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Welcome to the KOBAKANT DIY Wearable Technology Documentation Example Projects ATtiny Snap Diamond A breakout board for the ATtiny84. Designed to sit on the back of the hand and interface to 5 textile stretch sensors on three fingers. Reading their analog values and translating them into lighting patterns as well as sending their analog sensor data over serial rx and tx connections. Actuators SMA Smocking Swatch Example Please also see SMA smocking post >> Smocking is an old textile technique that gathers fabric in certain pattern to create 3D decorative pattern on textiles. Actuators Shape Memory Alloy connection It is tricky to make a good connection as it does not really stick to solder. Actuators Shape Memory Alloy Training You need to “train” or memorize the shape, in order for SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) to change its shape to what you like. Workshops Moving Textile Sensors Capacitive Fabric Slider/Wheels Workshops Transparent and Dangerous Workshop Example Projects Workshops Hybrid Jewels Workshop

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FabTextiles Seamless: Digital Fabrication jacket uses a variety of digital and analog tools. With the use of digital computing and fabrication methods we are able to rapidly prototype and assemble new designs. You can use any 2D or 3D software to create patterns ready for cutting. The machines allow a us a wide range of possibilities, so try to take advantage of the accuracy, precision, and repetitions these machines can achieve. If you don’t have them, these tools can be found at your local Fab Lab, tech shop, or digital fabrication laboratory (if you don’t have them at home, and aside from the laser cutter, you probably will) book a time slot for fabrication with your local fablab or tech shop. Recomended Tools & Materials:

Fabric Selection Guide EMF Shielding and Conductive Fabric Selection Guide With so many fabric choices, which one is right for my application? The table below summarizes the major characteristics of each material. If you still have questions, call us at +1-518-608-6479, or send an e-mail inquiry to "Get Samples of All Our Fabrics" ProtoSnap - E-sewing Kit: Getting Started Guide, Part 2 ProtoSnap - E-sewing Kit: Getting Started Guide, Part 2 Skill Level: Beginner by Dia | May 25, 2012 | 5 comments This is a continuation of the E-Sewing Kit Getting Started Guide, and I will walk you through snapping the components apart and sewing them to your project! ElectroPUFF Craft Kit Discover the magic of electronics textiles! Make your own ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer with this fun, easy and educational craft kit. The ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer is a soft, whimsical pompom that controls any incandescent table lamp with just a gentle tap. By combining colorful recycled carpet fibers with special conductive yarns that sense your touch, you'll create a truly unique object that's as much fun to make as it is to use! •Fun & easy for everyone!

Brooke Roberts Sarah Simpson is a lawyer focused on technology at Taylor Vinters, London. It was while presenting at the inaugural FashTech conference in London that we happened to meet this incredible woman. Having taken a great interest in Brooke's presentation, Sarah met Brooke after the event. Since then she has become our go to person for all things legal within the creative and technology realms. Always professional and open minded, she has become an invaluable member of the team and we were overjoyed when she agreed to not only star in a photo shoot at the Taylor Vinters office at Tower 42, but also agreed to be interviewed for our blog. We met up with Sarah at Tower 42 in London for the shoot and styled Sarah in our Maurits dress.

textile design & new technologies “A Fashion Futures Film set in 2050. Couture becomes a biological experience, gowns are assembled by gas and nano-electronic-particles, where tailoring and cosmetics are constructed by 3D liquid formations, including swallowable technologies exciting the mind, body and soul through physical expression. It is a time when couture will be cultured and farmed as fashion facets of human flesh. A Fashion Futures Film to provoke… “This Film encompasses the work of Interdisciplinary Fashion Designer Nancy Tilbury and Visual Artists 125 Creative. Project: eTextiles with Cross Stitch and LEDs in Parallel I've been quite fascinated by eTextiles and wanted to try a project combining my love for sewing with electronics. Growing up I did a lot of sewing with my mother, including making my own clothes, cross stitch and tapestry projects. At Tech Age Kids we explore how tech is used in all sorts of creative ways, one of those being electronics in fabric crafts and fashion. What is eTextiles?

Joy Slippers Version 2 These slippers have 4 analog pressure sensors embedded. They can be used to feed Up, Down, Left and Right values into your computer replacing your mouse, joystick... Visit the JoySlippers website >> This Instructable improves upon the previous version It will show you how to make a pair of Joy Slippers, connect them to an Arduino physical computing platform and run a Processing application that will allow you to draw with your feet, as seen in the following video. The resistance range of the pressure sensors depends a lot on the initial pressure.

What We Do — FashTech FashTech® aims to drive creative partnerships between fashion and technology start-ups and provide a platform for the latest innovations to be showcased to leading brands and retailers. Since February 2014, we began revolutionizing the fashion technology world; one event at a time. First London, then spreading to San Francisco, and now our latest project - FashTech NYC which launched this September. With over 10,000 members in the FashTech community, with interests spanning from wearable technology, to e-commerce and even 3D body scanning: 2014 was an interesting year for fashion tech with 2015 looking to be bigger and better! We aim to provide a platform for startups and leverage creative partnerships for fashion tech creativity, with our guests at the events ranging from start-ups, investors and of course fashion tech fanatics. No matter how big or small the company, anyone can showcase at the events.

Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials Last Monday January 6th, Paulo Cunha, The Mayor of Vila Nova de Famalicão, has visited CeNTI under the road map "Made in Famalicão" to highlight the county best examples of entrepreneuship, competitiveness and innovation. The Mayor stated that this R&D Center is of major importance for the local companies regarding the effective development and leveraging of knowledge to create new products and conquer new markets, as well as for the county itself, which thus becomes "more attractive" for the setting of new companies. Complete articles about the visit: RTPSOLJNCorreio do MinhoDiário do MinhoFama TVCidade Hoje

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