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Fast food chains of the 50s

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Zesto Atlanta – Ice Cream, Burgers, Chili Dogs, & More! When Food Became Fast! - Restaurants of the 1950’s: Fast Food is Born - Fifties Food. In 1954, a salesman named Ray Kroc was selling a machine called the Multimixer that could mix five milkshakes at once.

When Food Became Fast! - Restaurants of the 1950’s: Fast Food is Born - Fifties Food

By that time, brothers Dick and Maurice (Mac) McDonald had successfully franchised eight McDonald restaurant locations in the southern California area that showcased their fast method (Speedee) of providing mass produced hamburgers for 15 cents (half of what they cost in average diners at the time) each, French fries, Coca-Cola soda, coffee, and milkshakes. During a sale with the brothers, Kroc became intrigued with this fast food process and asked the two brothers to permit him to franchise the McDonald’s fast food restaurants outside of California. With permission granted by the brothers McDonald, Kroc opened his first outlet in a Chicago, Illinois suburb called, Des Plaines.

Four years later, the company sold its 100 millionth hamburger.


The 50s Culture. List of fast food restaurant chains. The following is a list of fast food restaurants, as distinct from fast casual restaurants, (see List of casual dining restaurant chains), coffeehouses (see List of coffeehouse chains), ice cream parlors (see List of ice cream parlor chains), and pizzerias (see List of pizza chains).

List of fast food restaurant chains

Global/Worldwide chains[edit] Companies by country of origin[edit] Africa[edit] Egypt[edit] Restaurant  Timeline. Welcome to When did it happen?

Restaurant  Timeline

The Restaurant Franchise Timeline Compiled by Dacy Nottingham. Click the logo to enter the site This information below is outdated. Please click here to see updated information. Restaurant Takeout. The History of Fast Food" Restaurants have been around in some form for most of human civilization.

The History of Fast Food"

But they usually catered to travelers. As far back as ancient Greece and Rome, inns and taverns generally served food to people who had a reason to be away from home. This trend continued until relatively recently. Although taverns and coffee houses were popular places to gather and share beverages in the 17th century, the idea of eating out for fun didn't take off in Western society until the late 18th century. Wetson's. Wetson's logo Wetson's was an American fast food hamburger chain[1] which existed from 1959 to 1975.


At its peak, Wetson's had approximately 70 locations in the greater New York metropolitan area, including Sunrise Highway in Valley Stream, Staten Island (at 1767 Forest Ave, now Firestone's auto next to Wendy's), 1525 Hylan Blvd (now Mr. Bargain auto parts),(2875 Richmond Avenue, in the Richmond shopping center next to Pathmark), a branch in Hicksville on Old Country Road (now a Dunkin Donuts, in an all new building) and one in Commack (on Jericho Turnpike).


Chicken Delight. Chicken Delight is a chain of restaurants offering eat in, take out, and delivery service with a menu featuring chicken, pizza and ribs.

Chicken Delight

Based in Winnipeg, the chain mostly has outlets in that city and throughout Manitoba, although a few are located in the New York metro area, and at other scattered locations in the United States and Canada.[1] The current operation is a relic of a much larger chain. Founded in Illinois in 1952,[2] the chain grew to over 1,000 locations[2] in the 1960s. It was purchased by Consolidated Foods in 1964. Its jingle "Don't cook tonight, call Chicken Delight", emphasizing their delivery service, was widely broadcast on American radio. By the late 1960s, however, Chicken Delight in the US was a troubled operation. At the same time, Chicken Delight was finding itself under increasing pressure from a fast-growing competitor, Kentucky Fried Chicken. When Chicken Delight was founded, franchisers typically used one of two different methods for collecting revenue.

When did it Happen? Restaurant Timeline 1950-1959. At 23 years old Glen Bell opted not to open a miniature golf course and opened his first restaurant instead.

When did it Happen? Restaurant Timeline 1950-1959

Fabulous 50s Fast-Food Chains [Archive] The Taco Tico ( thread title inspired me to research the first Mexican fast food place I ever ate in, a little place in Barstow California called Taco Tia.

Fabulous 50s Fast-Food Chains [Archive]

I stopped there once as a kid in the late 50s driving to or from Las Vegas with my parents. It looked exactly like this ( It probably wasn't much, but I still remember how much I enjoyed it during a break from a hot drive (most folks didn't have air-conditioned cars back then). Whether or not you young 'uns believe it, fast food walk-up-to-the-window joints were a revolutionary concept back then, although drive-ins had been popular for some time. I also found out that the person who started up Taco Tia was named Glen Bell ( A few years later he founded another fast-food joint, Taco Bell. Restaurants of the 1950’s: Fast Food is Born - Fifties Food. By Lori Ritchie It was during the early 1950’s that The National Restaurant Association endorsed a new type of dinner called the “take home” meal.

Restaurants of the 1950’s: Fast Food is Born - Fifties Food

This was a meal that families could enjoy at home in front of their new black and white televisions. McDonald’s unveiled their “Speedee System” at this time as well. Many restaurants had some form of drive-up window dating back to the 1930’s, but when the speaker system was integrated into the drive-thru system, the concept dramatically increased the popularity of fast food. This article looks at the beginnings of some of the most recognized fast food businesses that originated during the 1950’s. The first Dunkin' Donuts opened in Quincy, Mass., during this era. The entrepreneur served top-quality, whole-bean, Arabica coffee at 10¢ per cup while the competition charged a nickel for cheaper coffee. Fast Food during the 1950s and 60s. Fast Food In the 1950s and 60s, fast food chains – epitomized by McDonald's – revolutionized the restaurant industry and changed farming and food distribution businesses.

Fast Food during the 1950s and 60s

The first McDonald's restaurant was actually a barbecue joint that opened in 1940 by brothers Dick and Maurice (Mac) McDonald along Route 66 in San Bernardino, California. At first, they offered 25 different items served by carhops. They catered to young affluent people who were part of the emerging California car culture. Teens drove up, placed their order with the carhops and were served on trays that hooked onto rolled down windows. In 1940, The brothers figured out that almost all of their profits were coming the sale of hamburgers.

It's significant that McDonald's concentrated on milkshakes because that brought Ray Kroc to McDonalds in 1954. By 1958, the company sold its 100 millionth hamburger.