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Naturally Flavored Water

Naturally Flavored Water
Say goodbye to soda, juice, and bottled water with these refreshing, healthy flavors! I'm keeping 2-3 flavors of this "spa water" in my fridge now, so I have a variety to motivate me to drink more water. I was a hardcore Dr. Pepper girl for years. Then I gave up regular soda because of the high sugar content and switched to diet soda. Next we were warned to avoid the chemicals in diet soda; and more recently studies have indicated that diet soda actually causes rather than prevents weight gain (source). Simply water At the end of the day, regular old tap water--or at least a filtered version of it--seems to be the way to go. Aside from my morning coffee, I honestly forget to drink fluids throughout the day. Subtle flavor without sweetnessThese aren't sweet waters, so they'll be disappointing if that's what you're expecting. How to makeNaturally Flavored Water Supplies Needed: view on Amazon: 2 qt mason jars, infusion pitcher, infusion water bottle, muddler, Brita water filter pitcher 1.

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Raw Chocolate Milkshake Miracle My dad believes that chocolate milkshakes fix just about any problem. Boy troubles? Chocolate milkshake. 10 Bourbon Cocktail Recipes We Love SLIDESHOW: 10 Bourbon Cocktail Recipes We Love [Photographs: Wes Rowe unless noted otherwise.] As much as I love margaritas and fresh lemonade, I'm eager and excited for fall cocktails. Step-By-Step Canning Tips I am relatively new to canning. Although I grew up watching my grandmother and mother can, I really had no idea what equipment I needed or how to proceed with the canning process. So, I went to the internet and book store to learn how. It's was a little intimidating at first, since it was all new to me. But, once I got the supplies I needed and canned my first jars of jam, my confidence grew.

Homemade Pizza Calzones Homemade pizza calzones, all things pizza stuffed into homemade pizza dough and baked. It’s the best handheld pizza package! One of my earliest posts on SS was my favorite childhood pizza dough. It’s my Mom’s recipe that she’s made for YEEEARS. 21 Jello Shot Recipes for College Students Jello Shots have been a staple of college partying for years now, so we felt like it was finally time to move past the original recipe. Check out these 21 jello shot recipe variations – you’re sure to find one to your liking. What You Need: Jello Shot Cups With Lids(Essential!)A LOT of Jello.

Masala Chai Tea Time Who’s cold and cranky? Who’s damp and dreary? I am! I know that the autumn weather on the Canadian side of the world is not so bad, but across the pond in Denmark, it is endlessly gross. DIY Coconut Rum DIY Coconut Rum Posted by Marcia Simmons, March 30, 2012 at 7:30 AM [Photograph: Marcia Simmons] La Selva: RGB Black Series; Carnovsky AM. What is the Black Series all about? C. RGB Black is a new RGB series available for now in wallpaper and some limited edition prints. They follow the same RGB principles but the colours are inverted so the background is black instead of white and through the coloured filters the images appear in negative. Some images are available in both versions, others just in one, it depends on the image, not all of them work in both.

Fudgy Peanut Butter Bars For my sister. I’m baking you a treat. Because you are so pretty, Holiday Sangria We're hosting Christmas this year! I'm super excited to entertain my parents and in-laws for such a special holiday! I'll be testing out some recipes over the next few weeks and sharing them here with you. First up is my Holiday Sangria.

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