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International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

Reports Return to top > Evaluation of the Protection Standby Capacity (ProCap) and Gender Standby Capacity (GenCap) Projects (Dec 2011) Management Response Plan (MRP) to GenCap ProCap Evaluation Report (April 2012) ITT - Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics Centers for Natural Resources and Development CNRD is connecting universities worldwide promoting academic exchange and cooperation in the area of the management of natural resources, in particular related to Water, Land, Ecosystems and Renewable Energy resources. It fosters interdisciplinary approaches to natural resources management related to the Post 2015 Agenda and the envisioned Sustainability Goals (SDG). Membership to the network CNRD is open for any HEI which offers to significantly contribute to reaching the goals of CNRD. Please click here to download the membership application from.

L’humanité vit désormais au-dessus de ses moyens. En moins de huit mois, elle a déjà consommé toutes les ressources naturelles renouvelables que la planète peut produire en un an. L’organisation non gouvernementale Global Footprint Network réalise ce calcul depuis une vingtaine d’années. Grâce à des données fournies par les Nations unies, elle compare l’empreinte écologique, qui mesure l’exploitation des ressources naturelles de la Terre par l’homme, avec la biocapacité de la planète, c’est-à-dire sa capacité à régénérer ses ressources et absorber les déchets, comme les émissions de gaz à effet de serre. L’ONG détermine ainsi le jour de l’année où l’empreinte écologique dépasse la biocapacité. Russia — print back to main Russia’s system of international development assistance is being established. The strategic vision of the substance and priorities of Russia’s international development assistance policy is presented in the Concept of Russia’s Participation in International Development Assistance approved by the Russian President on 14 June 2007. A legal framework for Russia’s cooperation on international development assistance is laid out by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foreign Policy Concept, the Russian Security Concept, and the Budget Code of the Russian Federation. The Concept of Russia’s Participation in International Development Assistance (“Concept” further in the text) is also based on the UN Charter and other international instruments such as the Millennium Declaration, the Monterrey Consensus, the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the 2005 World Summit Outcome, the Paris Declaration, etc.

Marine Ecosystem-Based Management Marine Ecosystem-Based Management seeks to manage marine resources in ways that protect ecosystem health while providing the ecosystem services needed by people. Rather than focusing solely on a single species or resource, MEBM incorporates science and balances the demands of user groups to create management strategies that are more likely to be sustainable than traditional approaches. more >> This site presents case studies covering more than sixty places that are experiementing with an MEBM approach.

éducation au développement et à la solidarité internationale: enjeux, défis et pratiques... European Commission - Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection 14/04/2014 – Due to the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in South Sudan, the European Commission is ready to boost its life-saving assistance by €45 million to prevent an appalling tragedy in the country which is affecting the whole region. 11/04 –The European Union is stepping up its joint efforts to contain the spread of the first outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and assist those affected by the deadly virus. The Commission has increased its funding for immediate health operations, experts and risk assessments to €1.1 million, and is contributing with medical equipment to help accelerate diagnosis. 08/04 – Today's Commission communication on reducing the impact of natural and man-made disasters constitutes a cornerstone in shaping a common EU position.

GoogleEarth Visualisation Google Earth can be used to give detailed views of the areas around PSMSL Revised Local Reference (RLR) tide gauges. Detailed information about the sites such as RLR monthly data and plots can be accessed. You will need to download and install the Google Earth viewer software first. You will then have to download and install the PSMSL tide gauge kml file and open it in Google Earth. U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit Facing climate problems and finding climate opportunities In addition to the everyday concerns and challenges of running a business or community, every enterprise also faces some risk of being disrupted by the impacts of climate variability and change. In some locations, occasional events such as high-tide coastal flooding make it clear that rising seas are likely to become a problem. In other places, the threat of extended drought or flooding from intense rains may not be obvious, yet these problems can still occur.

What's new Marine Planning: Practical Approaches to Ocean and Coastal Decision-Making