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Cancer Cures for Animals

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All Amazing benefits of B17 messages. In the seeds of fruits such as apple and apricots are concentrated sources of something called nitrilosides, also called B17, amygdalin, or laetrile.

All Amazing benefits of B17 messages

If you believe our medical establishment, nitrilosides have no effect on preventing or treating C Taken from 1 cure 4 cancer dotcom- Dr. Dean Burk, Director of the Cytochemistry Section of the federal government's National Cancer Institute reported that, in a series of tests on animal tissue, the (Laetrile) vitamin B-17 hadno harmful effect on normal cells, but was deadly to a cancer cell. In another series of tests, Dr. Dr. He was a Fellow of the National Research Council at the University of London, of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology, and also Harvard.

He belonged to eleven scientific organizations, wrote three books relating to chemotherapy research in cancer, and was author or co-author of more than two hundred scientific papers in the field of cell chemistry. AUSTRALIAN TESTIMONIALS. Hello Angel, I am a builder by trade, and in early 2003, my father and I were working for an elderly couple (in their 60's), and they told us an amazing story regarding apricot kernels.


The man's wife was diagnosed with stomach cancer (I don't know when), and she was told she needed to have surgery. The man didn't want her to go through with it because of what it involved (essentially removing the stomach all together), so they did nothing. Upon further consultations in the following months, the prognosis was getting worse. They went to see another doctor for a second opinion, and that is when they met someone who changed their lives. While they were in the waiting room, they got talking to a woman, whose husband was seeing a doctor about his liver cancer. A couple of weeks later, the woman with the stomach cancer called the woman she met in the waiting room to see how her husband was fairing, as he had been on the kernels for some time.

Regards Steve. HOW To Effectively Cure Your Dog From Cancer. Part 1 and 2. Cancer Cure for Dogs. Cancer Free Dogs This site is all about 1.Give your dogs 2-4 raw apricot seeds a day (medium size dog).

Cancer Cure for Dogs

This alone should keep your dog cancer free. These seeds (kernels has to come from raw apricots). If your dog has cancer: 1. Here are the steps for preventing cancer: I have bought my kernels from for the last 8 years. That’s all you need to do for now. Success stories. (My 14 year old Maltese) had a swollen belly. These are some of the testimonials that I and Jason Vale (Christian Brothers) have received over the years. Feb. 1, 2012, Susan's horse Jack,was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in his left nostril a few months ago. Teddy’s amazing story On Agust 23th 2013 I got this email: Hey, My 5 yr old golden retriever/lab was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer this week. This photo is taken 2 days after starting B-17 treatments (125 mg Novodalin tablets) After just 2 days the tumor is no longer red and infected. 15 days into the treatment. Canine Cancer Remedies. I believe one of the most beneficial ingredients to Bart’s cancer-fighting regimen lies within the Apricot Seed.

Canine Cancer Remedies

It looks identical to the Almond and is rich in Vitamin B-17 or Laetril. B-17 is said to be a crucial missing element from our Western Diet, and of all food sources, it is found in the highest concentration inside the seed of the Apricot. Some researchers believe that cancer might actually be a nutritional deficiency, and what most of us are deficient in is bitter foods. The more bitter the food, the higher the concentration of vitamin B-17, and we’ve all but eliminated these important foods from our diets here in the U.S. For example baking ingredients that used to be eaten often, like B-17 rich millet, were replaced by bleached white flour.

I’ve had a few inquiries lately about how to dose your dog with these natural foods, and although I am not a doctor of any kind, I think it’s important to make these kinds of answers easier for people to access.