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Les chaussures de l'artiste Gwen Murphy. On continue dans notre lancée « artiste déjanté », après le dernier article sur Ventral voici celui de l’Américaine Gwen Murphy.

Les chaussures de l'artiste Gwen Murphy

Mag / DiorMag / Dior Official Website. L'exposition temporaire sur la mode des années 1950 au Palais Galliera. Visite privée de l'exposition "Les Années 50" par Olivier Saillard. Palais Galliera - musée de la mode de la Ville de Paris. Musée de la mode de la Ville de Paris. Le Palais Galliera conserve d’inestimables collections, parmi les plus riches au monde.

Musée de la mode de la Ville de Paris

Estimées aujourd'hui à 257.750 pièces, les collections du musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris sont le reflet des codes de l’habillement en France, du XVIIIe à nos jours. Making-of the Chanel "Paris-Dallas" Collection: Savoir Faire. Valentino - Photos du journal. Valentino - HAUTE COUTURE S/S 2014, A DREAMLIKE WORLD. Atelier Jean-Pierre Ollier, luxury transformed. The creativity and originality of the workshop is based on an ingenious combination of two distinct know-hows: on the one hand, treatments and transformations of the look of the fabric, through painting, bleaching, screen printing, coating, lacquering, computer graphics, etc.

Atelier Jean-Pierre Ollier, luxury transformed

And on the other, fabric manipulations, including needle embroidery, weaving, braiding, elaboration of volumes, 3D effects and more. Photos du journal - Journal du Design. On the road to fashion. Now that our smartphones and tablets and pocketbooks have made us wireless and have set us free we are able to work everywhere and anytime we want; sitting down in a café, laying still in bed, walking in the fields, doing shopping, in flight and in waiting or at the kitchen table to search for some recipes at the same time. as a result we no longer need a desk or an office and are able to completely reinvent our existence and timetables. borders of working time and leisure time have faded as we decide on our own timetables and priorities. we are free to roam and wander… under this influence we will again become nomadic and are without knowing it going back to the beginning of mankind when our species would roam and wander, living off hunting and gathering; at times being pastoral shepherds and seasonal farmers. able to turn around a generation and to reinvent what again will become the marketplace; this time in the analog world!

on the road to fashion

Costume Embroidery & Illustration by Michele Carragher for Film & TV - Game of Thrones Gallery. Gorgeous Black Rhino Recreated with Intricate Fabric Collage - My Modern Met. Using fabric as her paint palette, Kenyan-based artist Sophie Standing produces gorgeous portraits of animals on her sewing machine.

Gorgeous Black Rhino Recreated with Intricate Fabric Collage - My Modern Met

The one-of-a-kind pieces are constructed by first sketching the image onto a canvas and then appliqueing an intricate collage of fabric on top. Standing then stitches linear details over her work using a variety of colored threads. This creates a painterly look to the piece that’s a combination of meticulous technique and gestural, emotive marks. Here, we see that Standing has used an extensive collection of fabrics to cover the hide of a large rhino. Some are bold floral patterns while others are geometric, and they seamlessly blend together and flow throughout the animal’s body. You can see some of the process of Standing’s work below.

Costume Embroidery & Illustration by Michele Carragher for Film & TV - About. Simone Pheulpin - Scuptures textiles. En backstage de la présentation Haider Ackermann printemps-été 2015. Paper Fashion - Photos du journal. Your Shoes Are Rubbish. The Knit Journal. Little dandelion. Little dandelion photo by Jacqui Fink Trend Tablet is a huge fan of Little Dandelion we asked Jacqui Fink, the hands behind Little Dandelion to tell us her story.

little dandelion

A work of hope. Art direction & design: DRAWING AND MANUAL – Art director: Yusuke Kobayashi – Designers: Yusuke Kobayashi, Takaharu Shimizu - Sound design: Shotaro Hirata 132 5.

a work of hope

ISSEY MIYAKE is a unique name that symbolizes an innovative process rather than a finished product. Never fully satisfied by his successes, Issey Miyake has taken his curiosity a step further. His life story has been landscaped by creative encounters with people from other disciplines such as artists, designers, choreographers, and photographers. In tune with his time and age, the master has now turned to science as a domain from which to derive inspiration and insight, transforming material into wearable pieces of abstraction. 132 5. is the product of a collaboration with the computer genius Jun Mitani, a scientist whose programs have given three-dimensional insight into the origami technique.

“I’ve been thinking about the challenges we’ll have to deal with in the 21st century,” Miyake says. Le monde étrange de Mr Finch. S’inspirant de la nature et de la campagne où il est installé, Mister Finch puise son inspiration dans l’observation des insectes et des animaux, mais également des histoires du folklore anglais.

Le monde étrange de Mr Finch

Utilisant de vieux tissus récupérés comme les rideaux en velours d’un hôtel, une robe de mariée ou encore un vieux napperon, ce touche-à-tout autodidacte raconte des histoires en créant ces animaux et ces plantes emprunts d’une étrange poésie. Entre Alice au Pays des Merveilles et un cabinet de curiosité, avec ce charme anglais si caractéristique. Naked Luncheon. Welcome to a new bloom ! Welcome to a new bloom !

welcome to a new bloom !

Art director : Sergio Machado - Photos: Rogerio Cavalcanti We are pleased to announce that Bloom has become an annual trend book, evermore inspiring, with visually-stunning images to nourish all your creative work. The first in a series of journeys to countries around the planet takes us to Brazil. We are dedicated to bringing you the most unique local and outsider talent from each country to generate ideas for the years to come.