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Albino Blacksheep

Albino Blacksheep

Free Games - OCAU Wiki Based on the YAFGT - Yet Another Free Games Thread in the OCAU Forums. Due to the fluid nature of Wikis, content found here won't always match that in the forum thread. Free Games are broken down into 3 categories: Totally Free - Games that are free to download, play, play online etc... Rules of the thread Please abide by them: 1. Quote: As pointed out by KYPREO: Many people do not realise that abandonware is currently illegal under Australian copyright law. Note: I have copied some content from older posts, some of it MAY be abandonware, I'm aware. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Totally Free Games Note: $ means the game is free to play, but some (minor) ingame content can be accessible via payment. Free to Acquire, Pay to Use Kal Online - Pay for extremely rare items only (which you must find in the first place wtf?) Pay to Acquire, Free to Use Other Resources Thanks MiGiSHu: Big thanks to everyone who's contributed so far.

Some paradoxes - an anthology E-mails from an Asshole World's Biggest PAC-MAN The Wonderful World of Prison Inventions Someone once said that necessity is the mother of all invention. Prison is one of the few places where very few common wants and needs are fulfilled; resources are incredibly limited and ardently regulated. Prisoners, who are not content to only posses what "the man" tells them they can have, are forced to use their critical thinking skills (prison-genuity, anyone?) to craft what can be some very type shit. Cigarette Lighter Source With cigarettes being the go-to currency of choice for prisoners (at least the movies would have you believe this), there wouldn't be much use for a smokable commodity if there was no way to light it. Tattoo Gun While your in prison, why not get a tattoo to commemorate " the time of your life", and there's also no better way of showing your commitment to what ever gang you choose to join while in the clink. Pipe Just because you got thrown in the slammer doesn't mean you might not get the occasional chance to enjoy some weed. Hidden Shiv Razor Comb Rash Knuckles

QDB: Quote Database Home Toothpaste For Dinner by @drewtoothpaste - compact fluorescent lightbulb Imperial Stormtroopers: They’re Just Like Us! December 18th, 2008 by NextRound in Funny, Movies & TV They get hassled by 5.0! They read magazines on the can! They work at coffee shops! They get awkward boners! They mow the lawn! They make gangsta car poses! They hope they don’t get jammed up at second base! They shop for groceries! They enjoy long walks on the beach! They support their team! They take the express train! They drink forties when they’re off duty! They have poor friends! They have fat friends! They have slutty coworkers! They go down the slide at the fair! They bring flowers when they’ve fucked up! They chill out by the pool! They feel weird at their in-laws! They know it’s all about straight cash homey! They get stuck with the kids! They get drunk and weird on St. They just need one more quarter to get the stuffed Donkey Kong! Similar Awesomeness: