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Yea, a little to the left...right there..that's the spot ...awww! Found a new roomie. High 5! . Cat hugs her mother . ~ .~ ` Crows recognise individual human faces. A full grown polar bear trying to just survive. #Antarctica. Baby Chimp. Pieter & Marula Fruit. Baby elephant throwing a tantrum. Animals in Africa get drunk by eating ripe Marula fruit. PHOTOS & VIDEO: Drunk Elephants. What’s Next? 90° Lion. "Hey Bear" #BBC #EarthOnLocation in #Maine. Awesome Photo from French Polynesia #BoraBora. Dragon eye of indigo blue, by César Augusto Serna Sz. Party Bird! Meet the Ruff, a rather peculiar bird from Norway. With Whales. Mother cat walked through fire FIVE times to save all her kittens. She made a full recovery too!

Big moma bear is curious as to what this big camouflaged tent is doing in the middle of her meadow! #EarthOnLocation. 25 Incredibly Lucky Photographs Of Animals. The littlest of high fives. African Animal Families! - Live Camera Highlight. Huffingtonpost. Dolphin Haze, Esperance Australia. BZZIKQ-IIAAXUy8. Timber Wolf by Henrik Nilsson. Lion cub and the supermoon eclipse. CLvPKkRW8AAsUxd. CLr2VVrUEAAhQUG. CLvMYUwUcAAWkpq.'s Cameras Capture the Cutest Bloopers Video.

Merit Winner: Romania, Land of Fairy Tales White frost over Pestera village.

Image source: Eduard Gutescu Merit Winner: Highlanders Traditional haymaking in Poland. Many people continue to use the scythe and pitchfork to sort the hay. Merit Winner: White Rhinos The night before this photo, we tried all day to get a good photo of the endangered white rhino. Merit Winner: Kushti, Indian Wrestling Kushti is the traditional form of Indian wrestling. 12036730_673516242748790_8348552667957210082_n. African Animal Lookout Camera - Africa. Giraffes take selfies too! The littlest of high fives. Every king needs his queen. Devi the Happy Hippo Calf. 'Bouquet Of Horns' by Nayyer Reza. Baby Elephant Blows Bubbles - Africa. Baby Elephant Blows Bubbles - Africa. 20 Tweets About Parents That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud. Puppy Caught Eating Paper Decides Killing The Witness Is The Only Way Out! What a wonderful moment! @exploreorg Thanks for all the smiles you bring with the bear cams. I can't tell who's happier.

8 Manatees Swim Past Paddleboarders in Shallow, Crystal Clear Water. An amazing shot by Kobi Refaeli. Orcas are on the way! Don't miss the moment. Goats Grow On Trees - Michael Chinnici. Nuts. A tree full of baby bears. We almost moose-took you for a bear! The Arctic fox can survive below -20°C (-4°F) thanks to some incredible adaptations. Snow leopard. Absolutely stunning picture of a cute Lion cub! High five, kitty! Black Wolf. Of these baby cows, which one would you pick. The sea otter is the furriest creature on Earth. An elusive 'sofa shark' recently made an appearance off of the coast of Scotland >> African Elephant Mud Play! - Live Camera Highlights.

Sigh. Okay, I will hold your hand. If that makes you feel better. Join an all-new live chat with @OrcaLab1, Friday at 11am PT on the #OrcaCam. Sweetie elephant baby. Fluffy animals may be cute, but they aren't growing fur to get cuddles. White Tiger cub in snow (by Josef Gelernter) Stray dog on the street feeding milk to newborn homeless kittens. Tree Frog Enjoying a Gymnastic Work Out. Glowing sea turtle surprises scientists. Send us your best pics & video of South Africa #EarthCapture. Adorable Italian Zonkey is Half Zebra, Half Donkey. Meet Ippo the Zonkey.

Adorable Italian Zonkey is Half Zebra, Half Donkey

In these photos, taken at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy, she is 4 months old. A little over a year ago, her dad Martin the Zebra jumped a fence dividing him from the donkeys on the reserve. As he trespassed, he met Giada the donkey. And here is the adorable aftermath of this rare rendezvous… This toad is concerned though gorgeous. In the outback over next few months? Keep an eye out for rare emerald murmurations of 100K budgies. #EarthOnLocation. Photo of the Day: Meet the great grey owl (Strix nebulosa)! 21 Truly Dramatic Examples of Animal Photography. We never back down from a #bearcam fight. Sunset in Phoenix Park, Dublin. When You Need A Flippin Friend - The Huffington Post. 12043033_969735769739801_7109544527296899826_n. Saida Times. Cute, Funny and Heart-Warming Wild Animals. A Leopard Captured A Baby Duck, But What Happened Next Is The Last Thing You’d Expect-Fuzzfix.

7791. Amazing Life - Play Time. Surfing has gone to the dogs - Story. HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.

Surfing has gone to the dogs - Story

(FOX) - You can lead a dog to water, but you can't make them surf. Or can you? Dozens of dogs and their owners competed in the seventh annual 'Surf City Surf Dog' competition at Huntington Beach this weekend. The pooches split into four weight classes and were judged on a variety of skills, including the length of their ride and their confidence on the board.

Boxer 'Hanzo,' who was competing in his consecutive seventh year and has become a crowd favorite, took the top spot in the "extra large" class, as well as the tandem competition. "That was a really fun, fun ride today. The owner of 'Faith,' an American pit bull terrier who also competed, explained what it takes to teach a dog to surf. Bunnnnnnnnny! ThatsEarth: Tiger resting on a Buddha head ... Isla de Los Estados provides sanctuary for 350,000 breeding rockhopper penguins #Patagonia. The Beginnings - How Fum & Gebra met - cat and owl friendship. Wife is wife.