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Index - Haxe

Index - Haxe
Join us for the 4th International Haxe Conference, WWX 2014, register and get more information on If you could only learn one programming language, Haxe would be it.It's universal. It's powerful. It's easy-to-use. Haxe can be compiled to all popular programming platforms with its fast compiler – JavaScript, Flash, NekoVM, PHP, C++, C# and Java – which means your apps will support all popular mobile devices, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more. Haxe is a technology created and backed by the Haxe Foundation.

Advanced Programming Languages Introduction Research Syntax Semantics Static Semantics ( Type Theory ) gource - software version control visualization Gource is a software version control visualization tool. See more of Gource in action on the Videos page. Introduction Software projects are displayed by Gource as an animated tree with the root directory of the project at its centre. Directories appear as branches with files as leaves. SFML Tutorial: Basic Game Engine Creating a Basic Game Engine At the core of every good game is a game engine. But as a beginner, building your first game engine can be pretty daunting. There are lots of things to consider when designing a solid game engine. Develop Cross Platform Mobile Apps and Games BasicBuild your games or apps in record time and start monetizing with in-app purchases or ads.BUY $16/monthProPro adds advanced graphics, all Corona Plugins, analytics and much more.BUY $49/monthEnterpriseCall any native library (C++/Objective-C/Java) from your Corona app and do offline builds.CONTACT US Download Corona and you are automatically a Corona SDK Starter. You can build and publish your apps for free.Upgrade to Basic, Pro or Enterprise when you are ready for more functionality.

Specification Syntax The syntax of the Neko language was designed to be easy to parse and easy to generate. It is not specifically designed to be written by a programmer, but rather to be generated from a higher level language. For example, one could write easily a PHP-to-Neko or a Java-to-Neko converter that would generate equivalent code but with Neko syntax and semantics rather than those of PHP or Java.

High-speed multimedia radio Basics[edit] Capabilities[edit] HSMM can support most of the traffic that the Internet currently does, including video chat, voice, instant messaging, the Web (HTTP), file transfer (FTP), and forums. The only differences being that with HSMM, such services are community instead of commercially implemented and it is mostly wireless. Restoration of defocused and blurred images. Restoration of distorted images is one of the most interesting and important problems of image processing - from the theoretical, as well as from the practical point of view. There are especial cases: blurring due to incorrect focus and blurring due to movement - and these very defects (which each of you knows very well, and which are very difficult to repair) were selected as the subject of this article. As for other image defects (noise, incorrect exposure, distortion), the humanity has learned how to correct them, any good photo editor has that tools. See the next part of this article here Why is there almost no means for correction of blurring and defocusing (except unsharp mask) - maybe it is impossible to do this at all?

tiny osc library The story OscPkt is a very minimalistic OSC library. What I wanted to achieve with this lib: make it at small as possible. It consists of one header file, oscpkt.hh, which implements pretty much all of the OSC specification, even the pattern matching stuff (the wildcards etc). use only dumb, basic, c++. Secure Mobile Environment for HTML5 Apps Sencha Space is an advanced platform for securely deploying mobile apps and delivering a consistent, elegant, mobile user experience to end-users. Users can launch any mobile web app, or HTML5 app in a secure, managed environment. Your users will have secure access to mission critical applications and data regardless of their mobile platform or location. Unlike Mobile Device Management (or MDM), Space provides fine-grained direct management of applications, data, and user identity. Sencha Space simplifies your mobile strategy