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Index - Haxe

Index - Haxe
Join us for the 4th International Haxe Conference, WWX 2014, register and get more information on If you could only learn one programming language, Haxe would be it.It's universal. It's powerful. It's easy-to-use. Haxe can be compiled to all popular programming platforms with its fast compiler – JavaScript, Flash, NekoVM, PHP, C++, C# and Java – which means your apps will support all popular mobile devices, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more. Haxe is a technology created and backed by the Haxe Foundation.

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General Intelligence Operating System GI-OS The General Intelligence Operating System, with a goal of making technological host-bodies for incarnation. The operating system language should be of sufficient quality, that it could be fully comprehended by a homo-sapien, through verbal interaction. That way it's backwards compatible with biological homo-sapien bodies. Maintaining ecological diversity with mineral, biological, and technological life, all be ones, none be zeros. External Links - Inline Studios Info Most of the technologies we use everyday were learned from reading some of the great sites available on the internet. We decided to compile a list of our favorite learning materials and websites to help you improve your skills. General Programming

Adding Custom Google Maps to Your Website Maps are often placed on a company website to help customers find their way there. For that, Google Maps is excellent. But wouldn’t it be nice to add your company logo, parking lots, train stations, etc. to the map, to help the customer even more? It is very simple, and in this article I am going to show you how. Before we start, check out what we are going to create: Sublime Text Download Sublime Text 3 is currently in beta. The latest build is 3126. OS X (10.7 or later is required) Windows - also available as a portable version Windows 64 bit - also available as a portable version Ubuntu 64 bit - also available as a tarball for other Linux distributions.

Six Different 3D and 2D Iphone Game Engines Since there always seems to be so many people asking on forums about iPhone game engines, and keeping with the theme of my last two posts I thought I would start keeping a list. To begin with these are the ones that I know of (in alphabetical order): Cocoas2D – 2D Game Engine, Open Source, LGPL iTGB for 2D Games – 2D Game Engine, Commercial, Min. cost $500 OOlong Engine – 3D Game Engine, Open Source, MIT License SIO2Engine – 3D Game Engine, Open Source, Payment or flash screen on game requiredSton3D for Iphone – 3D Game Engine, Commercial, Min. cost approx. $250 (based on current conversion rates) Unity3D Engine – 3D Game Engine, Commercial, Min. cost $199 + $399 If you have any exprience using any of the above engines in development please post any opinions you have. If you know of any other 3D or 2D engines available for iPhone developers then please post below.

hannibalcodegenerator - Hannibal Code Generation "We will either find a way, or make one." - Hannibal Barca Hannibal Barca, the great Carthaginian general, is widely regarded as the greatest strategist and tactician of all time. His ability to engage the enemy, using innovative yet simple tactics in such a way as to ensure victory is second to none. Hannibal the code generator, strives to emulate Hannibal Barca's embodiment of minimalism, simplicity, and efficiency to advance pragmatic solutions to solve the problems associated with rapid web application development. Hannibal is much more than a code generator. It is a code generator that produces code that is tied to small but effective Hannibal packages that allow developers to efficiently tackle a finite but commonly encountered set of problems.

CoffeeScript: JavaScript without the Fail This presentation is an HTML5 website Presentation template from Press PgDn to advance. AltR runs your code. Ctrl1 toggles the JS panel. Bodil Stokke Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets Before you can use Sass, you need to set it up on your project. If you want to just browse here, go ahead, but we recommend you go install Sass first. Go here if you want to learn how to get everything setup.

FlySpeed - SQL query tool with visual query builder FlySpeed SQL Query is a simple and fast SQL query tool for most of today's popular databases. It was primarily designed to meet the everyday needs of ordinary database users who need to work with data first and foremost, rather than to design databases. It enables you to build queries on many different database servers without needing deep knowledge of SQL syntax and to work with data fast and easy. The FlySpeed SQL Query tool facilitates the process of building SQL by letting you quickly drag and drop tables to create queries, from simple to complex, and combine visual query building with direct SQL text editing. The FlySpeed SQL Query tool combines a powerful means of working with SQL queries, high-speed data retrieval, and one-click data export and printing to make your work with data more productive than ever before! Handy for professionals and a must-have to newbies, the FlySpeed Database Query Tool is free to use without printing and exporting capabilities.

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