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Rome Reborn 2.2: A Tour of Ancient Rome in 320 CE

Rome Reborn 2.2: A Tour of Ancient Rome in 320 CE

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Virtual Heritage - Hadrian's Wall. Brunton Turret Virtual Heritage presents "Hadrian's Wall. Brunton Turret", second Virtual 3D Tour over the most interesting places along the Hadrian's Wall. Brunton Turret (also known as Turret 26B) is one of the best preserved turrets on the line of Hadrian's Wall. It is located east from Roman Cilurnum fort in Chesters, and west from the Onnum fort in Haltonchesters. It was built by soldiers from the ninth cohort of the Twentieth Victorious Valerian Legion (legio XX Valeria Victrix) in 123 AD. Secrets of Lost Empires by Dennis Gaffney Aqueducts are one of the wonders of the Roman Empire. These graceful structures are not only majestic, but are engineering marvels that survive to this day. In "Construct an Aqueduct," you are hired as Chief Water Engineer by the Roman Emperor. Your job: to build an aqueduct that will supply the Roman city of Aqueductis with clean water to private homes, public baths and glorious fountains.

Monsters and mythical creatures invade Rome (photos) The Roman National Museum at Palazzo Massimo is hosting a superb and original exhibition called “Mostri, creature fantastiche della paura e del mito” (Monsters, fantastic creatures of fear and myth). The show brings together over 100 works from 40 museums, depicting fantastical creatures, all in a series of dark passages intended to resemble the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Monsters. Fantastic Creatures of Fear and Myth Exhibition, Palazzo Massimo, Rome There are griffins, chimeras, gorgons, centaurs, sirens, satyrs, harpies, sphinxes, alongside the Minotaur, Scylla and Pegasus, all represented on different types of objects: sculptures, architectural decorations, vases, frescoes and mosaics. They range from the Bronze Age to Imperial Rome.

Rome city break guide Why go? Because Rome has been around for almost 3,000 years and yet carries all that weight of history with a dolce vita lightness of heart. This is a city where classical ruins and early Christian places of worship stand next to – or lie beneath – Renaissance palazzos and Baroque fountains. There are also great neighbourhood trattorias, quirky shops and a buzzing aperitivo scene. And because Rome is a city that combines the intimacy and human scale of a village with the cultural draws of a European metropolis. What really happened on Easter Island? Hundreds of iconic moai statues stand testament to the vibrant civilization that once inhabited Easter Island, but there are far fewer clues about why this civilization mysteriously vanished. Did they shortsightedly exhaust the island's resources? Were they decimated by European illnesses and slave trade? Or did stow-away rats devastate the native ecosystem?

Online tours Africa Two million years of African history and art through the British Museum collection. Americas Discover the history fo the peoples of the Americas through objects and traditional ways of life. Asia A range of tours encompassing the art and history of Asia from ancient times to the present day.

These Photos of Pompeii Show Slice of Ancient Roman Life that Was Buried Under 20 Feet of Ash - History Daily Sep 172016 On August 24, 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius, a 4,000-foot volcano near the Bay of Naples in Italy, erupted, burrying the city of Pompeii under an almost 20-foot blanket of volcanic ash and killing 2,000 people. It was one of the world’s most famous and deadly volcanic eruptions. The Unofficial Ancient Roman Monster Survival Guide Posted on 22. Oct, 2013 by Brittany Britanniae in Latin Language, Roman culture Welcome to the Unofficial Ancient Roman Monster Guide! While, everyone knows about centaurs, harpies, cyclopes, mermaids, sirens, the chimera, hydra, giants, and et cetera; this guide’s goal is expose the truth of the monsters that hide under our very noses! The following monsters are very dangerous and should NOT be approached under any circumstance. Most of these creatures and monsters eat people, so if you seen one please contact your local animal control or classicist.

Roman Ruins HD for iPad Not everyone can afford a quick jaunt around the Mediterranean to view the ruins of ancient Rome, but there's a new iPad app that offers a reasonably facsimile without the whole traveling the world aspect. Roman Ruins HD for iPad includes 1,500 images of ruins from all over the Mediterranean with massive pillars, detailed stonework, and more. It's not a small download, though. The app provides a variety of ways to dive into the images. New lead in the search for elusive Norse settlements CODROY VALLEY, Canada–A story passed down in my family for generations may be the clue to finding a lost Norse settlement. The only Norse settlement in the New World thus far confirmed by archaeologists is in L’Anse aux Meadows at the northern tip of Newfoundland, Canada. But the Norse sagas tell of other colonizing expeditions. Last summer, archaeologists announced that they had found evidence of a Norse presence–a hearth used for roasting bog iron ore, which is the first step in the production of iron–at Point Rosee in southern Newfoundland.

Tollund Man By Susan K. Lewis Posted 02.07.06 NOVA He has become the face of Iron Age Europe. But in 1950, when men cutting peat near the village of Tollund, Denmark, stumbled upon him, they thought he was a modern murder victim. The police, aware of similar ancient bodies, contacted the Silkeborg Museum, and various specialists—archeologists, forensic scientists, radiologists, paleobotanists, even dentists—later studied his body. Here, learn about their findings and get an intimate view of the 2,400-year-old man.

Roman Houses and Villas The Roman House An Elementary Conspectus Handbooks tend to distinguish among three basic types of late Republic/early imperial houses, as follows. In developmental terms: the "atrium house" is said to be the original "Italic" house, followed by the introduction of the peristyle garden in Hellenistic times; the peristyle gradually dominates, and the atrium is eventually lost altogether, perhaps under influence of Domitian's palace (said to be modelled on Hellenistic Greek palaces, and lacking an atrium). But this evolutionary model remains in lively dispute: cf. e.g. Wallace-Hadrill in Laurence 1997.

How many Greek legends were really true? The culture and legends of ancient Greece have a remarkably long legacy in the modern language of education, politics, philosophy, art and science. Classical references from thousands of years ago continue to appear. But what was the origin of some of these ideas? Rome Reborn October, 2013 to August, 2014 High Tech Romans Exhibition Featuring Rome Reborn 2.2 Moves to Technopolis in Mechelen, Belgium High Tech Romans comes to Technopolis in Belgium, where upwards of 500,000 people are expected to see it. The exhibition features 32 interactive exhibits plus 20 showcases full of archaeological finds from the northern part of the Roman Empire. A video based on Rome Reborn 2.2 is shown in the orientation theater at the entrance.

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