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Earth Science

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OLYMPEX Advanced Data Analysis Exercise. Geoinquiries. Our most detailed view of Earth across space and time. Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans. Earth and Space Science - SDUHSD Common Core Resources. Which Came First on Earth. The hunt for life on other planets is due for a makeover.

Which Came First on Earth

Although it is often confined to planets orbiting in the so-called habitable zone where proximity to their host stars makes temperatures just right for liquid water, many astronomers are beginning to think outside the “Goldilocks” box. Some wonder if previously overlooked mechanisms—including life itself—could broaden the habitable zone well beyond its current definition. Colin Goldblatt, a planetary scientist at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, even argues that life’s ability to alter a planet’s climate poses a new paradox: A planet’s habitability could depend on whether life has already made itself at home there, a situation that would place habitability and life in a baffling chicken-or-egg scenario.

Goldblatt has been looking beyond Earth-like atmospheres to see how different concentrations of nitrogen and carbon dioxide might tweak a planet’s habitability. Discovering Plate Boundaries Home. Physical, Earth and Space. Virtual Labs. The links on this page are all VIRTUAL LABS offered by the Glencoe textbook company.

Virtual Labs

These labs give the students the adventure of laboratory experimentation without costly supplies, worrisome environmental and safety issues, or time-consuming clean up. They are from all different areas of science: Biology, Physics, Genetics, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Chemistry. Please feel free to try these at home! Students will be directed to specific labs in class but there are over 100 labs offered here! To return to the home page, please click here: Virtual Labs 1) What strategies are involved in solving a science problem? Faulting at Devils Slide. The opening of the tunnel around Devil’s Slide in San Mateo County allowed for the creation of a mile-long trek to look at some of California’s fascinating geology.

Faulting at Devils Slide

In my last geology hike to the trail, I took a photo of the great sedimentary layers at the north end of the trail, then edited the photo to show how well the strata line up on each side of a fault through the sediments. Mouse over the image below to see the image of the current conditions of the strata. Imagine the strata lined up like this years ago.

The red arrow shows the relative motion of the rocks between "then" and now. Teaching_strategies. Natural Hazards• ELI Natural Hazards category Plate tectonicsPlate tectonics - whole concept:-• Partial melting - simple process, huge global impact (ELI+)• Partial melting model and real rock (ELI+)• Plate riding (ELI+)• Plate tectonics through the window (ELI+) Evidence and explanation for the theory:-• Continental jigsaw puzzle (ELI+)• Earth time jigsaw puzzle• Geobattleships (ELI+)• Wegener’s ‘Continental drift’ meets Wilson’s ‘Plate tectonics’ (ELI+)• Did the continents move for you?


(ELI+) Mechanism:-• Bouncing, bending, breaking• Mantle plume in a beaker (ELI+)• What drives the plates? Mars_Mystery_Rocks_Activity.pdf.


Geology. Meteorology. Physical Setting/Earth Science Regents Examinations. NASA Wavelength Digital Library. Science On a Sphere. Playlist Builder ..

Science On a Sphere

/ftp_mirror/extras/meander_rivers/media/thumbnail_small.jpg Meander dataset.php? Id=484 Meander Description Inspired by the books and lectures of geomorphologist Ellen Wohl (Colorado State University), "Meander" explores how you can understand the health of a river by looking at its shape. The overall thesis is that rivers naturally tend towards "complex" shapes, whereas human activity tends to straighten them and reduce complexity. One result of this is that the surrounding forests are not replenished with the nutrients that large river floods provide, and start to degrade and die off. Visit Michael Theodore's website here. Length of dataset: 4:48 Notable Features River health is largely a function of shapeHealthy rivers tend towards complex shapesForests and fish are harmed when human activity straightens riversThe more we can structure human development, housing and transportation to allow rivers the greatest "freedom" possible, the better Use lighting Details.

Discipline: Science. HESS-Assignments & Notes - EHS-Manning. 201304_NGSS-Wysession.pdf. CE3 Cyber-Enabled Earth Exploration. EducResources.pdf. Oil: Abundant, Dependable, Ready. Interdisciplinary Fossil Fuels Unit Also, students will critically consider the personal and societal impacts fossil fuels have in regards to travel, product development, job opportunities, and more.

Oil: Abundant, Dependable, Ready

With recognition of the importance of fossil fuels, students will develop an experiment to simulate the process of distilling crude oil. In essence, the students will become experts in the process, detailing their research, design, and results. Through this simulation, students have the opportunity to see the importance of physical and chemical properties of matter and their vital role in a multi-billion dollar industry. This lesson is one part of a series of lessons that can be done together or individually. HESS-Teaching Resources - EHS-Manning.