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Google's "We Wear Culture" project is a stunning, searchable archive of 3,000 years of world fashion — Quartz. Indossiamo la cultura - Google Arts & Culture. Street style around the world - INSIDER. Courtesy of Around The World In 80 Styles Some people learn about new cultures through sights, others through food.

Street style around the world - INSIDER

But for Marcela Makarova and partner Philippe-Henry, an outfit says more than a thousand words. The couple went on a backpacking trip in 2013, and started photographing the unique outfits they came across. 20 free fashion books to download from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Did you know that you can download 425 books and exhibition catalogs from The Metropolitan Museum of Art for free?

20 free fashion books to download from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This isn't April fools, this is the wonderful reality of open culture. I found a wealth of fashion titles full of high quality photos and immediately knew I had to share them with you. Most of these books are out of print, so this is the easiest way to get them. Enjoy your legal downloads! Helpful Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet.

The realization that I had way too many clothes hit me the way it usually hits us: When we're running late for an appointment and all we can do is stand in our underwear in front of our closet and glare.

Helpful Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet

The whole situation made no sense to me. I had more sweaters than a Gap mid-season sale, too many skirts to count, and there were so many shirts stuffed onto shelves that one literally tumbled out and plopped in a heap in front of my toes. And yet, nothing in there was doing it for me. Not a thing. Design icons: the thong - Blueprint for Living. If good design is all about simplicity then surely the humble thong should be at the top of the tree.

Design icons: the thong - Blueprint for Living

Traditional Wedding Outfits from Around the World. Today, many people think that weddings strictly feature grooms in tuxedos and brides “all dressed in white.”

Traditional Wedding Outfits from Around the World

While there’s nothing wrong with a nice suit or ivory gown, not all betrothed couples go this route. In fact, in countless cultures around the world, traditional wedding outfits look much different than our contemporary, western concept of what the ceremonial garments should look like. Though many women around the world do choose a white dress and you will often see men in tuxes, traditionally, wedding clothing has looked much different throughout history and across the globe.

In India, women often wear crimson-colored saris. Some Ghanaian couples opt for bright colors and bold patterns. True Facts About Queen Victoria’s Royal Wedding: Victoria TV Miniseries. Today, Victoria, a new Masterpiece miniseries, premieres on PBS.

True Facts About Queen Victoria’s Royal Wedding: Victoria TV Miniseries

The show features Jenna Coleman as the young queen, and Tom Hughes as Prince Albert. And while we’ve been excited about this show for a while—especially since we binge-watched The Crown—we’ll admit that there are a few aspects that we are looking forward to more than others. One such example has got to be Victoria’s 1840 royal wedding to Prince Albert, which will be covered in the show’s first season. Victoria may have started the enduring trend of white wedding dresses, but from her bridal party to her accessories, there’s a lot more to know about the wedding of the (19th) century.

Leave Me Breastless: Cancer survivor's fashion tips inspire the world. Updated A northern New South Wales woman who lost both her breasts to cancer is inspiring other survivors with her style and positive attitude to her new body.

Leave Me Breastless: Cancer survivor's fashion tips inspire the world

The 10 Commandments of New Consumerism. LONDON, United Kingdom — For decades, a brand’s only priority was to create the best possible product at the most competitive price to ensure sales.

The 10 Commandments of New Consumerism

But as consumers develop a more comprehensive understanding of issues like sustainability, authenticity and transparency, brands and retailers are being forced to change the way they sell in order to survive. The eclectic fashionista.   Seamwork Magazine. Although Hollywood opened the dialogue on wearing pants, they were still taboo in most public venues.

  Seamwork Magazine

In 1938 Helen Hulick, a kindergarten teacher, arrived at a Los Angeles, California courtroom wearing pants. Business Casual, Handmade Edition   My first job out of graduate school, I walked into an office filled with black slacks and black cardigans, where the only spot of color came from a T-shirt peeking out beneath said cardigans.

Business Casual, Handmade Edition  

I’d intensively sewed my own clothing for the last four years, and knew I wouldn’t last very long in this kind of informal office uniform. So I set about cracking open the definition of business casual, seeking every possible opportunity to work handmade garments into my work wardrobe. Still, I wasn’t sure how far I could push. I already looked young, and I needed to prove I could lead meetings where three different medical directors were present (all male, all older). The organization had hundreds of employees. Tara Moss: 'I wear a corset for pleasure, but also to avoid pain' As many of my readers will know, I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

It was discovered when I was a teen, and by the time I was in my 20s a respected Australian doctor had strongly suggested I have a rod inserted in my back. I said no. I've managed my pain and back health in many ways over the decades, from osteopaths and Alexander Technique, to pain killers and yoga, even writing my books while reclining and surrounded by pillows (Hey, it works for me). Since October 2015, corset wearing has become an effective and rather miraculous part of my personal health arsenal.

Flight Attendant Jet Age Uniforms 1959-present. Back to basics with Delta's longest-lived uniform—a professional, tailored suit of tropical wool in navy blue. Originally jackets, pants, vests and skirt also came in gray, but navy became the preferred color. First Delta uniform with maternity wear—a loose navy jumper. Scarves and ties of red with thin blue line and white Delta "widget" logos or stripes of blue, gray and burgundy. Designed by Van Lupu for Omniform, this uniform was a classic when it was introduced in 1983. Why Men’s and Women’s Shirts Button Differently. The Bedazzling of the American Gymnast. Though television brings all the athletes up close, they can get lost amid the actual competition on the floor, and shine helps highlight and distinguish each girl. 主婦之友 Shufu no Tomo - 1933 - March - Kimono Remake - an album on Flickr. All Users albums OlgaHS. Wrapped in Pride. ROMAN FEMALE COSTUME.

Roman women's costume consisted of three simple garments. TUNICA (underdress), STOLA (overdress), and PALLA (wrap). The Tunica is the basic garment, and would be quite plain, probably white or beige. Festive Attyre. Bliaut. How to Make a Kimono? How to make an authentic Víking Era tunic. Undefined. Islamic Patterns: How to Make a Simple Caftan. Measure from the nape of your neck down to the desired length. Purchase twice this amount of 45" wide fabric.Cut the fabric into two equal lengths.Reduce the width of both pieces to 35".From the excess cut-away material, cut two rectangles, each measuring 6" wide x 12" long. Fold each in half, lengthwise, wrong sides together, press to crease the folded edge. Love and Care of the GREAT KILT. Turbans, Textiles and Traditional Dress of the Lao Lu in North Vietnam - Haute Culture. Lao Lu people have many different names and live in a range of countries spanning South East Asia’s boarders, in Vietnam this decorative and resourceful Buddhist group reside in isolated and introverted villages found deep in the low lands near the mountains of Lai Chau province.

Miles away from the nearest roads visiting the Lao Lu feels like you have stepped into a National Geographic postcard. What People Were Wearing the Year You Were Born - 100 Years of Fashion. Slow Clothing Project: 40 garments in 40 weeks turns tide on fast fashion. Updated Jane Milburn wants to turn the tide on fast, disposable fashion and spark a conversation about where clothes come from, by getting 40 people from across Australia to create 40 garments in 40 weeks. Swimwear Shack Online Swimwear Store.

Early days From nudity to bathing suits. Sani-Panti Sewing Information » Little Dresses for Africa. OMG! Heart » Dreamland: Forgotten Fashion Of Far Off Cultures. May 29. The 3 biggest reasons I sew – what are yours?   How Clothes Rationing Affected Fashion In The Second World War. Slow clothing: One woman's mission to encourage sustainable clothing choices part of global movement. PRINTS, PATTERNS, TEXTURES AND TEXTILE SURFACES FROM MENSWEAR S/S 2016 COLLECTIONS / PARIS CATWALKS 4.

Embroidery Lessons

France’s feminists are colluding in oppression by supporting headscarf ban. MORE PUPPETRY - Page 2: RENAISSANCE / MATRYOSHKA + MORE PAPER DOLLS for both Boys + Girls (Ideas/Templates) Paper Dolls Around the World. Free Worksheets and Printables for Kids Page 2. Inkspired musings: My silent International Friends. Han Traditional Clothing. Sharon b's in a minute ago. 100 years of men's fashion in 3 minutes. The Social Psychology of Dress : Berg Fashion Library. When does Fashion go too far? Cultural Clothing Issues. Skinny jeans cause 'fashion victim' to collapse in Adelaide park at night, after cutting blood flow. Costume Collection. Watch this Woman Model 100 Years of U.S. Fashion in 2 Minutes.

The Braided Rapunzels of Africa & other Tribal Trends. 10 Indigenous People being more Inventive than the Fashion Industry. Next Order of The Shoe That Grows. New Dressmaking Dummy Based on the Average Form of Young Adult Females. Clothing of the Future! #TheDress: Experts weigh in on how social media sensation flips views on colour perception. Untitled. In the line of duty: how the British followed fashion during the second world war.

Custom Stuffed Animals. Moms Launch Stereotype-Bashing Clothing Line That Challenges What It Means To Be 'Girly' Modest Clothing Directory. Caftan Liberation: How an Ancient Fashion Set Modern Women Free. Chronology of fashion. HOW TO EDIT A WARDROBE THAT MAKES SENSE. The Met’s New Show Will Thrill Your Inner Goth. Worn Through. Fashion conscious 'Hipster Hijabis' reinvent Muslim dress code at Dubai fashion festival. Minimum Wages Around the Globe: You're Underpaid, and So Is the Rest of the World. Australian Dress Register.