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Top 10 des sites à consulter quand on s’ennuie Au bureau ou en vacances, même constat : vous vous ennuyez comme un rat mort. Et encore, le rat mort, lui a la chance de ne pas ressentir l'ennui, et donc de ne pas se sentir frustré par cet ennui. Mais grâce à Dieu, ce petit top 10 des sites internet sympatoches à consulter lorsque l'ennui vous envahis, vient vous sauver. Vie de merde : on commence avec du classique : Vie de merde. Stormtrooper’s life on photos - art pack Keep in touch close Stormtrooper’s life on photos – art pack Author: kiwee October 01, 2009 the soup Via Flickr Daily RoutineEpisode 1galleryLifephotosStar WarsStefanStormtroopers Related Posts 61 Comments More Storm Troopers’ Day Off « Gaze at the Sky March 14, 2011 at 2:14 pm - [...] « Older Comments Leave A Response You must be logged in to post a comment. You might also like archives Categories Find us on Facebook Recent Posts Tweeter! Back to Top Copyright © 2012 - Graffart. ShareThis Copy and Paste

J'affiche...! Things People Said Ordinary people can be drop dead funny. Latest additions: 1/21/11 Human speech is directly responsible for almost every thought and emotion we have throughout life's journey. The complexity of language and the complex messages we use it to communicate leave the possibilities wide open for just about anything. Among other things, people can say things that are funny. We pay good money to see comedians say funny things, and a lot of them come through. This page features humor that bypasses that. Slips and Gaffes Accident Reports -- Descriptions of accidents as written on insurance claim forms. Questions, Suggestions, and Complaints Forest Service Feedback -- City folk suggest improvements to the outdoors. Things Kids Say Kids' Ideas About Love -- 5 to 10 year olds expound on love and marriage. Stupidity Warning Labels -- In today's litigious society, products need ridiculously obvious instructions. Famous People Yogi Berra -- Verbal blunders from one of baseball's legends. RinkWorks

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine Suis-je normal(e) ? Psychothérapie de groupe sur Internet Diaporamas Sketch Pad April 11th, 2014 He just wanted to be in the ballpark. (submitted by Aga in Poland) In Your Grill April 10th, 2014 “This photo is of my brother posing inside the grill of our car, “The Beat” circa 1985. (submitted by Melanie) Turn And Face The Change April 9th, 2014 “This photo was taken by a professional photographer my brother and sister-in-law hired for their big day. (submitted by Jennifer) Mary Had A Little Lamb “If the red eyed devil bunny didn’t get you, the possessed lamb was waiting in the wings.” (submitted by Chris)

Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia Vidéos Buzz, Jeux Flash et Images sur Yahoo! Questions/Réponses - Vos questions et vos réponses, sur tous les sujets!

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