background preloader Adventures of a cocktail enthusiast » Oh Gosh! cocktail virgin slut The Cocktail Chronicles Jeffrey Morgenthaler Bourbon Dork Drinkboy’s Weblog Cocktails, spirits, recipes, bars, and all things drinks Martinis - it's all about technique | Full Page I can't tell you how to make the perfect martini. No one can. For the martini is the Rorschach test of cocktails. It is a window into the imbiber's psyche. Shaken or stirred? Yet it's worth tracing a path toward martini perfection at this festive time of year. Let's briefly define terms. The gin martini is about the courtship between two complex ingredients. The bar top was crowded with gin and vermouth, a thermometer, a stopwatch, a cooler of chilled glasses and an afternoon to kill. "This is the revenge of the martini nerds," Bezuidenhout said. The variables to be found in a simple martini soon become unwieldy. But here's where perfection fails. Degree of modesty The goal was to create a cocktail with a degree of modesty - one that remains cold and refreshing to the end. "A martini like this should be like a liquid truffle. At its core, the martini is about ratios. A supersize shot of chilled gin, however, does not a martini make. A martini contains one other essential ingredient.

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