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Working with Textiles

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Scented laundry products release carcinogens, study finds. (CBS) Scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets make laundry smell great - but do they cause cancer?

Scented laundry products release carcinogens, study finds

A small study suggests scented laundry items contain carcinogens that waft through vents, potentially raising cancer risk. Forensic Science Hair & Fibres. In any struggle between victim and attacker hairs and fibres from one are inevitably transferred to the other.

Forensic Science Hair & Fibres

The importance of hair in criminal investigation was realised at an early stage in the development of forensic science, and one of the first scientific papers on the subject was published in France in 1857. By the early 1900s microscopic examination of hair was well established, and in 1931 Professor John Glaister published his Hairs of Mammalia from the Medico-legal Aspect, which became a standard reference work. Hair can provide crime investigators with important clues. Apart from burning, hair is virtually indestructible. PRETTY SMART TEXTILES. Knitting-action-of-latch-needle_1290. Figure A shows the position of a latch needle as it passes through the cam system,completing one knitting cycle or course as it moves up and in its trick or slot. 1 The rest position.


The head of the needle hook is level with the top of the verge of the trick. The loop formed at the previous feeder is in the closed hook. CPC Definition - D04B KNITTING. Definition statement.

CPC Definition - D04B KNITTING

Fancy weaves. John's Attic. ISO 8388:1998(en), Knitted fabrics — Types — Vocabulary. {* #socialRegistrationForm *} {* socialRegistration_firstName *} {* socialRegistration_lastName *} {* socialRegistration_emailAddress *} {* socialRegistration_displayName *} By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. {* /socialRegistrationForm *} Please confirm the information below before signing in.

ISO 8388:1998(en), Knitted fabrics — Types — Vocabulary

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Introduction This report encompasses some of the most interesting processes of forming composite elastic nonwoven webs.

Bonding Techniques Used in Making Elastic Nonwoven Composites

Elasticity is a desired property in nonwoven webs to be used in bandages, diapers for a tight yet comfortable fit, garment linings for a body-hugging fit, bandages that should be stretchable to cover the wound well and several other applications where it may be needed 1). There are multiple processes of making an elastic nonwoven composite. Hence, this report looks into the different processes from the product perspective.

Plain Weaves, Rib Weave, Matt Weave, Basket Weave, Twill Weave. Examples of Fabric: Satin: Used for ribbons, trimmings, dresses, linings etc, and originally was an all silk fabric with a fine rich glossy surface formed in a warp satin weave.

Plain Weaves, Rib Weave, Matt Weave, Basket Weave, Twill Weave

The warp is much finer and more closely set than the weft, and the latter which only shows on the under side is frequently composed of cotton. Text-Team – Page 12 – Textinfo. The production of wool: The word wool is restricted to the description of the curly hairs that form the fleece produced by sheep (Rogers, 2006:931).

Text-Team – Page 12 – Textinfo

The sheep’s fleece is removed once a year by power-operated clippers. The soiled wool at the edges is removed before the fleeces are graded and baled. The price of raw wool is influenced by fineness and length. This is representative of the yarn into which it can be spun. Newly removed wool is known as raw wool and contains impurities such as sand, dirt, grease and dried sweat.

Weft knitting Archives - Textile Academia. Products Archive - Sew Sweetness. Products – Emmaline Bags. You SEW Girl: 'Template Plastic' Bag Base Tutorial. As promised, I'll be posting up a heap of tutorials this month, trying to cut down the bandwidth/downloads from my website.

You SEW Girl: 'Template Plastic' Bag Base Tutorial

I can't promise one EVERY DAY, but I'll definitely try to keep them flowing throughout August. This one is a SUPER EASY way to add a sturdy TEMPLATE PLASTIC base to any two-piece bag with a boxed corner. It'll work an any of my BEGINNERS patterns, as well as the Hobo, Sling, City Bag, Evening Bag, Dress Bag, Beach bag and any pattern that uses a similar base structure. Nicole Mallalieu Design - Tips and Tutorials for Making Bags and Purses. Tips & Tutorials Back to top VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to set in eyelets with a setting tool VIDEO TUTORIAL - Simple method for inserting purse feet.

Nicole Mallalieu Design - Tips and Tutorials for Making Bags and Purses

ORIGAMI BENTO BAG TUTORIAL - ARIZONA FABRIC TOUR & GIVEAWAY! — VERY SHANNON. Ok, you guys. Seriously. About once or twice a year I become obsessed with a fabric line. This year I am head over heels in LOVE with Arizona by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics Limited Edition line! The Health Benefits of Knitting. KNITS FOR LIFE. We make, install, maintain, and remove the vast majority of our work and almost always get permission to install. We have never “gotten in trouble” or been asked to remove a new yarnbomb. San Francisco Bay Area. New blog series: Meet the Pattern I’m excited to announce my new blog post series, “Meet the Pattern.” This series reveals the stories behind knitting and crochet patterns. “Meet the Pattern” fills the gap in the blogosphere between bland knitting and crochet “pattern round-ups” and “finished object on my oak dinner table” buzz-kills.

Each story will differ a little, but the goal is to: introduce you to a new patternshow you what’s involved in making ithear some of the designer’s thoughtsfollow my finished object on its first adventures.