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ET541 Software Support Tools For Earth and Space Science

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Emaze - Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations. EdListen: Create Narrated Presentations & Screencasts On A Chromebook. #GIEsummit This post is about creating narrated presentations using a Chromebook.

EdListen: Create Narrated Presentations & Screencasts On A Chromebook

In education there are many purposes for creating narrated presentations, from creating Flipped videos to, to your students doing recorded oral presentations. The tools outlined below will allow you to put together video's that can record your audio and presentation materials. All the below videos were recorded using an Acer 720p with 4 gigs of ram.

Screencasting: Screencasting will record everything that is happening on your desktop or tab. This is a simple Chrome extension that can record your current tab, desktop or even switch between tabs. Snagit This is probably the most popular screencasting app for Chromebooks because it is made by TechSmith which is currently the top developer of these type of tools. Talking Head: YoutubeYou can't get much simpler. Collaborative Hangouts: Add Narration to a Presentation: Animation with Narration Video Editing: Very interesting links to explore. Google Forms - Créez des enquêtes et analysez les résultats gratuitement. Student Information System. Student Information System.

Engrade - Logout. The K12 learning management system. Examview. Customer Spotlight : Create Online Exams in Just 4 easy steps with ExamView® Pro Instructors are taking full advantage of ExamView® Pro Testing Software, the latest test-creation and online testing software that allows them to quickly produce reliable, balanced tests and reduce the time they spend grading.


With this product instructors can easily add or edit questions, print multiple versions of the same test, scramble multiple choice questions, and more. Not only is ExamView Pro flexible and easy to learn, it is provided at no cost to adopters of selected Thomson South-Western textbooks! Professor Oddo of Niagra University uses ExamView Pro for all of his classes. In just four steps Professor Oddo explains how he sets up his exams using Exam View Pro: First prepare your exam as you would with any computerized test bank Next, go to "Publish Internet Test" to save it in HTML format. See our ExamView product list.

Return to top of page. Google Sheets vous permet de créer et de modifier des feuilles de calcul en ligne gratuitement. Microsoft Office For Home, Students, & Professionals. [1] See for applicable devices.

Microsoft Office For Home, Students, & Professionals

Internet connection required. Internet and mobile telephone usage charges may apply.[2] Application availability and features vary by platform and device. Publisher and Access with Office 365 are available on PC only. OneNote for Mac is available as a separate download from the Mac App Store. Current Office application versions for Office 365 are Office 2013 for Windows and Office for Mac 2011.

Whether you're working or playing, Microsoft is here to help. Now take Office with you wherever you go, across all your devices with Office 365. All versions of Office include software for the things you do most often, including creating professional-looking presentations, working on spreadsheets, or word processing. Browse our Microsoft Office products and find the perfect solution to your home and business needs.

Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations. Weebly Website Builder: Create a Free Website, Store or Blog. Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming app - SpiderScribe. PBS LearningMedia. LiveBinders for Education. World Map / World Atlas / Atlas of the World Including Geography Facts and Flags - - Weather Glossary: A's. A measure of human discomfort due to combined heat and humidity.

Weather Glossary: A's

It measures the increased physiological heat stress and discomfort associated with higher than comfortable humidities. The apparent temperature is less than the actual air temperature when the humidity is relatively low and that the apparent temperature indicates the reduced stress and increased comfort associated with the higher rate of evaporative cooling of the skin.

Apparent temperatures greater than 80°F (27°C) are likely to produce some discomfort. Values in excess of 105°F (41°C) may be dangerous and even life-threatening, with severe heat exhaustion or heat stroke possible if the exposure is prolonged or physical activity is high. The degree of stress may vary with age, health, and body characteristics. The apparent temperature does not consider the effects of air movement (wind speed) or exposure to sunshine on the degree of discomfort or stress. USGS Photo Glossary of volcanic terms.