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PINKFONG Songs for Children. MINIBEASTS – ENGLISH IS COOL. A bee has got 6 legs, 2 antennae and 2 wings.


It can fly. It eats pollen from flowers. A grasshopper has got 2 wings, 6 legs and 2 antennae. It can jump and fly. It eats leaves and grass. Let’s talk about insects: Listen and read. Learn Bugs Vocabulary. NOCTURNAL ANIMALS – ENGLISH IS COOL. Presentation Facts about nocturnal animals (Hedgehogs, foxes, owls, frogs, badgers, moths) Activity 1 Seek and find the animals Activity 2 Switch on the lights and see the animals Activity 3 Look at a Tawny owl Activity 4 Find the hat lost in the dark Like this: Like Loading...


Happy halloween! The Elephant Song - Cool Tunes for Kids by Eric Herman. Schools Science Clips - Ourselves. Switch Zoo Puzzles. Are they monkeys? Aquarium Fun Decoration Game. Match animals and their homes. Paint and Make - Paint animals and learn about them. Max-club - games - dalli klick. Max-club - games - animals. Zoo Animals Board Game. Practice Zoo Animals Vocabulary, Comparatives and Superlatives with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Pirate Waters Board Game for Beginners (tiger, giraffe, lion, panda, bigger, biggest, cheetah, ostrich etc).

Zoo Animals Board Game

ESL Learners and Teachers can use it to review English vocabulary and grammar or simply practice these words. There are images and in some cases audio in these types of games. Please note that if you want to stop hearing the introductory audio repeating, simply click the start button. Click on the dice to roll. A random number will show up and your ship will advance. Wild animals interactive crossword. Sea Animals Memory Game. Catch underwater creatures. Sea Animals Talking Flashcards. Transcription Maple Leaf Learning Talking Flashcards Sea Animals Here we go!

Sea Animals Talking Flashcards

Dolphin, dolphin Fish, fish Penguin, penguin Octopus, octopus Seal, seal Lobster, lobster Clam, clam Puffer fish Squid, squid Sea horse, sea horse Crab, crab Jelly fish Whale, whale Star fish, star fish Shark, shark Sea turtle Wow, there are many animals that live in the sea Maple Leaf Learning Talking Flashcards See you next time. Translation Maple Leaf Learning Tarjetas parlantes Animales Marinos ¡Aquí vamos! A zebra has ... stripes (possessives) Sad Terry. Let's go on a safari (song) Our colourful world. Animals (different activities) Animals - comparatives and superlatives (football game) Spider on the loose. The really wild show. Animals (different activities) 2. Animals. Grandpa's farm - story. ESL Picture Book What's this? Bugs + Creepy Crawlies. Page in Japanese Target Grade: Kindergarten - Lower Elementary Target English: Bugs You can read the picture book above by clicking the lower right corner, great to tell your students for homework, or if you are a member of the owners club, there's a special printable version just for you: "What's this?

ESL Picture Book What's this? Bugs + Creepy Crawlies

" Picture Book - Download ( .pdf format) Here's another picture book for you. Be genki, Richard Copyright (C) 1999/2014 by Richard Graham <P align="center"><span><A href="index.htm">Text&nbsp;Menu</A> | <A href="games.htm">Games</A> | <A href="gamemenuj.htm">Japanese</A> | <A href="songs.htm">Songs/CD&nbsp;</A> | <A href=" Home Lessons Games Help Shop Phonics Learn Curriculum CD Owners Club Forum CD Order Workshops Schedule Blog About the site Kids Pages Newsletter Contact Info Take the survey Japan Jobs China Jobs In Japan Worldwide Student Packs Download.

Insects Vocabulary ESL Memory Game. Insects vocabulary game. Free online games to learn English vocabulary, spelling and grammar in use.

Insects vocabulary game

All games have sound so you can listen and check your understanding, listen and repeat. There are 10+ activities with each topic providing a lot of practice for students studying English as a foreign language or just use them as games for kids to learn spelling and vocabulary online. - learn the spelling and names of bugs in English. Practice spelling, vocabulary, speaking, questions and answers, as well a grammar with these great games and activities. This game focuses on insects vocabulary with four main sections. The questions and answers for this game are as follows. Other notes: The spelling game will accept the vocabulary and the word with an article, "ant" or "an ant".

For teaching materials to match this game check out the links below: Insects Vocabulary Crossword. Pets. The Baby Animals Song. Transcription.

The Baby Animals Song

Animal charades. Cloud animals game. Animal Riddles 1a (Easy) - What am I? I have four legs.

Animal Riddles 1a (Easy) - What am I?

I live in . I am big and grey.I live in the river.I am a I have four legs.I am a pet.I hate cats.I bark. Australia. Read the text: There are seven continents on our planet. is one of the most interesting continents.


Twenty one million people live in . They speak English. The weather in is hot and sunny.