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Digital Comics - Comics by comiXology eduCanon: Interactive Video. Unleashed. - The EdTech Roundup eduCanon is a free service that is designed to help educators flip their classrooms by adding interactive questions to videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Teacher Tube. It has a lot of potential to help teachers improve flipped lessons and it's incredibly easy to use. Let's take a closer look! Now, I know you're probably ready to jump right in and start exploring eduCanon in detail, but let's slow down for a second and check out a quick overview video from the team. As you can see, eduCanon makes it easy to attach questions to videos and get feedback on how your students are doing. Start eduCanoning! And, while eduCanon is a free service, they also offer a premium version for those interested in spending a little extra cash. Premium Features After you sign up for an account (be it free or premium) you'll be taken to the main screen. The Main eduCanon Screen. Adding a Question to your Video Assigning your Lesson. Time to Share Your Lesson See How Your Students are Doing And there you have it!

Любительская голография Любительская голография — голографические технологии, использующие непрофессиональное оборудование. Схема Денисюка Схема Денисюка при применении лазерного диода в качестве источника когерентного света оказывается предельно простой, что позволяет записывать такие голограммы в домашних условиях без использования специального оборудования. Для записи голограммы достаточно создать некий каркас, на котором будут неподвижно установлены лазер, фотопластинка (как правило, ПФГ-03М) и объект записи. Лазеры, используемые в любительской голографии В любительской голографии используются дешёвые и доступные полупроводниковые лазеры: лазерные указкилазерные модулиотдельные лазерные диоды Лазерные указки являются самым простым в использовании и доступным источником когерентного света. Более совершенным источником является лазерный модуль, у которого опять таки нужно выкрутить или отпилить фокусирующую линзу. Наконец, лазерные отдельные диоды являются самыми сложными в эксплуатации источниками света.

Ask Andrew Wolf Bud's Art Books | Art & illustration | photography | pop culture | gifts & more! Interactive Video Learning digital: Wield + Weld Hello, everyone! Firstly, as a self-plug, I'd like to thank Anjin Anhut for mentioning me in this article about concept art. Though most of my activity is on tumblr now, I'm taking my blog out of retirement to post what, for many of you, will be a remedial tutorial about form. While it might not be overly academic, it is an honest account of my structural thought process. WIELD + WELDwith Paul Richards What if constructive drawing could feel like wielding magic or weaponry, instead of some mathematical chore? In this talk, we'll temporarily set aside things like horizon lines and vanishing points, dealing only with our general sense of perspective. Mistakes will be made, but be forgiving! So, without further ado, let's begin with the first part : wielding! Trends in art come ago, but primitive geometry stays the same. Also, get to know the primitives in their inside-out states! Think of normals like thorns on a cactus, pointing in the direction of the planes they lie on.

comicrazys.wordpress How do I create a lesson page on TED-Ed? TED-Ed offers a set of tools that allow you to create interactive lesson pages around great YouTube video content. Follow these three steps to create your own! To get started, visit our video search page to select a video. You can search by keyword, or paste in a YouTube URL. TED-Ed Lessons can be created around either public or unlisted YouTube videos. Note that the videos here have not been filtered or vetted by the TED-Ed team, so make sure that you review the contents of any video you're not already familiar with! You can manage the lessons you've created, return to editing your drafts, or access student work at any time by visiting your lesson activity page. Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial, sorta Newest Update: I made a new video tutorial about How to Paint Ambient Occlusion for Digital Painting. You can download it here: Ambient Occlusion Tutorial It's affordable and very cheap! ;) Hey guys! Why Ambient Occlusion or AO painting? 1. I sketch it in photoshop. 2. So, I started with blocking the character with light grey color, and in that light grey, I painted the shadow. 3. Okay, here is the tricky part. Make your painting looks almost like a 3d sculpt in this process. 4. So, when you satisfied with your shadow and AO layers, you may proceed to the next level which is awesome. 5. Actually this process could be done before you start the shadowing. 6. As you see, the painting would looks flat, so you should add more color temperature on each of your colors. 7. Here is the final Image. 8. This method is fun and really technical. You can ask me anything about this tutorial, I'll gladly answer it :)