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Rampaging Animals

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Feathered frenzy: Peacock breaks bottles inside liquor store. ARCADIA, Calif.

Feathered frenzy: Peacock breaks bottles inside liquor store

(AP) — A female peacock has ruffled more than just feathers at a Los Angeles-area liquor store. Without a peep, the peahen strutted into the open door of the Royal Oaks Liquor Store in Arcadia on Monday. Store manager and college senior Rani Ghanem said he didn't even know it was there until a customer walked in and asked him about "el pollo," Spanish for "the chicken.

" Ghanem, a 21-year-old San Bernardino resident whose family owns the store, said he then tried to guide the sharp-clawed bird outside but that she spooked, at one point flying directly toward him and then up onto a top shelf of the store. And that spooked Ghanem. An animal-control officer responded after Ghanem called 911, approaching the peahen with gloves and a fishing net.

"He was trying to get it with the fishing net, and (the bird) jumped on the first wine bottle. So this is what a bear attack looks like in first-person. What does it feel like to be attacked by a bear?

So this is what a bear attack looks like in first-person

One hunter from Canada knows. He doesn’t have the Academy Award to show for it like Leo DiCaprio, but he does have a shocking video. Richard Wesley was out hunting in Fire River, Ontario when he came across a black bear. His Go Pro footage shows the bear appearing in the distance, unaware of the man’s presence. But just as it seems that Wesley would remain undetected, he makes a sound, alerting the animal. The bear then charges, forcing Wesley to defend himself by making noises and punching it. 10+ Of The Best “I Don’t Own A Cat” Moments That Have Ever Happened To Humans. 8 Shockingly Obese Animals. The chunky monkey that has been put on a strict diet in Thailand Social media was critical to the rescue of this overweight monkey in Thailand, known as "Uncle Fat," after photos of the animal started circulating in April 2017.

8 Shockingly Obese Animals

The monkey, who gorged himself on junk food and soda, has been rescued and placed on a strict diet of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Animals roam free in many parts of the country, attracting tourists who feed and play with them. Macaques typically weigh around 9 kg (20 pounds), but Uncle Fat weighs three times that, tipping the scales at around 26 kg (60 pounds). "It was not easy to catch him,'' said Kacha Phukem, the wildlife official who conducted his capture and rescue. Officials are hoping to release Fat into the wild once he regains his health.

The fat cat that has entered a weight loss contest. Man captures video of being chased by an otter. Media playback is unsupported on your device A forestry worker filmed the moment he was chased by an otter after he discovered it on a road in Dumfries and Galloway.

Man captures video of being chased by an otter

Rory MacPherson's video has now been viewed tens of thousands of times on Facebook. In it he can be heard laughing as the wild animal tries to bite his feet. Dogs That Can’t Figure Out How To Sit. 10+ Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud. Forensic scientists caught a deer munching on a human carcass for the first time ever. Warning: the photos below may be disturbing for some people.

Forensic scientists caught a deer munching on a human carcass for the first time ever

Forensic scientists have to do a lot of weird things in order to solve crimes and identify bodies. Sometimes that involves leaving corpses outside to rot, to better understand what happens during and after decomposition. In fact, there are entire facilities devoted to studying the decay of donated human remains, like the 26-acre Forensic Anthropology Research Facility (FARF) in San Marcos, Texas. Celebrating Kentucky Derby Winner Sprays Shit All Over Stable Following Win. What Drove Tsavo Lions to Eat People? Century-Old Mystery Solved.

Their names were "The Ghost" and "The Darkness," and 119 years ago, these two massive, maneless, man-eating lions hunted railway workers in the Tsavo region of Kenya.

What Drove Tsavo Lions to Eat People? Century-Old Mystery Solved

During a nine-month period in 1898, the lions killed at least 35 people and as many as 135, according to different accounts. And the question of why the lions developed a taste for human flesh remained a subject of much speculation. Also known as the Tsavo lions, the pair of beasts ruled the night until they were shot and killed in December 1898 by railway engineer Col. John Henry Patterson. In the decades that followed, audiences were captivated by the story of the ferocious lions, first told in newspaper articles and books (one account was written by Patterson himself in 1907: "The Man-Eaters of Tsavo"), and later in movies.

In the past, it had been suggested that the lions' desperate hunger drove them to eat people. Error loading player: No playable sources found. 10+ Times Asshole Dogs Ruined Perfect Shots. Loyal Dog Waits 2 Full Hours Before Consuming Dead Owner’s Face. Nothing Better Than A (Relatively) Fast Tortoise Playing Ball. Watch This Asshole Alligator Steal a Little Kid's Big Catch. Massive Alligator Stuns Photographers, Proves Just How Wild Florida Is. 10+ Of The Best Cat Tweets Of 2016. How Scientists Are Using Poop to Study New York City's Coyote Population. Ten years ago, Jessica Carrero was walking in the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park when what looked like a dog burst out of the woods and ran down the trail in front of her.

How Scientists Are Using Poop to Study New York City's Coyote Population

But as she watched the animal, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation ranger could tell that it was no dog. “It didn't have a collar and it didn't move in a way that dogs move,” she says. “It wasn't nervous or excited—it seemed to move with a sense of purpose, knowing exactly where it was going.” A year earlier, she’d very briefly seen a similar looking animal in Pelham Bay Park.

At the time, she wondered, Could that be a coyote? Since that day 10 years ago, coyotes have firmly established themselves in New York City; they’ve been spotted everywhere from the Upper West Side to Battery Park City, from the rooftop of a Queens bar to Rikers Island, and they’re breeding in the Bronx’s parks. Emu War - Wikipedia. The Emu War, also known as the Great Emu War,[1] was a nuisance wildlife management military operation undertaken in Australia over the latter part of 1932 to address public concern over the number of emus said to be running amok in the Campion district of Western Australia.

Emu War - Wikipedia

The unsuccessful attempts to curb the population of emus, a large flightless bird indigenous to Australia, employed soldiers armed with Lewis guns—leading the media to adopt the name "Emu War" when referring to the incident. Background Following World War I, large numbers of ex-soldiers from Australia, along with a number of British veterans, took up farming within Western Australia, often in marginal areas. Watch A Guy Fight Off A Shark…With A Broom. If you've ever found yourself talking about sharks at the pub – and if you haven't, you should, because sharks are a good conversation topic – then you'll know that the best way to fight away the murderous beasts is by punching them in the nose.

Watch A Guy Fight Off A Shark…With A Broom

But the problem with that life-saving solution is: who on Earth possesses the gargantuan balls of steel you'd need to straight-up jab a shark in the face? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Well, the guy above does. Dog Sucks At Hide-and-seek. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Earth - A Soviet scientist created the only tame foxes in the world. From the richly-plumed red fox to the big-eared fennec fox, foxes look adorable.

Earth - A Soviet scientist created the only tame foxes in the world

Because of this, people are sometimes tempted to keep them as pets. However, those who have tried have struggled. Unlike dogs and cats, the different species of fox have not been domesticated. Shark group makes unprecedented discovery off Long Island. Ocearch said its team of fishermen and scientists has found the first known birthing site for great white sharks on the North Atlantic Coast. After 26 expeditions, Ocearch said the birthing site in the famous waters off Montauk, Long Island is the most significant discovery they’ve ever made, reports CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor.

As soon as the shark slides onto the lift, scientists and researchers rush in. By now, the process of tagging is routine for Ocearch. Earth - One creature had a bite more powerful than any other. Imagine a great cavernous mouth, edged by hundreds of razor-sharp teeth. Powerful muscles work to rip flesh, crush bone and close the maw with terrific speed. Such terrifying jaws are familiar from monster movies, from Jaws to Godzilla. But back in the real world, which animal has the worst bite of them all?

It is not just a matter of having a big mouth. The bowhead whale has the largest mouth of any animal, but it does not use it to bite. Scientists Say These (Mostly Wild) Mammals Make the Best Pets. 1582 0ShareNew Not all animals make good pets. Dogs and cats (and even goats) may be well-suited for home living, but when it comes to more exotic companions, not all mammals are equally eager to be your lifelong cohabitor. So animal welfare researchers from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands gathered data on 90 different mammals, ranking them based on their suitability as pets.

The results are now published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, as Popular Science reports. The Dutch Animals Act maintains that mammals should only be kept by non-experts if they are used for agricultural production or can be safely kept by anyone without special training. Eagle tries to carry off Australian boy. Image copyright Christine O'Connell / Instagram: 55chris A wedge-tailed eagle tried to fly away with a terrified boy at a popular wildlife show in central Australia. Earth - Why do crocodiles attack humans? Stare into the jaws of a crocodile and it might be the last thing you see. Their formidable jaws can snap our bones like twigs.

Each time a crocodile attacks a person, the media paints a picture of fearsome aggressive beasts that reign terror on unsuspecting victims. Recent headlines include: Earth - It is surprisingly rare for an alligator to kill a person. - Crocodilian Attacks. General Like other dangerous predators, crocodilians cause reflexive fear in humans, perhaps because the fear of being eaten is greater than the fear of being bitten.

Bears in Central Florida - Orlando Sentinel. Interactive Map: Search for bear reports near you. Corgi Loves Showers. Watch This Video of a Dog Flying a Plane. Family Leaves Husky For 3 Hours, Dog Redesigns The Apartment. 'Monster cattle-eating alligator' is shot in Florida. Your cat knows you’re upset — he just won’t comfort you. Japanese Couple Captures Every Time Their Cats Watch Them Eat. Meet Marcia and Her Seeing-Eye Goat (and Best Friend) Maurice. Dogs Really Can Read Your Emotions, Study Says. Cookie Dog. Watch Monkeys Snatch Tourists' Valuables As Ransom For Food. Love Your Dog? You Should Thank Garbage. List of fatal, unprovoked shark attacks in the United States.

List of fatal alligator attacks in the United States by decade. CAT.EXE Failed To Load. Playful Baby Deer Utterly Confounded By Ball. Guilty Dogs Are Thrilled To See Dad — Until They Realize HE KNOWS. Pitbulls used to be considered the perfect ‘nanny dogs’ for children — until the media turned them into monsters. Mick Fanning Shark Attack. Twenty-one was “the perfect wolf”: He was a legend — he never lost a fight, and he never killed a vanquished rival. Monkeys' cosy alliance with wolves looks like domestication - life - 05 June 2015. Cat Meows Along To 'If You're Happy And You Know It' Here's A Wild Fox In Chernobyl Making His Own Sandwich. That Is All. 25+ Asshole Dogs Being Shamed For Their Crimes.

Learning to speak the language of cats: How they’re actually telling humans what to do. Cats Vs. Robots: Cutest War Ever. Dog Whose Bark Sounds Like 'Hello' Can't Help But Greet Everyone. This Adorably Unusual Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Is Real And Basically Means Unicorns Probably Exist. The Reunion Between This Mama Elephant And Her Baby Will Touch Your Heart. Platypus venom. Tiny Dog Freezes In Place Every Time It's Picked Up. Lions vs. Crocodile In Violent Battle Caught On Video At Kenya's Samburu National Reserve. More and more cows are catching colds. Do Yourself A Favor And Watch This Kitten Attack A Ceramic Cat. The true story - Thomas P. Peschak. This Dog's Final Day Proves We Should Live Every Day Like It's Our Last. Service dogs don't understand that their owners are blind. - Seriously, Science? Bear Chases Joggers In Alberta, Canada. Engineer Teaches Dog To Play Catch With Itself. Elderly Dog Can Already Tell Owner Doesn’t Think She’s Worth $3,000 Gallstone Surgery.

Doggy gets upset over his new haircut, walks around on hind legs like a boss for two days. The Way This Cat Begs For Food Would Make Any Owner Succumb. Tidy Dog toy box encourages dogs to pick up after themselves. The urban hyenas that attack rough sleepers. Your Dog Can Tell From Your Voice If You're Happy or Sad. Rabbits On Okunoshima Island Swarm Tourist. Cats Fight Kids, People Just Stand Around And Film It. Gorilla Sales Skyrocket After Latest Gorilla Attack. German Shepherd Tries to Catch Baseball Inside the TV.

Dramatic Portraits Of Dogs Pooping (PHOTOS) Sea Lion 'Pancho' Steals Trophy Fish From Unsuspecting Fisherman. Dogs Imitate Baby's Crawl, Don't Realize They're Dogs. This pig stole 18 beers, got drunk, and fought a cow. Sweet mercy, the cuteness: a white lion cub practicing her roar. Bye-bye Bambi: Eagle snags deer in ambitious attack - life - 23 September 2013. Alexis Khan, Family Babysitter, Identified By Dog As 7-Month-Old's Abuser. Hired Hog Trapper Has Three Years To Clean Out Dallas. Jaguar Attacks Caiman In Brazil's Pantanal Wetlands (PHOTOS) Cat Plays Adorable Game of Hide-And-Seek. Lake drained to find one nasty turtle. Hamster Eats Corn On The Cob Way, Way, Way Too Quickly. Janet Veal, Reclusive Cat Owner, 'Gnawed And Eaten' By Pets After She Dies.

Yep! We Got an Ostrich... Foxes Jumping On A Trampoline Are Adorable. Whale Knocks Surfer Bishan Rajapakse Unconscious With Flick Of Its Tail Near Australia. Giant Feral Cats Are Eating Australia. 15 Incredible Cat Photobombs (PHOTOS) Top 10 Uniquely Deadly Animals in the World - (assassin, caterpillar...) Petcube lets you play with your pet, wherever you are. Bear Riding A Bike Eats A Monkey Who's Fallen Off A Bike. Grizzly Bear Eats GoPro Camera In Alaska, VIDEO Uploaded To YouTube By Brad Josephs.