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Touch circuits

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AT42QT1011 Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout Board - $4.99 : DIYembedded e-Store. Touch Sensitive Switch. Using C to Sense You can use a port pin to sense a variable capacitor (varied by the user's finger), to determine finger presses.

Touch Sensitive Switch

Walter Banks, Byte Craft Limited A touch-sensitive switch is very easy to implement with a microprocessor. The principle of the touch-sensitive switch is based on the rate of voltage rise on a capacitor that is supplied with a constant current source. When a constant current source is applied to a capacitor, the voltage will rise linearly with time. The value of C is very low when the capacitor is a small plate on a printed circuit board. The touch-sensitive switch uses a port pin of a microcomputer to sense voltage on the capacitor. The following is a practical example of a touch sensitive switch: The basic construction of the touch switch is a printed circuit pad overlaid with a thin layer of insulating material. I have used these in a variety of ways, usually etching the plate directly on a PC board and using a heat shrink plastic as an insulator.

‎ Touch Dimmer IC,HK611,Music IC,Sound IC Chip,Melody IC,Voice IC,Lamp Brightness Control IC for sale - Price,Taiwan Manufacturer,Supplier 1796516. HobbyTronics Touch Switch IC. Touch Switch IC We also have a surface mount version in small SOIC format Touch Switch IC SOIC.

HobbyTronics Touch Switch IC

Two independent touch switches housed in a single 8 pin DIL chip Power supply between 2V and 5V Individually configurable momentary or latching operation 25mA max source/sink on each output pin Touch Switch consumes approx 1.5mA at 5V Have you have ever wanted to add a simple touch switch to your project?

Well now you can with our touch switch IC you can now add momentary or locking touch switch functionality. Simple to use, the only other parts required are a 1M resistor for each input. Outputs can be momentary or latching For momentary operation connect the CFG1 / CFG2 pin to Ground. The touch sensor can be made from virtually anything Round head or flat head bolt Square or round pad on a pcb JohnCrow | Just bought a couiple of these devices.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 (1 Pages) Write Review There are no additional images for this product. Touch Switch. Touch Switch. Toggle ON / OFF Switch. Download Schematic in Eagle format of PDF format Schematic for this circuit can be seen above.

Toggle ON / OFF Switch

The circuit toggles a relay when button S1 is pressed. Operation of this circuit is simple. Pins 6 and 2 of 555 timer are at half power voltage. When output pin 3 is high then capacitor C1 is charged and when it's low capacitor is discharged. A disadvantage of this circuit is that when we connect power to the circuit relay is engaged. Download PCB in Eagle format of PDF format Circuit is in OFF state Push button is pressed and circuit goes to ON state. Download Schematic and PCB Eagle files. Touch Switch Circuits. Here is a great collection of touch switch circuits.

Touch Switch Circuits

A touch switch is an electronic device that enables us to control a circuit by simply touching a sensor. Simple touch switch circuit with 4011 – source The circuit as you can see from its diagram is very simple and only uses 8 components. The heart of the circuit is the IC CD 4011 that is connected as a FLIP-FLOP. Pins 9 and 13 of the IC are the «SET» and «RESET» contacts of the FLIP-FLOP. The IC is of the CMOS type and requires a very low current to in its gates to control it. This is a easy to build on/off touch switch circuit with the well known IC 555.