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.@exploreorg's popular bear web cams are inspiring some to go Alaska's @KatmaiNPS in person. Kisses! I bet the photographer was delicious. Photo by Chris Gillete. A whale shark coming up to say hi in the Philippines - JP Swing. Little Velcro is not so little anymore! #BearCam snap by @NNJRob. The @KatmaiNPS Rangers are narrating all the #bearcam action live right now! ZOMG! Your feet are so big mom! What Happens When a Great White Can’t Breach? Mesmerizing Drone Footage Captures Dozens of Swimming Sharks. Mama and cub. U Want Some Of THIS. Sleeping Birds. Awesome picture of two red pandas! Lovely creatures! Cute Animals. 15 Cats With Their Cute Mini-Mes. Look At These Little Fluffy Cat Nuggets source Cat With Her Mini-me source The Same Cat’s Mini-Me source The Cutest Little Girl source Like Father Like Son source Matryoshka Cats source Like Mother Like Daughter source source Friend’s Cat And Her Kitten source source Cat And Her Mini-me source Mini-me source Mama Cat Hugs Her Kitten source source.

22 Animals Posing For The Camera Like Pros. Ouewhand Polar Cuddles - Live Camera Highlight. Drone captures stunning Basking Shark footage off Mull. Scottish-based wildlife expedition group Sea Life Surveys has received sky-high media attention after deploying a drone to capture stunning footage of Basking Sharks off the Isle of Mull. The waters around the isles of Mull, Coll and Tiree are a favourite haunt of Basking Sharks in summer, with counts in the area sometimes massive. One such experience came in early August when an estimated 100 sharks were seen on a trip out of Tobermory. Armed with a next-generation DJI Phantom 2 drone and a submersible GoPro, Sea Life Surveys was able to capture incredible footage of the sharks from both above and below. Such authentic and in-depth footage of the sharks in their natural habitat is rare, which made the video an instant shoo-in as a feature on Discovery, the American channel famous for pioneering Shark Week.

Jamie Fairbairns, owner of Sea Life Surveys, explained: "This is the first time we've deployed our drone and the timing could not have been more perfect. Drone Captures Pod of Dolphins Surfing Waves Off Australian Coast. Video Evidence That Belugas Are Not What Raffi Led Us To Believe. “Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea/ Swim so wild and swim so free” So crooned Raffi, imagining the underwater world in which a “little white whale on the go” cavorted in and out of the waves, enjoying the utopian bliss of the sea. No shade to Raffi, but actually, up close 3,000-pound carnivorous belugas are pretty intimidating. If you don’t believe me, take a look at’s incredible footage of belugas investigating an underwater camera.

Taken in Churchill River and Hudson Bay off the coast of Canada, the images are all at once adorable and terrifying. YouTube/ Some of the most incredible footage happens when a pod of beluga trails the “beluga boat” — a glimpse of what it’d be like to be run down by a bunch of enormous white whales, a-la “Moby Dick.” Raffi, it’s clear now, had never experienced the feeling of being chased by ten belugas. Watch the entire video below — the sound is the best part: And here’s Raffi’s version, for context:

Study: Horses Use Facial Expressions to Communicate (Gallery) 20 Dog Best Friends That Can’t Be Separated. A Little Kiss source My Friend’s Dogs Think They Are Going To The Vet When In Reality They Are Headed To The Park source We Were Worried They Wouldn’t Get Along source Pit Bull And A Chihuahua Who Got Adopted Together source Come On, Buddy, Let’s Take A Picture source Harlow And Indiana source Friends source Doggy Totem source Disabled Dogs Can’t Figure Out A Horseshoe Crab source Senpai Kissed Me source. CAT LOGIC. Tingana & Shadow Mating | WildEarth. 140 year old mom, with 5 day old son. BhaWES_IYAAmztL. Awesome Videos. Bear 410 looking nice and plump on the lower river #bearcam Snap by May B Kronstad Eide.

Kanye West Unveils New Fashion Collection Video. Our cutest live cam bloopers on @abcnews. The strength of the elephant family bond #ThisWildLife For more clips. Happy #WorldRhinoDay! Today we honor the majestic rhinoceros, an animal decimated by the horn trade. Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Growing up doesn’t mean you have to give up your Teddy Bear... BBC Earth sur Twitter : "A little blue penguin (korora) in its burrow in New Zealand. Although Billie seems more the 'swimmer;' registration for Billie's 5K & Fun Run is open at. Baby Elephant with Mommy. Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Taiwan Blue Magpie by FuYi Chen... Earth Pics sur Twitter : "Salmon Run in Alaska. Life on Earth sur Twitter : "What a pretty bird. sur Twitter : "That moment when you get the perfect #bearcam snapshot - by May B Kronstad Eide. Fisherman chased by pod of 30 giant killer whales in sunrise surprise.

A pair of fishermen stumbled upon the pod of about 30 killer whales about five miles off the coast of Point Loma, in the San Diego Bay area in America. They gave a rare stunning display which was caught on camera. The orcas began to chase the boat playfully, leaping in and out of the water and even spinning around to show their stomachs. But the giant creatures got a little too close for comfort for the men who had been out fishing. As the killer whales sped towards the boat, the fishermen became unnerved and tried to get away. One of the men is heard saying, half-jokingly: "He's gonna bite my arm off. " Moments later, the same man shouts to the driver: "Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

" One whale can be seen leaping at the boat just behind its motor. Naomi Rose, a marine biologist with the Animal Welfare Institute, explained that some orcas cruise along the boat just "for fun". She said: "This is a common behaviour in certain places. "It's called wake-riding and they are doing it for fun. Chimps may prefer cooked food according to nature experts. They revealed that chimps not only prefer cooked food but will also save it up so it can be put in a cooker. And they are smart enough to know what can be cooked and what is inedible. The study by psychologists from Harvard and Yale Universities involved putting semi-wild chimps from the Jane Goodall Institute's sanctuary in the Republic of Congo through their paces.

Researchers Felix Warneken and Alexandra Rosati said: "This is the first evidence that apes can plan for the future by saving food for future transformation. " They added: "This is the first demonstration that our closest evolutionary relatives can make spontaneous, flexible inferences about opportunities to transform raw into cooked foods, suggesting that cooking behaviours emerged soon after the control of fire in human evolution. " In the wild chimps do not cook which the researchers say may partly be because they do not control fire. But they will "calmly monitor" natural fires and then seek out roast seeds.

Pictures: The Elephant who thinks it is a giraffe. The pictures show the playful elephant standing upright on its hind legs with its trunk at full stretch reaching out for the pods above. Corlette Wessels, 42, from Johannesburg, South Africa took these stunning pictures at Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, and was stunned to see the hungry elephant playfully finding its food.

The mother-of–two said: "It was amazing to see such a majestic animal find such a resourceful way of finding food. "Elephants do this sometimes to get to the pods high up in the trees. "Most of the pods had been eaten by other smaller elephants so this one had to get to the plants right at the very top. "I've never seen anything like it before. Passionate photographer Corlette, who runs a retail business and took up photography in 2008, said: "I'm not sure whether the elephant was copying a giraffe or not but it did look like one. "It was stretching out and reaching for food at the top but there aren't any giraffes at Mana Pools so I couldn't say if it was copying a giraffe. BBC Earth sur Twitter : "Can a tortoise beat a hare? Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "Just a wolf chillin in the snow... literally.

Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "Lions in Kenya. Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "'Hey Bob, let me show you this new handshake real quick'. Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "Just polar bears saying hello. Adorable Animals sur Twitter : "Are you taking my picture? Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "He's not good at pictures... Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Turtle riding a jelly. Duuuuudeee... Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "If I saw this, my thoughts wouldn't be, 'Oh, this would make a great picture'! Earth Pics sur Twitter : "Every King needs his Queen... Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Jaguar resting, so chill! Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Two for the price of one! by Ian Mears...

Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Watching-the-babies... Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "Giraffes at sunset. Earth Pics sur Twitter : "Sea Lion pups roll in sand to protect themselves from the sun... Watch ScienceP^rn's Vine "Dancing baby stingrays. I love how nature gave them a "face" underneath. Video shot at the H. Marine Science Center in Newport by Changboo." sur Twitter : "Sometimes you need a place to rest your snout! #BrownBearCam. Cute Animal Pics sur Twitter : "Kisses!

Amazing Facts sur Twitter : "Meet Zeus, the rescued blind owl with eyes like the Beautiful night sky. Cute Animal Pics sur Twitter : "When someone you hate passes by so you and your friend are just like... Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Hamsters... sur Twitter : "Ranger Mike wades deep into the lower river. Catch the full #bearcam highlight: Earth Pics sur Twitter : "Tiger Cub... Earth Pics sur Twitter : "A proud and weathered face | Photo by Michel Zoghzoghi via @OutOfWild... Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "'Hey guys. I caught a fish.'... sur Twitter : "The best view on #bearcam right now: Mom & 4 cubs, snap by @AntiquelfcLaura... Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "Elephant wading into perfect water. Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Belugas create bubble rings underwater and then catch them!

Beautiful Orcas and Humpback Whales Breach in Front on The Explore Camera - Live Camera Highlight. BBC Earth sur Twitter : "Hippos are 'thick-skinned' not fat. sur Twitter : "Dazzling highlights from our new #OrcaCam! See the full clip and be amazed: sur Twitter : "When #polarbears look like giant puppies. #PolarBearCam: Life on Earth sur Twitter : "The smallest monkey species in the world, the pygmy marmoset! Cub Standoff Leads to Single Car Traffic Jam (Video) | Explore. I'm walkin' here! There was an adorable standoff in Katmai National Park between #132′s cub and what appears to be a small Mitsubishi. It all begins as mama bear and cubs amble down the paved road near the boat cove. Anticipating an approaching truck, the family smartly veers into the grass and out of harm’s way.

Everyone except for the cub who stubbornly stays the course. Sure, the cub could claim ignorance or naivety as a defense for staying on the road, but the video clearly shows him standing tall on his hind legs to catch a glimpse of the advancing interloper. It’s understood in the national park that vehicles must proceed slowly and keep their distance from any animals while driving, so there was never any actual danger here. Check out the action in the highlight below: EXPLORE The Complete – Brown Bear Live Camera Experience. Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Great White Shark Breaching. Awesome.

The 30 Happiest Animals In The World That Will Definitely Make You Smile. The 30 Happiest Animals In The World That Will Definitely Make You Smile. 100 Adorable Pictures of Animal Yawns. 100 Adorable Pictures of Animal Yawns. These 25 Photos Will Make You Fall In Love With Foxes. These 25 Photos Will Make You Fall In Love With Foxes. Life on Earth sur Twitter : "What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible. The word itself says... sur Twitter : ""Is it winter yet?" - Bears #BearCam snapshot by BearBell at. Life on Earth sur Twitter : "A golden tiger, golden tabby tiger or strawberry tiger...

Life on Earth sur Twitter : "This is so berry delicious... Life on Earth sur Twitter : "... Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Smiling Sloth... Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Baby elephant makes sure he gets every particle of food. - Horse Brings His 'lady' a Fresh Bouquet... Cat's. sur Twitter : "Good morning, Backpack! Chill with him on his #bearcam rock: snap by DebEthier.

Untitled. BBC Earth sur Twitter : "Giraffes by Serengeti starlight #EarthCapture by @theartofnight... Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Hello Everyone! Earth Pics sur Twitter : "A giraffe mid-sneeze - Arnaud Germain... Life on Earth sur Twitter : "Perfect effect of elephants. Botswana... Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "Amazing albino sea turtle. Life on Earth sur Twitter : "little lamb!