological diversity and unique products of evolution that can never be replaced. But it looks like all of that may have been a meager preview to the consequences of climate change for the diversity of birds in our modern world.

Here are 10 birds classified as "climate endangered" by the report: 1. Projection: For this cute shorebird, "only 38 percent of its original non-breeding range" will remain by 2080. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Animal crossings. VDACS Online Animal Reporting. The Truth About PETA. As many of you know, I used to volunteer with PETA.

The Truth About PETA

As a young vegan living in the Northeast, one night each week, I would stuff envelopes and put packets together for them. I loved animals. And therefore, I loved PETA. Today, I still love animals. In fact I’ve dedicated my life to saving them. It started when I was still a volunteer. That is when I did what anyone who truly loves animals would have done, I walked away from them. Working to expose the disturbing truth about what PETA really is, I am frequently the subject of character assassination by PETA supporters and many of the people who like my Facebook page have told me they have heard from some of them, especially “Mary” and “Julie,” both of who not only deliberately lie about who I am and what I believe, but are part of a larger group of No Kill opponents intent on tearing me down, including those who have threatened to kill my dog and “behead” me for the “crime” of advocating right to life for animals in shelters.

Why PETA Kills. Some lives matter less. Equality. 5 Videos That Forever Changed The Way I Look At Eating Animals. #4 Gives Me H... These revolutionary videos are intensely graphic, gutteral and, for the most part, horrifying.

5 Videos That Forever Changed The Way I Look At Eating Animals. #4 Gives Me H...

Before I awakened to the torture endured by these animals, I was an avid meat eater. It was one of the foods on the "food pyramid," after all, so why wouldn't I make sure to eat it? It's just a slab of meat after all, right? There was, unfortunately, more to it. It wasn't until 2006, and the freedom of information available on the internet, that I was able to witness this first hand.

This is not an anti-meat article. . #1: From out of the gate, "Meet Your Meat" illustrates the devastating behavior endured by chickens, cows and pigs behind the walls of slaughterhouses. . #2: Mercy For Animals goes undercover at a Tyson farm factory, revealing the inhumane torture of pigs and piglets. . #3: In this undoctered footage from "The Cove," the waters literally run red with blood. Land mammals by weight. Extinction During Humans Worse Than Thought.