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Newsroom Kids' State Dinner – Download the cookbook and watch the video of the First Lady hosting a lunch for the winners of the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. (The 2012 Cookbook is also available.) MyPlate Kids' Place – (May 30, 2013) MyPlate Kids' Place has online resources and tools to help kids make wise choices in a fun and appealing way. MyPlate On Campus – (March 20, 2013) MyPlate goes to college! Students on campuses around the country can be ambassadors for MyPlate and healthy eating.

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Bitches Who Brunch There are so many new restaurants opening up in my Logan ‘hood that I am absolutely spoiled for choice at the moment. There’s not a top spot I want to try on any given Friday night—there are four or five top spots I want to try. A few Saturdays ago, Cori Sue deftly arranged a stellar GNO, beginning with dinner at the new B Too, followed by drinks at the also-new Black Whiskey, then the continuation of our bar-hopping all the way up 14th Street. Hyères For the island group, see Îles d'Hyères. The old town lies 4 km (2.5 mi) from the sea clustered around the Castle of Saint Bernard, which is set on a hill. Between the old town and the sea lies the pine-covered hill of Costebelle, which overlooks the peninsula of Giens. Hyères is the oldest resort on the French Riviera.[1] History[edit]

daily veg req How many vegetables are needed daily or weekly? Vegetable choices should be selected from among the vegetable subgroups. It is not necessary to eat vegetables from each subgroup daily. However, over a week, try to consume the amounts listed from each subgroup as a way to reach your daily intake recommendation. The amount of vegetables you need to eat depends on your age, sex, and level of physical activity. Recommended total daily amounts are shown in the first chart.

What Drinking Coffee Does to You The chances are that you saw the title of this article and winced a little. Usually, things which are enjoyable bring negative side effects to our bodies. Alcohol, chocolate and fast-food are all fine examples of things which are enjoyable at the time but have negative long-term side effects on your health. So how does coffee compete with these ‘naughty’ foods and drink? 17 Free Tools for Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos When you're trying to teach people how to do something new on their computers having screencast videos or annotated screen capture images can be invaluable to you and the people you're trying to help. Here are some free tools that you can use to create screen capture videos and images. Vessenger, producers of a group messaging system, offers a free program for capturing and annotating images on your computer screen. The free program, called Snaplr, is available for Windows and Mac. With Snaplr installed you can capture all or part of your screen. Snaplr's annotation tools include text boxes, highlighting, and free-hand drawing tools.

Dymaxion. On the Geography of Coffee Bar Language - The Survey Results! A few days ago, inspired by the awesome New York Times feature "How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk" I thought I might apply a small part of this idea to coffee. After all, there is a bunch of variation in coffee language across the United States: most people who travel for coffee at some point notice that there are variations in language (what do you call that drink?)

East Cross Border Region - EU Funding Opportunities Ireland East Border Region Ltd is one of five local authority led cross border networks on the Ireland/Northern Ireland border. The East Border Region comprises ten local authorities, Newry and Mourne, Down and Banbridge District Councils, Armagh City and District Council, Craigavon, Ards and North Down Borough Councils in Northern Ireland and Louth, Monaghan and Meath County Councils in the Republic Of Ireland and has a total population of 826,000. East Border Region was established in 1976 to promote innovative, cross border economic development in the areas of agriculture, Industry, Commerce and Tourism and to improve the living conditions and employment prospects of those living in the region. East Border Region was awarded the role of Implementing Body in the Ireland/Northern Ireland INTERREG IIIA Programme 2000-2006 and as a result successfully implemented approximately €25 million to genuine cross border projects across the region.

Weekly Circular Advertisement Map data ©2013 Google, INEGI - Terms of Use Map Satellite ffee 'may make us happier': Study finds people recognise positive words more quickly when dosed with the stimulant By Damien Gayle Published: 14:00 GMT, 13 November 2012 | Updated: 14:00 GMT, 13 November 2012 Drinking coffee might help us look on the bright side of life, according to a new study which shows caffeine can help people spot positive words. German researchers found that volunteers dosed the equivalent in caffeine of two to three cups of coffee were able to spot positive words more quickly in a series of experiments.

7 Habits Of Highly-Effective Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology 7 Characteristics Of Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology by TeachThought Staff Ed note: This post has been updated with an updated visual from Sylvia Duckworth, who took our graphic from (now getalma) post and created the above visual. It is also sporting a new title, as the “habits of” is a trademarked term. As such, the new graphic and phrasing appears below. Food Babe Investigates: Is Subway Real Food? This is a guest post from Vani Hari (a.k.a. The Food Babe). Subway is the single largest chain restaurant in the world. That means you’ve probably eaten there at some point in your lifetime and if you are like me could possibly have 10 of these restaurants within a 1 mile radius of your house. But is eating at America’s favorite fast food chain really eating real food? Subway would certainly like you to think so.

The Science, History and How to of Contagious Laughter If you like this post follow me on twitter Laughter is that involuntary response humans of all cultures share, and while we may think of it as a reaction to humor (the funnier we find something, the more we laugh at it, goes the common wisdom), devoid of any other qualification it is a complex (and virulently contagious) social phenomenon. In this post I study the science of social laughter, the history of epidemics of contagious laughter and I’ll detail how to get started creating your own outbreaks. Taco Bell Calories and Nutrition Information At Taco Bell, we're proud to offer you 7 incredible Taco Bell tastes at 9 grams of fat, providing more choices that are lower in fat and calories. If you've ever wondered about the science behind the fat and calorie numbers, here are some of the great lengths that we go to provide you with complete and truthful nutritional information: We regularly retest. We voluntarily follow leading industry standards, including the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) guidelines established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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