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Eggs: they’re pretty magical. They’re amazingly portable, wonderfully versatile, and my favorite emergency protein by a mile. Like me, Henry loves eggs, no matter how they’re prepared: scrambled, poached, soft-boiled, over-hard, you name it. (My pun-loving husband might even describe them as eggceptional, but that’s going a yolk too far.) Plus, eggs are quite possibly the most nutrient-dense super-food around. [Photo: Bacon-Topped Deviled Eggs from my iPad® app]

My Chez Panisse Experience : Cafe Fernando – Food Blog - berkeley - chez panisse - san francisco - Restaurants June 23rd, 2011 | Category: Restaurants, Travel Two years before opening Chez Panisse, Alice Waters, together with her friend from the Montessori Centre, started a journey from London and ended up in a remote village in Turkey. In the middle of nowhere, they ran out of gas and asked for help from a big-eyed boy. The boy mimed there wasn’t any gas left to pump and when they asked for food, this time he led them to his house. He built a fire out of pine cones, put on a teapot and came back with a tiny piece of cheese, which he then cut into microscopic portions before serving them. Unraveling the Mysteries of "Lost": Was it Worth It? Yes, it was worth it. It was worth it in the sense that, if you've been watching and enjoying the show for the past six years, you were part of an experience that engaged the audience in a way that no other TV show has done before. The sixth season may have been the one to show viewers the light (literally), but that doesn't negate the thrill and intrigue that came with watching the story unfold in seasons prior. But asking "Was it worth it?"

Risotto Stuffed Zucchini Recipe Step 1 Preheat oven to 200°C. Using a teaspoon, scoop flesh from zucchini halves, leaving a 5mm border to make a shell (see note). Place zucchini shells, cut-side up, in a large baking dish. Columns - Food52 Sometimes it's healthy to relinquish control, but not when it comes to the temperature of your eggs. Here's a way to bring eggs to the exact room temperature, no guesswork involved. Read More »

A Vacation Remembered I've been home from Spain for two weeks now. I'm not sure why I haven't written this blog post yet. It might be because of the mountain of stress I immediately felt upon returning to work. It's like all of the stress I shed in Spain was just sitting on my desk, waiting for me. Budget cuts and the fallout of that have caused immense speculation and worry over who will lose their jobs, and what we will and will not be able to purchase for next year. The unknown is stressful. Toppling Assumptions September 22, 2008 at 11:22 am Jennie Mmmm… I’ve been having one of those relaxed mornings where I’m puttering around and yet somehow still accomplishing things. It’s nice. But now that I’ve finally pulled up the blog to get another post written, I’m finding myself drifting off in daydreams, mostly about what it would be like to grow white tea in some remote Asian mountain. It’s probably because I just finished the last cup from my stash of organic white peony white tea, and I’m really desperate for more. But enough about daydreams and tea – it’s time to get down to the business at hand, which is, to be more precise, Eggplant Meatballs.

FEMALE STREETWHERE? Like many people, I discovered streetwear on the Internet. Around seven years ago, when I was 19, still living in London, and spending a slightly unhealthy amount of time “surfing the web,” I stumbled across a culture that seemed set on documenting its every T-shirt drop, stoop hangout, and summer block party online. Streetwear was the first sector of the apparel industry to recognize that selling a lifestyle was a great way to sell T-shirts – with this very website being perhaps the earliest progenitor of that idea – and I was a receptive voyeur. For a brief, golden moment before the Internet ruined all our lives, that virtual space populated by the heavily logoed kids of the LES and Fairfax was an exciting – even inspiring – place to be. Much like the central London sneaker store where I landed a part-time job that same summer (and you best believe I blogged every in-store appearance and celebrity cameo, too) that place was also a sausage fest.

2011 » Pete Drinks One of my big beer obsessions is exploring the ever growing London brewing scene; the London Brewers page I maintain here isn’t so much a public service as a ‘to drink’ list. Here, we pay our first visit to a brewpub – specifically, the Bull in Highgate which has the added benefit of being the brewery geographically closest to my house! The Bull has been there for a very long time, but it’s only a matter of months since Dan Fox took the place over, refurbished it into a stylish space and somehow managed to cram a small, 2.5 barrel brewery – the London Brewing Company – into the corner of the kitchen. Ok, so it’s not going to put Fullers out of business any time soon but despite the size they aim to keep four of their own brews on tap at any one time.

light night rains I think when most people hear "Beauty and the Beast" their thoughts run to the stunning Walt Disney version. I remember seeing it shortly after it came out in 1991 and just being blown away. I didn't have the vocabulary at the time to explain it but I loved it. I remember getting it on VHS and watching it and re-watching it. My absolute favorite moments as a kid (which still hold true today) were the prologue, the Beast rescuing Belle from the wolves, the climatic battle on the roof of the castle, and the Beast dying and coming back to life. Eggplant Recipes and Tips at Epicurious E ggplant is so much more than just baked with Parmesan—it stars in dishes from Greece and China, Indonesia and Tunisia. We've gathered our favorite international recipes to diversify your eggplant portfolio. recipe tips:To Eat or Not to Eat You can eat the skin on young eggplants, but the skin of older ones can be bitter and may require peeling. Salting

Back to the regular swing of things :) Monday, October 31st, 2011 Pearl barley and puy lentil salad with roasted heirloom baby tomatoes, chorizo and baby radish 1 cup pear barley1 cup puy (or French) lentilsLarge handful heirloom baby tomatoesHandful green beansHandful baby radish, thinly sliced2 medium-sized whole chorizo sausageJuice 2 lemonsOlive oil & EVOOSalt & freshly ground black pepper1 tablespoon poppy seedsExtra lemon wedges to serveBaby basil leaves Pre-heat oven to 140˚C (280˚F)Slice baby tomatoes in half, drizzle with a little olive oil and slow roast in the oven for 1.5 hours until caramelised. Remove from oven and allow to cool.Bring a small pot of water to the boil then add in the green beans, simmer over medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes, then remove beans and plunge into a bowl of iced water.

Love this pearl! My foodie go to person! by connistock Feb 19