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Part 2. The Untold UFO War in Antarctica

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HOLLOW EARTH, HOLLOW WORLDS And “The MOON IS A LARGE, HOLLOW, TITANIUM BALL”- NASA ‘Censored’ Time to Acclimate To Reality’ Censorship Level: [Extremely High] “All The Planets In Our Solar System Are Hollow!” They all have large openings at their North and South poles. The Moon is a large Artificial Space Station. (Think Death Star covered in space dust) Don’t be scared, they have been there for thousands of years. If they meant to hurt us, we’d be hurt. They have at least one 39 mile long spaceship mining the Asteroids of Saturn, and 2 Cloaked UFO’s a third the size of Mercury each, caught by two US Deep Space Sat’s, during a Coronal Mass Expulsion (CME). Who are they? But parts of our and other Governments have been in contact with and know of between 6 and 12 different alien species, maybe more. Don’t worry about a fake Alien Attack. We Are The Cave Men! All this Information was super Top Secret only 2 years ago. There is still censorship, but it is not total, and for the most part, “They” have slowed down killing people who release this type of information. The REAL Reality begins now: See what has been hidden.

RUSSIA TODAY DID - ALIENS SHOOT DOWN MISSILE TO SAVE HUMANITY FROM OBAMA AND THE ILLUMINATI Hollow Earth: Agartha - Complete! II. USA Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Diary; III. William Reed: 'Phantom of the Poles'; IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. I. by Dr. To begin with, the Buddhists, in their theology fervently believe in its existence. The famous Russian channel, Nicholas Roerich, who was a channel for the Ascended Master, El Morya, claimed that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, was connected by a tunnel with the inner earth, Shamballa. The Indian epic, the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita are the two most famous texts of India. In his diary with other witnesses, he tells of entering the hollow interior of the Earth, and traveling 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation and animal life. His plane was finally greeted by flying machines, the type he had never seen before. To make a long story short, Admiral Byrd and his crew, upon their visit, were guided by their hosts in their plane back to the outer world, and their lives were changed forever. Admiral Byrd also states Inner Earth has an inner Sun. Dr.

Best UFO Sighting EVER! Watch NOW 2012 What is Happening? Hollow Earth Search this site Schiehallion - Mount Zion in the Far North The esoteric role of the Avesas - Spiritual Adepts of Longevity The spiritual role of the sacred isles of Britain in World history E-zine archive The Hollow Earth Enigma by Barry Dunford Around the early 1920’s, a Russian explorer, Ferdinand Ossendowski, travelled extensively in Mongolia, central Asia. Some of his travels and experiences are recorded in his book Beasts, Men and Gods, first published in English in 1922. In his fascinating and informative book The Lost World of Agharti (1982) the author, Alec MacLennan, covers in considerable detail the worldwide ramifications of this subterranean kingdom. Another curious enigma, which may have some bearing on the foregoing, concerns the mysterious disappearance of the English explorer Col. Lt.Col. When writing about Col. The concept of the Earth being hollow is one which has been written about for at least the past century or so. Marshall B. To again quote Dr.

Alien Base Entrance On Mount Adams, at ECETI Ranch, Famous UFO Sighting News, Nov 2, 2012. my reply to a friend that doesn't buy the hollow earth theory UFO SPOTTED OVER KENTUCKY SKIES/CYLINDER UFO ENTERS POPOCATEPETL VOLCANO, MEXICO (OCT 29, 2012)