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Bloglovin. Floral Repeat Video Tutorial. Our last two video tutorials were an overview of the creative and technical process of creating prints.

Floral Repeat Video Tutorial

Based on some requests form our viewers, in this tutorial we delve deeper into the technical aspects of creating repeats in photoshop. Specifically, how to be precise while staying creative, and how to achieve a seamless repeat that flows beautifully. Jungle Leaf Video Tutorial. Need some inspiration and technical help?

Jungle Leaf Video Tutorial

Download this photoshop video tutorial that takes you through every step of creating a photo-based print. We start with trend inspiration, take you through the creative process, then show you just how a swatch is built in photoshop. Finally, you’ll learn how to format your files and what to hand off to your client. All this information is formatted as a high resolution .mp4 file with easy to understand step-by-step voice dictation while you watch the process unfold. Each stage of design is sectioned off, making it easy for you to find the information that you need. Contents include: • Using Inspiration • File Size. Illustrator Crop an Image. Illustrator Master Template Intro. Illustrator Space Dye Pattern. Create a Design Moodboard: Communicating Color and Texture in Adobe InDesign - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Tutorial.

The insider's guide to portfolio development. Whether you’re building your first website or updating an old one, learn how to present your work and promote your services to engage clients and increase sales.

The insider's guide to portfolio development

With the numerous website platforms available today, creating a beautiful portfolio website is a simple process. But without expert guidance many designers find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed when deciding what artwork to post and how to describe their services. In The Portfolio Development Guide, our new 50-page ebook, we walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a polished, professional website that you can use to market your skills and advance your career. Through step by step practical lessons we’ll walk you through the entire process, from identifying the goal of your portfolio website to editing your artwork and crafting your service pages. In the Portfolio Development Guide designers learn: London Fashion Week Womenswear Print Highlights Part 1 – Autumn/Winter 2015/16.

This week the Patternbank Team have been finding inspiration on the London catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2015.

London Fashion Week Womenswear Print Highlights Part 1 – Autumn/Winter 2015/16

Print and pattern has been a strong feature with a huge helping bold and creative individuality which London is renowned for. Expressive florals and painterly marks feature strongly and a growing trend towards vintage and eclectic fabric mixes has been a recurring feature. Look out for part 2 from the London catwalk collections following early next week. With the Milan and Paris shows still to come keep an eye out for our coverage of more exciting print and pattern highlights on Patternbank. Patchwork Patterns – Paisley Prints – Bohemian Vibe – Printed Camouflage Lace – Whimsical Folk – Leopard Prints – Mirrored Embelishments Burberry Prorsum photos via Vogue Clashing Prints – Florals, Checks and Polka Dots – Pastel Brocade Detail – Bold Pattern Plays – Combination Prints – Kimono Patterns Duro Olowu photos via Apu Jan photos via Vogue Erdem photos via

Philip Giordano - Young at Heart. Philip is an Italian illustrator born in a small coastal town in Liguria.

Philip Giordano - Young at Heart

He attended the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, studied illustration at the IED ( European Institute of Design ) and subsequently gained a Masters in Animation Techniques in Turin. He recently moved to Japan. His work covers magazines, books, toy design, children’s books and animation. For more of Philip’s fine work visit his website.

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. Join - Surface Pattern Design Guild. Pepper Cory - Quilt Maker, Quilting Teacher, Quilting Book Author. Create a Tea Party Seamless Pattern From a Sketch in Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a detailed seamless pattern without using a graphic tablet.

Create a Tea Party Seamless Pattern From a Sketch in Adobe Illustrator

Arm yourself with your paper sketchbook and a pen or an ink liner to create a set of elements for your seamless pattern. Then we’ll go through the process of turning our image into vector shapes, coloring them in Adobe Illustrator, and combining them into a colorful and whimsical pattern. Let’s get started! To start with, you need a doodle with a set of elements, which we’ll combine into a pattern. You can use my image below, or create your own with a pen or ink or whatever medium you prefer. As soon as you prepare your sketch, head to Adobe Illustrator, create a New File with 600 x 600 px size, and File > Place your sketch onto the Artboard.

You can choose the Preset of tracing. Click the Image Trace panel icon, which you can find in the same control panel next to the Presets, to reveal the Image Trace options window. Right-click and Ungroup the objects.


Animal Inlay – Pattern People. - Be inspired to create. 7 fabric trends which will influence our 2014 interior design at Market and in our homes, and spotted at ITMA Showtime fabric show. Design spotting at ITMA Showtime fabric show Nest by Tamara's 7 trends and inspirations gleaned to help us with our 2014 interior design.

7 fabric trends which will influence our 2014 interior design at Market and in our homes, and spotted at ITMA Showtime fabric show

I think of the ITMA Showtime fabric event as the trade show where much work happens leading up to Highpoint Furniture Spring Market. In a few months when designers show up to Spring Market they will see the latest designs in a fabulous frame, or when consumers walk into a favorite furniture store after Market, they will be impressed with the collection of eclectic fabrics available for upholstery and curtains.