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Monique Lee Millinery Pilot Project for 2015SS Glowing Illusion Hat collection. A Temporary Tattoo That Senses Through Your Skin. I turn the key to start the little Ford SUV I’ve rented for my visit to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a message flashes briefly on the dash: “Tire pressure low.”

A Temporary Tattoo That Senses Through Your Skin

I ignore it. My own car is 12 years old; I’m not accustomed to a car that monitors its own health. Turns out, though, that the little Ford wasn’t kidding. The next morning I find the car has a flat tire. StudioWeb Main Template. IT + Textiles 'IT+Textiles' is a three-year design research program led by the Interactive Institute and Newmad Technologies in Sweden, where traditional textile design meets and, at least to some extent, falls in love with computational technology.

StudioWeb Main Template

The research program motivated by the need for an aeshetics of, and design methods for, the use of new textiles and computational technology as design materials. We aim to combine perspectives from fashion, textile and interaction design to find new approaches to the design of computational things. We use experimental design methods to broaden our understanding of textiles and information technology as material for design by means of creating a repertoire of design examples that illustrate what can be done within this area. Welcome to Project Jacquard. Google teams with Levi's on smart clothes - CNET. Clothing as Coding. LIKE ALL NEW-BORNS, wearable technologies are invariably smooth, precious and pure.

Clothing as Coding

In an i-Device era, the consumer is hidden from the processes of making that lie beneath the surface of the technological sublime. This is a principle that has carried forward into the world of computable accessories – the algorithmic controls embedded in the new Apple Watch, for instance, remain as incomprehensible to the user as the intricacies of traditional timepiece craftsmanship. The Apple Watch boldly claims its reverence for traditional craftsmanship even while it tracks your productivity and efficiency in ever more futuristic ways.1 In the world of high fashion, designers like Iris van Herpen are weaving technology into textiles within the usual stomping ground of the avant-garde haute couturier. In her autumn/winter 2015 collection stainless steel in the warp and silk in the weft combined for a dazzling fluidity. Faradays bur – Wikipedia. Cell Phone Signal Shield/Block Soft Leather Pouch - Pink.

To enable volume discounts on this site, use coupon code: BULKRATE during checkout.

Cell Phone Signal Shield/Block Soft Leather Pouch - Pink

You will see a discount applied at the bottom of the shopping cart. Competitive pricing is available. Contact us for details. What is Bulk Rate? BulkRate is a semi-wholesale system with items priced separately from retail. Project Jacquard Hands-On: Google's ATAP is Putting Sensors In Fabric. Alibaba Group. Dataslöjd. Huge Game Changer For Wearable Technology - Indestructible Batteries. ProLogium is a Taiwanese company currently in the field of battery manufacturing that having spent the last 7 years in deep R&D mode, developing, testing have finally released a radically new battery that marries high density output with a flexible ultra thin form like nothing you have seen before.

Huge Game Changer For Wearable Technology - Indestructible Batteries

The product in question is currently known as an FLCB, or FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Lithium-Ceramic Battery. FLCB technology is very different from today’s Lithium Polymer batteries that we see in almost every type of device including smartphones and tablets. FLCB breaks the norm in terms of battery appearance, production technique and manufacturing technologies with ProLogium applying for several patents worldwide.

As well as being lighter and much more flexible, FLCB-based batteries are also intrinsically safer. Ohmatex%20Whitepaper_2014final%20(2).pdf.