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Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

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The Digital Gallery: How Social Media is Democratizing the Art World? New York Event Description: Join and Edelman for a spirited discussion on the convergence of social media and the art world. This discussion will examine how the new digital landscape has re-defined how we create, engage and share art. Often when one thinks of the art world images of exclusive exhibition openings, wealthy collectors, million dollar paintings and a world that pales in comparison to the average "Joe" come to mind.

Ad Tech and Marketing Automation Now Work Together At first glance, ad tech and marketing automation software appear to be strange bedfellows. In its latest iteration, ad tech helps marketers reach broad swaths of anonymous people via automated ad buys. Marketing automation, on the other hand, lets marketers tailor messages to people in their databases, using cues such as email open history to determine which message to send next. But despite their separate workflows, purposes and target audiences, the two are quickly coming together via software integrations. In recent months, marketing automation company Marketo integrated with data provider Acxiom and Turn, an automated ad-buying platform with data management capabilities. The integrations give Marketo users the ability to serve ads to people resembling the prospects in their marketing databases, helping them grow their reach.

Trending Social Media News over last 3 days Trending Social Media News over last 3 days “SNL” Parodies Google Glass AllThingsD » Social About Us Canada’s tolerance of systemic poverty represses the human spirit and bears paralyzing costs to society. It is an urgent national imperative to reduce poverty now, and eliminate it as soon as possible. Maytree works with many partners to fight poverty. Social media: More than just a passing fad say bankers Finextra's international series of social media events kicked off at Thomson Reuters' London headquarters today, with participants from the financial services industry chewing over the opportunities and pitfalls presented by the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. A packed room saw the day's speakers successfully spur debate and comment, forcing the event hashtag, #finxsm, into the London Twitter trending charts. The retail and business-to-business panels both wrestled with the central question of what social media is for: a PR, communications and marketing tool or something more fundamental which needs a quantifiable return on investment (ROI). Thomson Reuters' Yvette Jackson revealed that building relationships through its chatrooms has led to real money for the company, directly contributing to the sale of hundreds of terminals. However, Hakan Aldrin, MD of the Benche at SEB was blunt when asked if he has numbers to prove the value of the community platform: "No.

Social Media Marketing By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] Donny Deutsch, the former adman and talk show host, once recounted a story about a Mitsubishi Super Bowl ad that was tagged with the URL The ad got 600,000 clicks, Deutsch said, which prompted the carmaker to ask, "Is that good?" Deutsch answered: "We told the client it was great, so it was great!" The Mitsubishi campaign ran almost eight years ago. Are Businesses Prepared for the Internet of Things? The “internet of things” (IoT) is coming. But are businesses ready for a completely connected future? According to a May 2014 study by Edelman Berland for GE, the majority of business executives worldwide had at least heard of the IoT; however, familiarity was low, with more than half of respondents who had heard of the IoT saying they weren't sure what it meant. Meanwhile, 44% had never even heard of the concept.

Social Media Forrester Says Marketers Need To Be Using Google+ By Chris Crum · April 1, 2014 Forrester Research surveyed 60,000 adults in the U.S. about the social sites they use, and 22% said they visit Google+ each month, which is the same as they got for Twitter, and greater than what they heard for LinkedIn, Pinterest, … Google+ Now Shows How Many Views You've Had By Chris Crum · April 1, 2014 Google now tells you how many people have viewed your Google+ profile and content right on your profile page. The number is the sum of your profile, post and photo views since October 2012. Eddie Kessler posted about the update …

the hub magazine The Hub looks like a magazine and reads like a magazine. But it is much more than just another magazine. It is a place where the best, brightest and boldest in marketing -- clients and agencies alike -- can exchange their best thinking. It is a platform that is as intelligent, inquisitive and innovative as you are, that is built on the belief that insights, ideas and innovation are the ultimate drivers of growth in marketing. It is written for -- and read by -- a carefully identified community of about 3,000 senior-level executives on at top corporate marketing departments and agencies. The Hub is an exchange of ideas ... both in terms of "give-and-take" discussion, as well as an exchange in the sense of a marketplace (like the Stock Exchange).

How A Tweet Turned Into An In Flight Dance Party It all began with a tweet and ended with a whole bunch of happy customers, a KLM in flight dance party 10km above ground and a Guinness World Record. When KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced that they would be opening a non-stop route from Amsterdam to Miami on March 27, 2011, Dutch DJ Seid van Riel and Producer Wilco Jung tweeted KLM asking them to move their inaugural flight up a week so that they could attend a huge music festival in Miami. KLM tweeted back a challenge: If Seid and Wilco could get enough people to fill the plane then KLM would reschedule the flight. They filled it within a couple of hours and the rest is history.

Unlike Us: Understanding Social Media Monopolies and their Alternatives Review by George Hari Popescu, assistant professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies from the University of Bucharest, Romania. I tried to get out of Facebook a few times. It was an excruciating process which ended with a failure every single time. Mark Z.’s buddies held on to me for a whole week, through email, showing me photos of the “friends” who would have missed me (and they had quite a lot of examples, considering I have over 2000 friends), while they also showed me the benefits of staying on Facebook. And I stayed, what was I to do? Can you see the matrix?

Infosys BrandEdge - Cloud-based Digital Marketing Platform:Infographic: The Digital Enterprise Revolution Posted by Vince Cavasin at 4:14 PM Have you seen our Digital Revolution infographic? It first appeared on the cover of volume 2 of our management consulting practice's journal, Art & Science, which is well worth checking out online if you are interested in things digital (full disclosure: I edited this issue and if you called this shameless self-promotion I would not protest:^). Here it is: The immediate implications of these stats are obvious: marketers and sellers better be thinking about mobility, sociality, the cloud, big data, online commerce. But there are a lot of subtler points buried in these and other digital trends.

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