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Free climate data for ecological modeling and GIS

Free climate data for ecological modeling and GIS

Real-time and Near-real-time river level data - Datasets Openness rating: Reason: Content of file appeared to be format "CSV" which receives openness score: 3. ★★★★★ Linked data - data URIs and linked to other data (e.g. RDF) ★★★★☆ Linkable data - served at URIs (e.g. ★★★☆☆ Structured data in open format (e.g. ★★☆☆☆ Structured data but proprietry format (e.g. ★☆☆☆☆ Unstructured data (e.g. Score updated: 07/08/2016 Open Data Certificate: Bronze Level This dataset covers monitoring data that is only updated on our systems on a daily update cycle. Readings are transferred via telemetry to internal and external systems in, or close to real time. Measurements of the height (m) of water in a river, lake or coastal site taken using automatic field devices, usually every 15 mins, Information is available for 1400 river gauging stations (where flow is also measured) and 1800 river level only monitoring sites throughout England, as well as some reservoirs and coastal sites. Data Package Download a copy of all of the cached resources for this dataset

VectorMap Extreme Weather, Natural Disaster, Weather Warming, Climate Change Maps and GIS Shapefiles <-- Free Map Downloads<-- Free ArcGIS Shapefile Downloads Sponsors The weather this winter and spring has been quite dramatic around the globe. Here are some resources that you can use to help prepare yourself for and understand these extreme climate events. Preview of new National Weather Service alerts maps Long-Term U.S. Scientists say sunspot activity is decreasing. The Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment Natural Disaster ArcGIS Shapefile Map Layer Series Extreme Weather & Disaster Maps, Resources and GIS Shapefiles Climate Change Impacts in the United States Maps, Charts, Tables Interagency Climate Report, White House Releases Landmark Climate Change Report Global Warming & Climate Change with Google Earth and Google Maps Mashups NOAA National Weather Service National Warning GIS Maps Temperature and Precipitation Forecasts 2010 through 2099 Based on IPCC Data NOAA National Weather Hazards Map Didn't find what you are looking for? Contact Us Report Broken Links Geography of Coffee What is the geography of coffee? This is the confluence of two of my great passions: learning about the world (geography) and enjoying a hot, bitter beverage (coffee)! In my environmental geography course, I usually spend at least two class sessions discussing the relationship between the beverage in my cup and the bean on the bush. For me, coffee is an excellent jumping-off point for understanding natural resource conservation and exploitation, equity in international trade, the geographic displacement of environmental problems, and global patterns of colonization (described succinctly in ICO's Story of Coffee) and post-colonial economic relationships. This page is my humble contribution to the discussion. The International Coffee Organization is the main governing body in the coffee industry. As with all of Nicaragua, the coffee-growing North was a dangerous and tumultuous place at the time of the U.S. See the coffee category of DMOZ for more.

Global Poverty Data Sets Downloads Introduction The Global Poverty Mapping Project seeks to enhance current understanding of the global distribution of poverty and the geographic and biophysical conditions of where the poor live. Additionally, the project aims to assist policy makers, development agencies, and the poor themselves in designing interventions to reduce poverty. Project Highlights Subnational Poverty Data Sets Spatially explicit data sets are available for selected proxy measures of poverty at global and national scales. Poverty Maps Collection Compelling maps illustrate how these data can be used to generate poverty maps. UK Data Service Census » Census boundary data We provide access to digitised boundary datasets and geographic look-up tables corresponding to the census geography of the UK. Digital boundaries are provided in common Geographical Information System (GIS) formats. Guide to census boundary data Access boundary data Data which fall under Open Government Licence (OGL) are available to all users. EasyDownloadThe most regularly requested census boundaries available as ready-to-use national datasets in popular formats Boundary Data Selector This facility lets you select the boundaries you want, for the area you want, in the format you want Postcode Directory DownloadThis facility allows you to download complete versions of current and historical postcode directories (sometimes referred to as look-up tables) Postcode Data Selector This facility allows you to download the set of postcodes that you want from postcode directories released between 2001 and the present day GeoConvert A geography matching and conversion tool. Back to top

International Programs - Information Gateway Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1. What is the International Data Base? The International Data Base (IDB) offers a variety of demographic indicators for countries and areas of the world with a population of 5,000 or more. 2. The IDB provides many types of demographic data, including: · Estimates and projections of: Birth, death, and growth rates, migration rates, infant mortality, and life expectancy Fertility rates Total population and population by age and sex 3. The following ZIP file contains the complete data set which has currently been released and is used by the International Data Base tool. 4. The demographic estimates and projections found in the International Data Base are the result of over 30 years of analysis of census, survey, vital statistics, and other data by Census Bureau demographers. 5. The following reports cover fertility, mortality, and migration: 6. (play button). 7. For additional information, please see our Population Estimates and Projections Methodology page. 8.

Airport and airline data Navigation: Airport | Airline | Route | Schedule | Other | License Airport database (click to enlarge) As of January 2012, the OpenFlights Airports Database contains 6977 airports spanning the globe, as shown in the map above. The data is ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) encoded, with no special characters. Note: Rules for daylight savings time change from year to year and from country to country. Sample entries 507,"Heathrow","London","United Kingdom","LHR","EGLL",51.4775,-0.461389,83,0,"E" 26,"Kugaaruk","Pelly Bay","Canada","YBB","CYBB",68.534444,-89.808056,56,-6,"A" 3127,"Pokhara","Pokhara","Nepal","PKR","VNPK",28.200881,83.982056,2712,5.75,"N" Try it out: Airport Search (new window) Note: The Airport Search window above is a part of OpenFlights. Download To download the current data dump from SourceForge as a very straightforward CSV (comma-separated value) file, suitable for use in spreadsheets etc, simply click below: Download: airports.dat (~650 KB) Airline database Download: airlines.dat (~400 KB)

NASA Earth Observations (NEO)