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A Decade of Discovery

Motor: Best Vehicles for Navigating the Apocalypse Illustration: Oksana Badrak The four horsemen of the apocalypse can afford to be smug bastards. They have transportation. Voices: What's Next - Interactive Feature By Carl Zimmer Scientists can’t say what they’ll be discovering 10 years from now. But they do pay careful attention to the direction in which their fields are moving, and they have some strong hunches about where they are headed in the year ahead.

Traduction de saf saf en français sensagent's content translationsdefinitionssynonymsantonymsencyclopedia Webmaster Solution ESONET @ Oceanlab ESONET is a proposed sub sea component of the European GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) to provide strategic long term monitoring capability in geophysics, geotechnics, chemistry, biochemistry, oceanography, biology and fisheries. To provide representative sampling around Europe 10 regional networks are proposed in contrasting oceanographic regions: In addition, a mobile response observatory will be available for rapid deployment in areas of anthropogenic or natural disasters to provide data for environment management and government agencies.

The Census on Google Earth — Census of Marine Life Maps and Visualization Every week the latest Census discoveries are added to Google Earth, the 3-D geographic explorer from Google. Census waterdrop icons mark the location where researchers have been exploring. Google Earth lets you share the excitement of Census of Marine Life explorations as scientists uncover the mysteries of what lives below the surface of the global ocean. A world of marine discoveries including 50 different kinds of Arctic jellies, a colossal sea star, and Antarctica’s biggest-ever amphipod and other interesting, rare, and new marine species can be found. Or one can follow along on scientific explorations to the coldest, saltiest water on the planet or to a new ocean environment created by an ice shelf break the size of Jamaica or to the hottest hydrothermal vent ever discovered—hot enough to melt lead!

Hypnosis reaches the parts brain scans and neurosurgery cannot Whenever AR sees a face, her thoughts are bathed in colour and each identity triggers its own rich hue that shines across her mind's eye. This experience is a type of synaesthesia which, for about one in every 100 people, automatically blends the senses. Some people taste words, others see sounds, but AR experiences colour with every face she sees. But on this occasion, perhaps for the first time in her life, a face is just a face. No colours, no rich hues, no internal lights.

A New Warrior She’s the first ship in our fleet designed and built specifically for Greenpeace. That means the Rainbow Warrior is not just one of the most environmentally-friendly ships ever made; she’s also a campaigner’s dream. We are thrilled she’s now fighting with us for a green and peaceful future. Alex Abella: Rand Corporation, The Shadowy Think Tank That Shaped Our Modern World ! Genetically Re-Engineered Man And The Rise Of The Scientific, Technocratic Dictatorship New World Order Alex Abella: Rand Corporation, The Shadowy Think Tank That Shaped Our Modern World ! Genetically Re-Engineered Man And The Rise Of The Scientific, Technocratic Dictatorship New World Order! See also: Global Governance 2025 . Quotes:“The development of new agents with the ability to reengineer existing life forms to have an offensive capacity poses a growing challenge.” - Page 35 “In addition, biotechnology—…. can drive new forms of human behavior and association, creating profound cross-cultural ethical questions…… For example, direct modification of DNA at fertilization is widely researched with a goal of removing defective genes; however, discussions of future capabilities open the possibility for designing humans with unique physical, emotional, or cognitive abilities.” – Page 35 end Like this:

10 years project (2000-2010) investigation marine biodiversity. by bolotoved Dec 14

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