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I Transform Leaves Into Art With Embroidery. I use found botanical material such as leaves, seedpods and feathers to explore human connection to the natural world.

I Transform Leaves Into Art With Embroidery

By combining these organic objects with traditional craft techniques, I bind nature and the human touch. Cultivating a consciousness about respecting nature and our natural resources has become incredibly important to me in my life and in my art. There is so much to be said for the beauty of simplicity. When I make art, I strive to let the materials speak for themselves; sing their own praise.

The natural objects I use catch my eye or my heart because they are already exquisite and unique. Agnes Richter’s embroidered straitjacket. Straitjacket embroidered by asylum patient Agnes Richter in the 1890s.

Agnes Richter’s embroidered straitjacket

(Image: This Is Not Modern Art tumblr) Agnes Richter was a German seamstress held as a patient in an insane asylum during the 1890s. During her time there, she densely embroidered her straitjacket with words, undecipherable phrases and drawings which documented her thoughts and feelings throughout her time there. This remarkable object was collected by Hans Prinzhorn, a psychiatrist who ardently collected the artwork of his patients at a Heidelberg psychiatric hospital in the early 20th century. The New MA Graduates: Beth Postle. The New MA Graduates: Xinyuan Xu. Xinyuan Xu’s designs are something that stem out of her own understanding.

The New MA Graduates: Xinyuan Xu

For her MA graduate show during London Fashion Week, she chose to display a line of veiled women wearing foam cactuses in multiple forms. Perhaps her strange perceptions of the human body made people uncomfortable but this is also what made her stand out in the womenswear designers’ category. Here, she talks about toiling cacti, the press response and the limitations of online research. Treefrog Veneer Snags Duo IIDA Fashion Remix Awards. Photo by Preston Norris.

Treefrog Veneer Snags Duo IIDA Fashion Remix Awards

A spectacular gown made of Treefrog wood veneer and Chemetal metal laminate won two awards at IIDA Fashion Remix in Salt Lake City. Twenty teams of randomly paired interior design firms and product manufactures competed in the architectural design fashion show, an IIDA Intermountain Chapter event. Cécile Feilchenfeldt. Barbara De Pirro. Knitted Chair by Soojin Kang. One of the highlights of LDF 2011 was Knitted Chair by designer Soojin Kang.

Knitted Chair by Soojin Kang

It is currently being exhibited at Brompton shop Mint in London, as part of their exhibition Mint Explores, where it will be on show until 30th September. Kang says of the piece, "Knitted Chair examines traditional crafts as a form of constructed textile in a contemporary context. - ANILA QUAYYUM AGHA. Akiko Sato: Shelter for the Feeling. ‘Shelter for the Feeling’ is a space installation consisted of sound, lace, fibre-glass bars, foam and canvas.

Akiko Sato: Shelter for the Feeling

It’s based on personal story of Japanese contemporary artist Akiko Sato exploring her life voyage and the history of Croatian tradition of lace-making. XENOBIA BAILEY'S "NEW DAY: IN THE EYE(I) OF THE DREAM ERA" ARTIST JOURNAL.


Andrea Myers. courtesy of the artist.

Andrea Myers

Daisy Balloon. Daisy Balloon – Les robes aériennes créées en ballons. JANNICK DESLAURIERS _ Jannick_deslauriers_ sculpture installation dessin _ _ pavots (de l'exposition champ de bataille) pavots. 2008- 2009. installation textile. dimensions variables pavots. détail. 2008- 2009. installation textile. dimensions variables.


Culture : Les robes fantômes de Chiharu Shiota. L'artiste japonaise a créé une installation monumentale de 1 700 m² à La Sucrière, lieu consacré de la Biennale de Lyon.

Culture : Les robes fantômes de Chiharu Shiota

Retour du mirage à La Sucrière, point d'ancrage de la Biennale de Lyon et de ses installations les plus théâtrales, l'automne dernier. Le flot des festivaliers s'est éteint, reparti en ce mois de mai à Berlin et à Kiev, avant la 13e Documenta à Kassel. L'entrepôt industriel converti à l'art ajoute par son silence au charme surnaturel du propos. L'étage supérieur de La Sucrière qui s'ouvre sur le ciel de Lyon est noirci, comme une caverne.

Sur cette étendue de 1700 m², Chiharu Shiota a tissé un conte funèbre et pourtant merveilleux. Susanna Bauer - leaves. Ernesto Neto Leviathan Thot. Handpainting arashi shibori poles. Spent the last couple of days just letting my imagination run and tried out some various stuff I just made up.

handpainting arashi shibori poles

Not to say it hasn’t been done before (what hasn’t these days?) , but things i haven’t seen done in any of the books I have so far. Tried out some combinations of techniques and got some pretty good results- leading me on to some other ideas. Jennifer McFarlane. Marilyn Stevens - Portfolio. CONCEPT. Après Futurotextiles 2006 et Futurotextiles 2008, pourquoi récidiver avec cette troisième édition ? Parce que le textile, ou plutôt les textiles sont en constante évolution.

Il y a toujours du nouveau à découvrir et à montrer, c’est passionnant ! … Et ce dans tous les secteurs puisque tous sont concernés…L’habillement, le sport, l’architecture, le design, les transports, la santé… Si les deux premières éditions ont connu un aussi grand succès, c’est parce que nous y rassemblions des domaines qui ne se ressemblent pas. Et cette fois-ci encore : haute technologie, haute couture, sport de haut niveau, art contemporain, design…. Tous ont pourtant le textile en partage. GANDIABLASCO. Crochet Cars Collection and Some Other Vehicles. It is quite unusual to see a car covered in crochet. But, now you get to see it in our particular photo collection of crochet vehicles collected from around the web. Jillian Carrozza - Home. Crystal Gregory - Artwork. Agnès Sébyleau : Ultra-book.