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12 Questions To Ask Your Future Employer. Job interview prep is often focused on nailing the questions your future employer will ask you, and delivering the best answer.

12 Questions To Ask Your Future Employer

Usually that means running through your answer to, “What’s your greatest weakness?” Over and over in the mirror. Less preparation, however, is given to the inverse (but just as important) scenario: asking your future employer the right questions to get to the heart of what you’ll do, and who you’ll support, at the job.

Finding the right culture fit and team match is even more crucial when the company you are applying to is in the early growth stage: these are the people you’re going to spend the next few years of your life with. You’ll need to be able to be honest, and strategic. So how do you take it upon yourself, as the candidate, to find out everything you need to know about the job you’re about to take—and the company you’re (hopefully) about to become an integral part of? The Ultimate Guide to Safer Sex [Infographic]

27 Ways to Get More Sh!t Done. Whether we’re overwhelmed by that never-ending to-do list or simply distracted (thanks, Facebook), sometimes it feels like we just can't get enough out of the day.

27 Ways to Get More Sh!t Done

Until 30-hour days are invented, follow these easy, effective tips for getting more done in the 24 we have. Productivity Hero—Your Action Plan 1. Get enough sleep. Whoever coined the phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” didn’t have all the facts straight. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 101320140119174. Checklist of Fun Company Outings. To unite your team, go beyond the standard potluck dinner or trust fall.

Checklist of Fun Company Outings

You can make team building fun and meaningful for your staff without busting your budget. Bond over activities like these: Volunteer together Plan activities where employees can work together volunteering for a local cause or charity. Studies have proven that charitable activities build camaraderie, boost employee morale and make people feel better about themselves and their organizations—and most won’t cost your organization any money. Commit to a team walk, run or bike A team that can cross the finish line together learns a lot about working as unit and helping each other.

Plan a field trip Go to a local museum, aquarium, zoo or historical site to bond while learning about and supporting your community. Take a cooking class Companies like are popping up everywhere. Go on an adventure Take a camping trip, go white-water rafting or indoor skydiving, or complete a ropes course. 10 Creative Team Outing Ideas Employees Might Actually Enjoy. Starting to notice some droopy shoulders around the office?

10 Creative Team Outing Ideas Employees Might Actually Enjoy

Does your team need a bit more pep in their step? Sounds like it's time to plan a team outing! Team outings are a great way to facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce employee stress, and give them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office. And, you know, they're really fun. Can love be created? See How Much the "Perfect" Female Body Has Changed in 100 Years (It's Crazy!) You might also like How to Stop Being Disappointed With Your Body READ There's a reason magazine covers include lines like "5 Moves for Michelle Obama Arms" or "The Secret for a Booty Like Beyoncé.

See How Much the "Perfect" Female Body Has Changed in 100 Years (It's Crazy!)

" But if you’ve ever found yourself wishing for this actress’s waist or that singer’s legs, remember this: The media’s concept of the ideal woman’s body isn’t static. Whoever People magazine deems “most beautiful” this year is just a representation of what has bubbled up in the cauldron of pop culture. That silhouette of the “ideal woman” has been put through a series of fun house mirrors (fashion, movies, pop music, politics). To prove our point, we’re taking a closer look at body ideals over the last 100 years—which shows that, as they say on Project Runway, “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” Meet the “it girl” of the era: the Gibson Girl. But Gibson’s model and O.G.G. In fashion, the waistline moves several inches below the navel, making narrow hips a necessity. 34 Ways to Bust a Bad Mood in 10 Minutes or Less.

Bad days happen.

34 Ways to Bust a Bad Mood in 10 Minutes or Less

A bombed job interview, a broken coffee machine (when you really need coffee), stepping in dog poop on the way to a date—we know, life can sometimes suck. We can’t get rid of a terrible commute or an intolerable co-worker (sorry), but we do have some sweet suggestions for improving a mood regardless. 16 Diagrams That Will Change The Way You Look At London.

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People. How to Google. Fed Up With Procrastination? You Can Beat It!