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Since launching in 2009, this has sparked some discussion as to how it all works. The analysis system is fairly basic: the searchterm is used in (English) sentences, which are arranged into three categories of connotation: negative, positive and indifferent. These sentences are then sent off to the search engine(s)*, counting the number of results returned for each category, which are subsequently converted into percentages. The sentences are double quoted, to make sure the search-engine searches for occurrences of the whole sentence. These results represent a very global impression of connotations (positive, negative or indefferent) for said search term, so they should not be taken too seriously. However, the more results (hits) are returned for a search, the more accurate the percentages can become.

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40 Fantastic Time-Wasting Web Sites Warning: Reading this story may be hazardous to your productivity. The Web sites within may divert you from the dull tasks in need of your attention and may cause you to goof off for hours instead. Oh, who are we kidding? Vision of Humanity See the latest peace news and research Latest peace news,research and videos Contact us 11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life Your morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day. Here are 11 habits you can establish that will put you on the path of stringing together good day after good day. 1. 5 Good Options for Creating Digital Portfolios Over the course of the school year our students create some fantastic digital products. Building a digital portfolio is a great way for students to look back at everything they've done and organize it into a cohesive package. The following five tools are good services for creating digital portfolios. Silk is a free service for creating webpages organized around a theme or topic. Silk is intended to be a place where you can share collections of materials as well as write text directly into your webpages. Your Silk dashboard provides a place to organize your materials into collections and subcollections.

50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World Life hacks are little ways to make our lives easier. These low-budget tips and trick can help you organize and de-clutter space; prolong and preserve your products; or teach you something (e.g., tie a full Windsor) that you simply did not know before. Most of these came from a great post on tumblr. There is also a great subreddit ‘r/lifehacks‘ with some fantastic tips as well. 20.

Bizarre Websites On Which You Can Kill Time With Style Modern Web-building technologies allow designers to realize their most daring and creative ideas. Enhanced interactivity and a remarkable visual appearance can be achieved by means of such tools as Flash, JavaScript and Papervision3D, to name just a few. These strengths usually impress and entertain visitors and thus are often used for conceptual artistic presentations and promotional campaigns. In this post, you’ll find a collection of amusing websites that, by combining unconventional (and sometimes bizarre) ideas and clever JavaScript and Flash effects, will entice you to play on them for an embarrassing long time. Charter Communications *See below for specific offer details and restrictions Charter Internet® Plus - $ for 12 mos $44.99/mo. Yr 2; Standard rates apply after 2 years.

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FUCKING HOMEPAGE - Useful Websites Here is a list of websites we have featured in the past that might come in handy. Remember to set as your start page if you haven’t already. Educational/Learning 40 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify your World 40 Clever Life Hacks to Simplify your World October 16, 2013 in Uncategorized Read our BRAND NEW AND IMPROVED Life Hacks post by clicking HERE! Our recent blog 50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World did so well that we thought we’d do another one.

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