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Why do #PolarBears eat kelp? The experts of @Polarbears answer today's Q&A. The beauty of an arctic hare takes our breath away! #polarbearcam. This Is What An Elephant’s Life Is Supposed To Look Like. The journey lasted only a couple of hours, but the difference in the quality of life for three African elephants who were recently moved from a zoo to a sanctuary is massive. Hadari, 33, Sukari, 31, and Rosie, 44, were recently transferred from the Nashville Zoo to the sprawling Elephant Sanctuary (TES) in Hohenwald, Tennessee. All three of the elephants were captured from the wild in Africa. Hadari arrived first, in late September 2015. HadariThe Elephant Sanctuary Sukari arrived at TES next, on November 4, and Rosie arrived the next day. "They are faring great! " Sukari and RosieThe Elephant Sanctuary Another elephant from the Nashville Zoo, named Juno, was sent to the National Elephant Center in Florida, but died this past August — a mere 4 months after her arrival.

"[A sanctuary] is a big change from a zoo. This week, Tange met Sukari over the fence for the first time. Sukari and Tange meet over the fence lineThe Elephant Sanctuary For more information on The Elephant Sanctuary, go here. MAJOR ACTION AT THE BUGGIES NOW! #polarbearcam. Caring for orphaned bear cubs. Cat Uses Human Toilet While Standing On Hind Legs. Who's bombing who? "Ignore me! " "What are you reading? " Watch out, baby! At least someone is trying to stop these from happening. Nothing like a perfectly timed tail. Cat Uses Human Toilet While Standing On Hind Legs. When polar bears are in a good mood, they like to float on the surface of water. A mom and TWO cubs on #polarbearcam. What a treat. Snap by dtitus. Polar bear moms make great jungle gyms #polarbearcam. For some birds, love is more important than food. Van vs. Wild | Other Shows. I never realized tigers were SO big! In any case, I want a tiger hug.

Seeing this mom & cub next to a Tundra Buggy shows just how big these buggies are! Hello, beautiful. #PolarBearCam. American Mustangs are not truly wild, as they descended from domesticated horses. As snug as a bear in a snowdrift. #polarbearcam. Snap by Larimor. Sophie the Ice Bear, Yukon, Canada | Photo by @michellevalberg. Gyrfalcon visit Nov 12 afternoon @ChurchillNSC on #polarbearcam @exploreorg @PolarBears. Mom keeping an eye out on #polarbearcam. Snap by tramath. A rarely-seen peek at Canada's polar bears, bison, belugas and orcas. Candid @exploreorg photos show what Canadian wildlife gets up to when no one's looking. Mom... who's that bear?? #polarbearcam. Swimming with Whales in Mexico - Anuar Patjane Floriuk. Meet Adam. He's about 120 years old but still has a twinkle in his eye! #EarthOnLocation #CousineIsland.

Tune in to #polarbearcam to glimpse new polar bear families. With her care and pony whispering techniques, all of these ponies are living a better life, despite earlier traumas. - This Pony Was About To Die, When An Extraordinary Woman Changed Everything. What a sight on our Churchill Studies Cam! A Gyrfalcon! Snap by LazyDaze. Earth - The wild chimpanzee who cared for her child with disability. In the first case of its kind, a female chimpanzee has been observed caring for an infant with severe disabilities in the wild. The young chimpanzee was discovered in Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania.

Known as XT11, she lived for 23 months. She was the sixth child of her 36-year-old mother, Christina. Physically, XT11 was similar to a captive chimpanzee that had symptoms similar to Down Syndrome. It seems likely that XT11 only lived as long as she did because of the care provided by her mother, and that she would not have survived without it. Reporting in the journal Primates, researchers say that the mother "responded to XT11's abnormal behaviours, limited abilities and needs". She was not observed eating any plants, so she remained completely dependent on her mother's milk long after a baby chimp would usually have been weaned.

Her eyes looked empty, her mouth was often half open, and she was unable to sit without support. The cause of her death is unclear. Both were captive. Ever heard of the "grolar bear," aka the polar-grizzly hybrid? Yes, it exists. A Tiger cub and its mom at the SF Zoo | Photo by @furrtographer. #PolarBear footprints on ice, captured by @CanukImages #FNAPicOfTheDay #findtruenorth #churchill. Earth - The world's last truly wild horse is making a comeback.

In the majestic Mongolian landscape, where the vast grasslands meet the endless dunes, herds of horses rove. Neither tethered nor constrained by fencing, they run and graze on the arid, windswept steppes. The very sight of wild horses symbolises freedom, but these Mongol horses are not truly wild. They are descended from domesticated horses, possibly from the same ones tamed by the armies of Genghis Khan in the 13th century. But for all the skills and passion of these "Hell's Horsemen," there remained one horse they never tamed: Przewalski's horse. These horses are now the only truly wild horses anywhere in the world. When the Russian explorer Nikolai Przewalski visited China at the end of the 19th century, he was presented with the skull and hide of a horse shot on the Chinese-Russian border. They are the only wild horses on Earth, and they behave like it However, Mongolians had always named the horses "takhi", which means "spirit" or "spiritual".

The horses are short and muscular. Meet Alabaster, one of only 50 albino alligators in the world >> Great chat with @PolarBears on . Little cubbie graced us with his/her presence today. The world's last truly wild horse is making a comeback. #Polarbearcam fan Larinor captured this sweet mom & cub moment Snap your own pics to share! "Animals are for life, not for convenience" - The Princess Royal, speaking at @HorseCharity's Annual Conference.

Rosie and Sukari have completed the trip from @NashvilleZoo to join Hadari in their new home. Welcome! Throwback to our first visit in Churchill with @polarbears and @FrontiersNorth. They made quite an impression! Werewolf Kittens Are Real... And You Already Want One. Blind veterans dog will be accompanying his owner for #RemembranceSunday march-past.

Join our latest #EarthCapture challenge: Wild. Bear With Us Today - November 7, 2015. I live on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, in Charlottetown - 3 Foxes Decided To Live In My Backyard During Winter. "I give up" polar bear is happy it's Saturday. Spend a lazy day watching #PolarBearCam. Wolf and Labrador - Nick Jans. Polar bear getting up close and personal with a @FrontiersNorth Tundra Buggy on #PolarBearCam. Snap by SamanthaEye. When you get an itch that's just out of reach, rub up against the arctic tundra. Long necked friends. Australian Parrot-Gorgeous! Enjoy time with your loved ones… no matter how different they may be. Salmon Run in Alaska. He Brings Me Joy Everyday! The beauty of South African elephants in the wild #readbytrichard.

Hooray! Gorilla spending some quality time with her mom. Here's some bad-tush HD footage of #polarbears sparring on the tundra you may have missed. Did you know? Arctic foxes often rely on a #polarbear's leftovers to survive. I wish I could be as lazy as this Red Panda. The #FNAPicOfTheDay is a beautiful early autumn photo taken by guest Douglas C. #polarbear #polarbearweek. Maggie the doe poses for unforgettable photographs. Sam Houston Jones State Park in Moss Bluff has all the sights and sounds you'd expect — from bike riders to mothers taking their children on afternoon strolls. But there's one sight, one sound here, though, that no other park has — a deer who poses for pictures, loves attention, and goes by the name "Maggie.

" She's what you might call fearless. A gentle and trusting creature, Maggie meets no strangers, something photographer Megan Rion noticed one afternoon while out on a shoot. "As we were doing that, Maggie kind of showed up in the background and she just kind of checked out our setup and we kind of got a couple of shots in the background — a couple of clicks and we were done," Rion said. Rion now thinks of Maggie as a regular.

"She's a beautiful creature. It sometimes takes a little coaching for Maggie to hit her mark, but the patience pays off in the form of breathtaking, one-of-a kind photos. "It's pretty amazing to look back at a picture where she cooperated... Copyright 2015 KPLC. A new live chat "@Polarbears in Berets" on the Paris Climate Talks, today at 12:30pm PT. Bat-eared foxes. Asian #elephant Misty in "Right Field" area of Asia Habitat last week! Learn more at. Yellowstone's grizzly bears have made a remarkable recovery, but some are still worried >> "Hey, you've got a little snow on your nose. No, still there." prize-worthy snap by komepan. Stunning! (Credit: Buzzfeed/Equine Photography) Penguin Rescued from Oil Spill Returns Each Year to Visit His Friend. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe Photograph by Mark Newman.

Cuteness Overload. Baby Mountain Goat Braves Rapids | North America. The happiest dragonfly you'll ever encounter. Bear Smart - Hi friends. Hard to believe it was just over... Love. Mongolian Ibex. Amazing. Sleeping Shar-Pei. Who ever said wrinkles aren't cute? - Willy Guo. Today's ice fact for #PolarBearWeek. #saveourseaice #earthtoparis (Tnx, @PepomintNarwhal) Furry little bunbun. Fujian, China. #china. #meerkats @ANIMALPlCTURES. Boredpanda. I Take My Wolfdog On Epic Adventures Because I Hate To See Dogs Locked Away. I’m often surprised by how much joy animals can bring into our lives. Even more, the joy that comes from healthy relationships with them is really amazing. It seems hard to describe so I typically don’t try.

Loki’s Instagram is really the product of that hard-to-describe emotion. Additionally, I believe dogs aren’t meant to live out their lives in a backyard or inside a house. I hate to see that. More info: Instagram | Facebook. Loki The Wolfdog chillin' in Evergreen, Colorado. Loki The Wolfdog chillin' in Evergreen, Colorado. Don't worry, they're just play-fighting! See more on the #polarbearcam during #PolarBearWeek.

Beavers! (Credit: Buzzfeed) @babyanimalpics. Migaloo the White Whale Encounter. Wow! The incredible moment humpback whale nails killer backflip (Raw) Mysterious Omura’s Whale Filmed for the First Time. A kind of J.D. Salinger of the marine world was spotted in waters off the coast of Madagascar, when scientists there captured the first live footage of the elusive Omura's whale. Until now, the small -- about 33 to 38 feet long -- tropical marine mammal had been little seen in the wild, known only from sporadic strandings on shore and scant genetic data obtained in 2003 from earlier Japanese whaling expeditions. Related: Lucky Paddleboarder Gets Up Close & Personal with Whale Duo Forty-four groups of Omura's whale were documented over the course of two years by a team of researchers led by Salvatore Cerchio, a guest investigator with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and a staff member at the New England Aquarium.

Cerchio is the lead author of a study on the team's findings that has been published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. The researcher and his team have been studying marine mammals off Madagascar since 2007. This article originally appeared on Discovery News. Cute Animal Pics sur Twitter : "Mountain goats don't give AF about gravity.

Travel to Petit Loango, one of the only places where hippos enter the sea >>